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Ray Johnson

Born in Fullerton California. Graduated from Fullerton Union High School. Attended California Baptist College for two years before entering the military. At California Baptist College I was captain of the basketball team. Received a commission from the US Army while stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Served as an Army Officer with a commission in armor. Assigned to the Third Battalion, 32nd Armored Regiment, stationed at St. Stewart, Georgia. While stationed at Ft. Stewart I was captain of the Third Army basketball team. Upon leaving the army, served in Law Enforcement as a deputy in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Attended Fresno State University, graduating with a BA in English and then did graduate work in History. My 4.0 GPA allowed me to be a member of the Phi Alpha Theta Society, national chapter. My first novel, The In Vitro Madonna, was published in Europe. Most recently served as the Director of a non-profit agency in Fresno, California. The mission of the non-profit organization was to find employment for people with developmental disabilities.

Thumbnail for Consequences

Consequences by Ray Johnson... NEW!!

Zack is driving his new Ford Mustang in fog so thick that he can’t see the road, where no fog should even exist. His odometer as well as his GPS have stopped working, on a new car. The pavement ends and he’s driving on a dirt road, when his map shows pavement. The gas gage, which should read three-quarters full, displays almost empty. The spectral fog is so thick that he unwittingly takes the left fork in the road, having no idea where he’s headed or what awaits. There are no other cars on this ethereal road, heightening his disorientation. His options are limited: continue on, hoping to find help, or wait out the mysterious fog; that might never lift. Someone, or something, is controlling his destiny.

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Three Years Later

Three Years Later by Ray Johnson... NEW!!

Many people have been able to confront the person that attempted to kill them, but no one has ever confronted the person that actually killed them; until now. Such is the case of five innocently murdered people….

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for I am God

I am God by Ray Johnson... NEW!!

William Jackson prayed every might for his grandfather, who had lung cancer. Then one night a voice comes to him and says, “I haven’t done this in over a billion years.” The voice is God telling Will that he has won the Celestial Lottery. God is answering his prayer. Will’s primary concern is his grandfather, but like all of us he has desires of his own. Will is tall and handsome, but a beautiful woman he has never even met has captured his soul. Since God is all powerful, Will asks for Alicia. The ancient saying, ‘Be careful what you ask for’ might become reality.

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for Afrakati

Afrakati by Ray Johnson...

Brad Williams has it all. He's a thirty-five year old, tall, handsome, rich and a successful attorney who wears Armani, wear a Rolex and drives a Jaguar. An encounter with an extremely beautiful and mysterious Egyptian woman at the Natural History Museum starts him off on the most exhilarating and dangerous adventure of his life..

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for The Flower Petal Murders

The Flower Petal Murders by Ray Johnson...

Why would a murderer purposely leave a woman’s body where it would be found by law enforcement? Why would the murderer cover the naked body with red flower petals? Why leave the private areas uncovered? Why leave clues under each body? Those were the questions that were vexing Sgt. Jeff Allen. Jeff is a homicide detective with LAPD and expected to solve this perplexing serial murder case and stay alive at the same time.

$5.99 USD Download



A handsome attorney, a beautiful Mongolian woman, an important lama and a steppe soldier, all headed for the mysterious Chang Jai Lamasery; high on Mt. Bayaskhulangtu. Summoned by the Grand Regent, the lawyer and his beautiful Mongolian companion will travel by horseback into the sacred mountains. Beset by ruthless bandits, their caravan finally arrives at the venerable Dzong. The Grand Regent has a mission for the lawyer and his companion in America: a task that will eventually entail narcotics, murder and an ancient order of assassins.

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $4.99 USD

Thumbnail for The Vermillion Dragon

The Vermillion Dragon by Ray Johnson...

When the beautiful daughter of a heavy Presidential contributor goes missing, with no ransom request, Rick Jefferies is assigned to find her. Rick, the best the CIA has to offer, soon finds himself entangled with Mexican drug cartels, Vermilion Dragon soldiers and corrupt Mexican authorities. Sex, betrayal and danger await around every corner for Rick and his beautiful accomplice, Kim. Will they be able to save the life of this young girl or become silent victims of the Mexican underworld?

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for The Great Everlasting

The Great Everlasting by Ray Johnson...

A man whose marriage is in shambles, starts having dreams that lead him to rent a hunting lodge in Montana, where he meets a beautiful and mysterious Native woman who stuns him by revealing that that she died on the Great Plains before the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

$5.99 USD Download

Thumbnail for The Punishing Avenger

The Punishing Avenger by RAY JOHNSON...

Incredibly wealthy people have been raping and pillaging rain forests and virgin lands with impunity, and CIA agent, Rick Jefferies, is assigned to investigate these atypical crimes. This murderous group attempts to portray themselves as modern day Robin Hoods, protecting the innocent while punishing the guilty…

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $4.99 USD

Thumbnail for The Death Angel

The Death Angel by RAY JOHNSON...

An off-books CIA operative returns to work after recovering from gunshot wounds suffered in a shootout in a wealthy Dallas suburb. To compound the violence in Dallas, the agent’s partner was killed in the shootout. Being off-books, Rick can operate both inside and outside of the US; a necessity in his shadowy world….

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $4.99 USD

Thumbnail for Which Website For Murder

Which Website For Murder by RAY JOHNSON...

A banker driving his new speedboat while drinking, crashes into a pier and kills himself, leaving his beautiful middle aged wife quite comfortably well-off. Now free from the constraints of marriage, discovers an electronic goldmine; internet dating services…..for new partners, all of which shortly after marriage invariably end up in dates with the Grim reaper..

$5.99 USD Download


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 Fullerton, California, Graduated, Baptist College, military, captain, basketball team, commission, US Army, Ft. Benning, Georgia, Army Officer, armor,Third Battalion, 32nd Armored Regiment, Law Enforcement, deputy, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Fresno State University, English, History. Phi Alpha Theta Society, novel, The In Vitro Madonna, published, Europe, Director, non-profit agency, mission, organization, employment,people, developmental disabilities.

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