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Chris Burrows

Ladyboys in Bangkok: Posted to Bangkok, Chris Burrows, an English banker, takes no time working out where his priorities lie between 'work' and 'play'--and play comes out on top by a mile or so!

Yet play seems to evolve around Ladyboys ands other 'creatures' of the night, whether it be in the throbbing discos or laid back bars of the City of Angels, or simply having erotic adventures with his newly found companions.  


For good measure, throw in his erstwhile flatmate, the sexy, slim and attractive Porn--sometime make up artist and hairdresser to minor celebrities - and you have a recipe for total gender confusion.  

Four true episodes from Chris' catalogue of quite unique adventures and experiences -- all faithfully recounted and with each one leaving Chris with a burning question to resolve: Can he pick the 'right' girl in the City's most popular disco? What's really going on with Porn's special visitor? How can he get one of Porn's long lost friends to where he wants her? What activity is really on Porn's mind one long holiday weekend?   

Trannies in Hong Kong: Initially slightly disappointed at being reposted back to Hong Kong, Chris soon discovers there's as much to see and do with regards to the erotic side of things in the city as in Bangkok--if you know where to look, that is.  

Fortunately for him, he's soon got Jilly--a stunningly attractive Chinese girlfriend--in tow and both her liberal approach to various sexual activities and his own discoveries about his latent interests in the cross dressing and transgender worlds combine to lead him through a series of unforgettable adventures.  

Not only is Chris soon experiencing a multitude of variations within the wide spectrum of the transgender world, but he soon realises that this is very much what he/she should be--a horny, sexy Tranny on the loose--and in a free wheeling city like Hong Kong where anything goes, that's just about perfect for Chris.  

Gender Confusion in Singapore: Conservative, boring, staid Singapore? Not for Chris Burrows… picking up where he/she left off in Hong Kong, Chris is living a classic double life--professional business man by day, rampant Tranny by night.  

And, whilst sometimes the experiences he/she has in Singapore are beyond his wildest expectations and dreams, Chris manages to record all the key details of his conquests and experiences--including those with lesbian lovers, fetish cross dressers and genetic girls who have an unexplained attraction to men wearing women's clothes. Not to mention the other three or four erotic adventures with others who have a keen interest in Trannies and which Chris' has decided to tell us about.  

It's no wonder he/she's gender confused…





41250 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Chris Burrows

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PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




MY TRANSFER TO BANGKOK finally became effective in early June and, within two hours of receiving the formal notification from the Bank, I booked a short-term apartment reasonably close to my new office but, more importantly, conveniently accessible to those places I knew I would be exploring, in more detail, in the evenings and at weekends.

So, for the first few weeks in Bangkok, I lived in a fully furnished serviced apartment close to the river although lived is probably not the right word. As with many other, single, youngish men before me, I spent my first couple of weeks in Bangkok getting up, going to work, coming home, showering and changing and then heading straight out----searching for the exotic mysteries and attractions of the City of Angels; getting home very late, or sometimes not even getting home at all, and starting the whole process again the very next day.

The time I actually spent in my apartment was minimal and any real living I did revolved around the bedroom and the various antics I managed to get up to with new found 'friends'. 'Variety is the spice of life', as the saying goes and, certainly, there was no chance, whatsoever, of me getting bored in Bangkok. New places, new faces yet, usually, with the same result----me ending up in bed with an attractive lady or perhaps 'lady' with in inverted commas is more appropriate.

I'll always remember but, after my first week in the city, the end of my cock began to get red and sore and I seriously wondered if I'd, sooner or later, run out of sperm. Better slow down a bit, Chris, I told myself earnestly several times, usually as I sat in my office trying to work. Nighttimes, though, and such thoughts never crossed my mind.

Anyway, in those days, the place to go on a Monday night was always the disco in the basement of one of the better-known hotels, close to Siam Square, a well-known shopping area. Before about 11:00 pm not much ever really happened but, afterwards, it seemed that everyone would turn up and the place would hum until well after 3:00 am.

Jeez, just look at the streams of people heading in there, I thought, as I paid off the taxi driver on my second Monday night in Bangkok. Just where do they all come from? And 70 per cent of them seriously attractive women...what a place!

After my customary wander around, seeing who I could recognise and who I'd like to recognise, I settled on a bar stool next to a small round table----from where I could keep a watchful eye on the dance floor. Ah, full as usual of slim, cute, black haired girls bopping away, most wearing spaghetti tops and micro skirts and keeping a watchful eye on the various, prospective punters drooling on the sidelines.

I took in the scene and smiled broadly. 'Aah, what a place, what a city.'

Some five minutes later, I'd just ordered an orange juice from the rather attractive waitress when, as often happened, three girls sidled over and wanted to occupy the empty seats around my table.

'Excuse me, me are these free?' asked a tall, longhaired girl, wearing a white crop top, with a small pendant dangling from her navel and wearing three earrings in her left ear.

'Sure, no problem. Take them all.' I smiled, giving them all a once over. The shortest one with the long hair is quite stunning, lovely eyes, I thought. And the one who asked me about the table is very pretty too. Great figure. Wonder if she's had implants?

Two of the girls trotted off to dance and the other one, who wore a black top, which left little to the imagination, said she was going to the toilet. 'Can you keep these seats for us, please?' asked black top. 'Our drinks will be here soon. I told the waitress to put them on this table.'

'Sure, can do.' I nodded, at the same time admiring the shape of bottom in her tight skirt as she wandered off. Hmm, think I'll try and strike up more of a conversation with the shorter one of the three when she's back. Definitely bedroom eyes.

Soon, all three of the girls and I sat round the table sipping our second round of drinks, chatting and laughing and joking. Some of the things I had learned from my earlier visits to Bangkok were that, firstly, it's rather easy to get chatting to girls in bars or discos and they will generally quite happily chat to you all night; provided you can make them laugh----Thai girls have a weakness for, amongst other things, laughter; secondly, it's important to find out early on if the girls you are with are 'professionals', 'semi-professionals' or just girls out for a good time----maybe a few girls from the office out together for a good time, simply planning to dance, have a drink, chat to a few guys and so on.

As the night became the early hours of the morning, I had worked out that these three girls were probably in the latter category but there again, I wondered if they could also be borderline category two? Anyway, I decided just to see where it all led. But I was seriously torn between pursuing either 'white top' or the shortest of the three, who I had learned was called Miao.

Yet, Miao was still at around five feet, five inches, tall for a Thai girl. She had the most alluring smile, lovely white teeth and eyes to die for. Dressed in a short denim skirt over black leggings that stopped at her calves, she was right up to date with the fashion of the time. Her spaghetti top was a silky material, black with sequins all over it and, as she moved, in the lazy lights of the disco, I kept getting glimpses of her white bra and the shape of two, perfectly formed breasts, nestling beneath the fabric. Try not to leer too much Chris, I thought. Don't appear to be a dirty old man before your time.

Needless to say, I spent most of the evening with an erection just thinking of having fun with white top or Miao and, at one time, I actually contemplated seeing if both of them would want to come back to my apartment. Could I manage to keep them both happy tonight? I mused, my mind racing, the proverbial Bangkok sandwich, one underneath and one on top. Which one on top, which one on the bottom? Hey Chris, steady on, busy day tomorrow, better take it easy.

As I wandered back from the men's room some time later, I thought, Come on Chris, decision time. It's getting late, and you've got work fairly early tomorrow. Make your choice and see what happens.

Rightly or wrongly, I decided to ask Miao if she wanted to come back home with me. She beamed and promptly trotted off to the washroom to powder her nose. I could immediately tell that white top was not altogether happy about things once she'd realised what had happened and she snatched up her handbag and wandered casually over to the dance floor again.

'You make big mistake,' whispered the third girl to me when we were alone. In these early days, my spoken Thai was poor and it seemed this girl spoke limited English. When I questioned her about what she meant, all she could say was, 'my friend in white like you more. You make big mistake. Big mistake.'

'Well, I like Miao better, I thought, shrugging my shoulders. 'Maybe I can find white top again next week...I'll ask for her mobile number.'

I could hardly contain myself, as I ushered Miao into my apartment, my erection so hard I felt it was making me walk with a limp. God, I hope the receptionist didn't look at the front of my trousers as we came in, I mused, as Miao headed straight for the bathroom just off the master bedroom.

'Going for a shower,' she called. 'Won't be long!'

'Sure,' I called back. Well, she seems keen enough. Let's hope she's as good as she looks.

Ten minutes later, I heard the water in the shower stop and, in a flash, Miao appeared at the door to the living room. She was dressed in a white, towelling bathrobe, pulled loosely together by a towelling belt, yet open enough to reveal her navel, her skimpy white, lacy panties and her long, slim tanned legs.

'My God,' I thought. 'Look at her. Stunning. I love the way her long black hair frames her face. Sex-ee…'

'Chris, go and take a shower, I'll wait for you in here.'

I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly arid and my erection back in a nano second. 'Okay,' I croaked. 'Won't be long.'

I kissed her gently as I walked passed her and she flashed me a wide smile. 'I'll get into bed.'

It must have been the quickest shower I have ever had and my erection simply wouldn't subside. 'Miao, Miao,' I purred to myself, as the water ran over me, 'let me come and stroke your pussy.'

As I turned the water off, I remembered my condoms were in one of the small drawers inside the wardrobe and, flashing a smile to Miao lying under the bed covers, casually wandered over and slid back the door.

Miao's underwear lay on the floor of the wardrobe; her white panties and the white bra I'd glimpsed earlier striking in how tiny they were. Something fleshy coloured caught my eye but didn't quite register, as I was so keen to get under the cool, cotton sheets with Miao.

The white bathrobe she had been wearing lay across the end of the bed and the thought of her under the sheets, naked, waiting for me forced even more blood forward into the end of my cock, and I really thought it might explode.

The first kiss was sensational and our tongues frantically explored each other's mouths. Miao slipped her hand under my balls and then ran her fingers up my shaft. 'Mmm, big boy,' she murmured, gripping me tightly. 'Let me see him.' Before I knew it, she was running her soft lips down my chest, stopping only briefly at my navel area, and then running her tongue around and around the fleshy area just above my public hairline.

I quivered in anticipation of what was to come, yet tried my best to suppress my excitement, fearful of coming too soon.

'Oh, Miao,' I groaned. 'Ooh, oh my God. So nice.'

For a few seconds, I caressed her back and then, swiftly, reached for her breasts, planning to rub her nipples. At that moment, she took my cock in her mouth and I groaned, tilting my head back, opening my mouth and emitting a long, deep 'Oooh'.

Despite the waves of enjoyment washing over me, I instinctively knew something was amiss, as my fingers fumbled around trying into seek the soft, fleshy masses of her breasts, which I had glimpsed earlier.

When I couldn't find them at the second time of trying, I sat up suddenly----perplexed. Miao, instantly, removed her mouth from around my cock and looked at me, puzzled.

'Miao,' I gasped. 'You've got no…no…'

She grinned at me broadly but said nothing.

'Miao…' I intoned, and pulled the cotton sheets away from her lower body.

No pussy there, only a long, thin snake staring back at me. So that's what the fleshy things lying in the wardrobe were, I realised, feeling quite the dummy. False breasts!

I was about to say something else, but she gently pushed me back to a horizontal position on the bed and gave me another smile.

'Don't worry too much, Chris. I'll give you a good time.' She lowered her head towards my groin and simply continued with sucking my cock as if nothing had happened.

Oh, what can I do? I asked myself, rhetorically, sinking deeper into the pillow, and feeling the rhythm of my excitement building again as she worked my organ with her mouth. What can I do?

Well, what could I do? I just came in her mouth.

What did she do? She swallowed every last drop, smiled at me and, without a word, turned over and presented her arse. 'Chris, my turn. Fuck me, please.'





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