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Robert Cherny


Bob Cherny has been a fan of science and speculative fiction since he found it in the young people's section of the library. In grade school, he devoured works by Heinlein, Norton, Azimov, and Huxley among others. By the time he had finished high school, he had read every science fiction book in the town's library.

College, and a disastrous Freshman year at Brandeis University, forced a reevaluation of reading materials. Switching majors to theater brought exposure to Shaw, Strindberg, Ibsen, Stoppard, Pinter, Shakespeare and a host of young would-be playwrights. As a technical theater major, Bob found that the quantity of material to which he was exposed often surpassed the quality. Too busy to do any writing of his own, Bob devoted his time to supporting the efforts of others.          

The Vietnam War brought a tour of duty in South Carolina and the opportunity to begin graduate work at the University of South Carolina. The war ended and Bob completed his course work before migrating to Florida and the only job he could find at Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus World. Master's degrees in theater were not worth much in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Fortunately, through a series of unlikely coincidences, Bob landed a job as technical director of the then brand new Tupperware Convention Center. At the time, it was the only full time convention center in Central Florida. Bob would stay there for twenty years earning an MBA along the way although his work schedule left little time for either reading or writing except for articles in technical journals.

Bob's sudden departure from Tupperware provided the time to return to reading and writing. The "Stagehands" series started in this period with gracious help from the writers in the CompuServe Writers Forum. Two of the planned three volumes have been completed. Bob returned to devouring speculative fiction reading authors like David Weber, John Ringo, Anne McCaffrey, CJ Cherry, Kim Harrison, Tom Clancy, and Clive Cussler. He started writing the five volume science fiction "Warrior" series which has recently been completed.

 A short stint at Disney Event Productions introduced Bob to the power of "Pixie Dust" although it would be six more years before he would figure out how to turn it into a novel, the novel you see before you today.

 Bob left Disney for Paradise Show and Design where he returned to his roots in live event technical support. He took a short detour to open the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida before returning to Paradise where he currently works. "Don't give up your day job."

 Driven by boredom as much as anything else, Bob cranked out a single volume alternate history placed in what is now known as New England as it might have been if the Vikings and Irish explorers who found Greenland and Iceland had ventured far enough south to discover Cape Cod and established viable colonies.

"Flying with Fairies" is Bob's most recent work. It is intended to be light reading. Don't try to read too much between the lines. There's nothing there. Relax and enjoy. 


Thumbnail for Dunn Sisters Audio

Dunn Sisters Audio by Robert Cherny... NEW!!

Two sisters who own a professional audio company in the business of supporting concerts and conventions are pulled over in the middle of the night because their truck is overloaded and has worn tires. Forced to spend the next few days in a small town long ago bypassed when the Interstate highway was built, they help the village revive a failing harvest festival, regain its dignity, fulfill the last wish of a dying young woman, and find romance along the way.

$6.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for DRAWINGS OF LOVE

DRAWINGS OF LOVE by Robert Cherny...

Citizens of a small town in ski country have overcome significant hurdles to recover from a series of economic disasters. They have even leveraged their dark side to their advantage. Their hard work was paying off, and they saw a bright future ahead, only to have it all fall to pieces around their heads and shoulders. Finally, things have started to turn around in a post-COVID world, doing its best to look like a pre-COVID world. The town’s leadership calls on a touring concert professional recovering from a severe injury, the arts center manager, and their students to help them reach for a new project that will help put the town back on its feet. While assisting the village in driving its way forward, the two at the heart of the process find each other. More>>

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for American Whoreson

American Whoreson by Robert Cherny...

America in the late 1800s was a place where a young man with drive and intelligence could rise above class to attain power and wealth. Even someone born near the bottom of society’s social ladder could climb past those born higher on the ladder to achieve greatness. Armed only with his intelligence, aggressive personality, and fists, the bastard son of a whore grows up in a town dominated by cotton mills to find his place in America’s westward looking Manifest Destiny.

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Home On The Ridge

Home On The Ridge by Robert Cherny...

Citizens of a small town recovering from economic disasters see a bright future ahead. Their new hospital is open, and new businesses are beginning to develop. However, an old long-buried hidden conspiracy threatens everything they have accomplished. Even with all their efforts, global events come home with devastating reality.

$6.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for May You Meet A Stranger

May You Meet A Stranger by Robert Cherny...

A young pianist and his new-found singer girlfriend use their music to rescue a historical resort from bankruptcy and reverse their small town’s economic downturn while falling in love.

$6.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Welcome Home Doc

Welcome Home Doc by Robert Cherny...

A pediatrician fresh out of residency returns home to join his parents’ medical practice. The challenges he faces have less to do with medicine than with life and love.

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Butcher Boy Rebellion

Butcher Boy Rebellion by Robert Cherny...

Standing in the blood of the man who tried to kill him, the boy, almost a man, freezes, horrified at what he has done. There had been no time to think. No time to plan. Only one would walk away from that confrontation in the woods. The boy has gotten the better of this man who has killed many before him.

$4.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Fifty Year Old Tryst

Fifty Year Old Tryst by Robert Cherny...

You know it’s going to be a bad day when the police chief calls in the middle of the night, barely containing his laughter, to ask you to meet him at child services.

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Flying With Fairies Book III:Sleeper Cell

Flying With Fairies Book III:Sleeper Cell by ROBERT CHERNY...

For a pair of young doctors who also have magical healing powers "happily ever after" seems within reach as they celebrate the birth of their daughter. Their school for teens with power is successfully helping youngsters who would otherwise be shunned learn to understand their abilities. However, their daughter is more powerful than they are and their old enemies rise to attack them once more.

$4.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Heron Baby Island

Heron Baby Island by ROBERT CHERNY...

This work is a young adult coming of age topical romance that is richly illustrated with photographs.

$4.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.99 USD

Thumbnail for SWAMP WITCH

SWAMP WITCH by Robert Cherny...

A young woman is rescued from an attempt by her poacher father to drown her in a Florida swamp by a mysterious woman alleged to have magical powers... More>>

$4.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.99 USD

Thumbnail for SEEDS OF ANGER

SEEDS OF ANGER by Robert Cherny...

follows the life of a high school junior whose police officer father has been shot in the line of duty and whose mother is dying of cancer... More>>

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $2.00 USD

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