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This is an erotic thriller about a 5,000-year-old female warrior known among her kind as the Protectress. Meretneith covertly leads the remnants of a civilization destroyed by catastrophic land shifts. Her highly evolved culture thrived long before humans walked upright to become an emotionally sentient race. As tribal leader, Meretneith roamed the ancient deserts of Kemet. The beauty now travels the world as a business leader and death dealer.


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The novel chronicles, in character retrospections, the events that shaped the developing relationships between Meretneith’s tribe and humanity. As tribal law, she is mated to her brother Ptah from birth. Together they become both stewards of human civilization and guardians against the oldest tribe, the Hyksos. Meretneith’s tribe called them the Old Ones. Winning their freedom from this tribe long before the advent of human kind, they war to maintain that freedom.

Superior in strength and longevity, they lay hidden within human civilizations to secretly lead and protect.

Amassing great wealth the tribe shifts global economies and civilizations’ religious and moral self-perceptions. Threatened by their old enemy Meretneith’s ancestors devised a madman’s scheme. Because of the increased influence of the Hyksos, humanity’s movements toward events of self-destruction must be altered. The scheme incorporates an ambitious global economic initiative. The results will be the creation of offspring that heralds a genetically altered and stronger human race.

Enter the Chicago global financier Saul Ben Izrael who finds it hard at first to accept his new heart’s passions and legacy. As a subterfuge, Saul is recruited to head a global alliance. The promised completion of the project will create a realignment of sovereigns’ wealth. A larger than life urban economic warrior, he is drawn like a magnate to the possibilities of becoming a global economic power. This new project also offers him the love of the incredible beauty Meretneith, head of the largest organization of wealth in the world.





95985 Words





Cover Art:

Barbara Ann Cerda



Barbara Ann Cerda

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); MS Word (DOC); Rich Text (RTF); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Kindle (MOBI);

Paperback Price:

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MERETNEITH INHALED DEEPLY THE scent of the giant male lying next to her. The pleasuring the night before did little to assuage the excitement that filled her heart and soul. She had trained for this morning since birth. The warrior’s palm longed for the feel of the hilt of twin steel lying within arm’s length. Thoughts were filled with recollections of the night before. Her mother Asherah relinquished ownership of the ancestral mantle as tribal leader. At fireside before her Consort and the desert sky in a private ceremony, parents and offspring shared the ancient speak. Their mother Asherah was the most powerful of warriors, and Meretneith shared her relish for the fight. Today she would prove to her tribe and all who would oppose her, that she would be the supreme tribal leader. Every sinew, every nerve had been prepared since birth for this moment. Countless hours in combat training, herbs and grains all prepared specifically to create her powerful body. She longed for the rising of Re and for the battle stage in the deserts of Kemet to begin.

As alpha mates of their tribe, the gentle giant slumbering at her side would be the tempering of her steel, Ptah was her brother and treasure. Hours spent in his caresses caused rivulets of sweat to form becoming tiny streams along deep sinews. The tip of her tongue gently lapped the moisture trapped in hollows of smooth muscle. Languid fingers entwined long curls encircling the great head. Meretneith was careful not to cause the feline eyes to open. Yet the lips parted in deep slumber was too inviting, she wanted to feel the exhilaration of his breath on her again. Her fingers traced a slow journey along silken thews coming to rest in the downy softness at the root of his pleasure. It sprung to life again – even in sleep. Meretneith smiled at the renewal of her own arousal in recalling pleasuring with her brother.

At the age of 2000 years, Ptah had not reached maturity. She loved his body and knew it as well as her own. In their youth, she was still learning how to bring him pleasure and what to do to calm him. She was there when he took milk at their mother’s breast, to hold him close and lull him to sleep. Now in the arms of her lover, she was impatiently waiting for dawn. This was the most important day of their lives. The heat of the desert would witness the full force of her blades. The warrior grew impatient.

Carefully extricating her long legs, Meretneith inhaled the sweet scent of Ptah before leaving his side. The restless ache for battle hastened her predawn preparation for the ride to the pyramid mounds. Carefully she arranged the linen loincloth between the smooth taunt leg muscles. Fitting the harness across ample breasts, she hefted the battle blades. The weight was reassuring as they slid into the sheath.



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