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R. Richard

Big Nick is a body builder who's in trouble in Chicago because he damaged several people while collecting money for the man.  He decides to relocate to Los Angeles.

Nick brings Nanci, a girl he has known for one night, along with him.

Nick has trouble locating a good paying job in Los Angeles and Nanci is too damn lazy to really look for work.  With the rent coming due, Nick and Nanci are about to start living in the street.


Nanci finally finds a paid audition that turns out to be for a video for a masturbation device called a Sybian machine.   Nanci is selected to do the video and Nick gets an idea.

Nick develops a scheme to sell Sybian machines, using Nanci as a nude saleslady.

Nick's scheme works, mainly due to the talent of Nanci.  To Nick's surprise, the customers want to come in in groups and get nude.  The results are spectacular and the word of mouth brings in more customers.  The initial sales efforts develop into a business selling the expensive Sybian machines.

In order for a lady to use the Sybian machine safely, she needs to be nude.  Thus Nick and Nanci have nude society ladies coming in for demonstrations, frequently with their significant others.  Nanci handles the ladies and Nick handles the signigicant others.  The demonstrations result in continuing sales of Sybian machines.

As a result of the Sybian machine demonstrations, Nick and Nanci become acquainted with society ladies who want a Sybian machine.  Nick grows into the new, upper class society, Nanci doesn't.

Nanci leaves and is replaced by Beth.

Nick then becomes involved with the society ladies to whom he sells Sybian machines.





63338 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

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I'M A LARGE, STRONG body builder.  Unfortunately, it's very hard to make money as a body builder unless you can win the big contests.  I'm not yet at the level where I can seriously compete in the big contests.

I finally find a good paying job working for a man who lends money to people.  I have just ripped off a nice chunk of change for myself by collecting money for the man.  Unfortunately, as a result of my work for the man, there are some disgruntled friends of former debtors looking for me.  The people who are looking for me are heavily armed and have threatened to try to kill me.  I have had to deal with two different individuals in the past week.  The two guys are no more threat to me, however, there will be more guys trying to kill me in the future and I have pretty much decided to relocate.

Some friends of mine throw a party at an apartment in downtown Chicago.  Most of the people at the party I already know.  However, I meet Nanci at the party.  Nanci looks almost as good as a movie star.  Hell, maybe she looks as good as a movie star.

Nanci and I are mutually attracted.  We talk for a while about this and that and I find out that Nanci has a little money and she wants to move to the West coast.  Nanci wants to be a movie star and to do that she has to do to go where they make the movies.  Thus, Nanci needs to move to the West coast.

I can see that Nanci is vivacious and good with people.  I think that Nanci's qualities would be an advantage in a movie star and, who knows, she just might make it.

If I move to the West coast and Nanci comes along and tries to become a movie star, she'll meet other people trying to be movie stars and maybe even a few real movie stars.  If I'm dating Nanci, I'll also meet the movie stars.  I can see the advantages that ol' Nick could have by dating a movie star.

Nanci and I stay together pretty much the whole party and I like what I see and hear through the whole time.  As the party winds down I make my pitch to Nanci about having a little fun after the party.

Well, maybe Nanci will and maybe she won't.  She never tells me she will.  On the other hand she does leave the party with me.

After the party we wind up back at my place and have a drink.  Nanci has big, firm tits and likes it when I play with them.  One thing leads to another and the sex is terrific.

I take my time working Nanci up and I soon have a raging wild woman on my hands.  Nanci wants it hard, hot and NOW!  I continue to play with her tits and also rub a few other places.  Nanci's pussy is so wet that I think she may be prepared to put out the great Chicago fire!  I take her into my bedroom, strip her and myself, then lay her on the bed and shove my cock into a tight, wet pussy, taking control of the situation!

I'm big, muscular and very strong.  We do it my way and I completely dominate Nanci sexually.

Nanci seems to like the idea of being completely dominated and she does what she can to please her new master.

I slowly work deep into Nanci and she aids me with a bit of a wiggle.  She lets me in deep and then uses her internal muscles to extract the maximum pleasure from my cock.  I do a little hip wiggle of my own to slightly change the angle of each thrust so that Nanci won't get bored.

It's a dynamite fuck and we work up to Nanci's total orgasm.  I had planned to work her a bit more, however her climax is so strong that it pulls me along with her and I pump my cum deep into her.  I then roll off her and we collapse into sleep.

In the morning, we get up, shower and have a little breakfast.  Nanci is in no hurry to leave, which is a good sign.

Over breakfast, we again talk about moving to the West coast.

It then turns out that Nanci's 'little money' consists of her last unemployment check and she has to move now.

I should have quit right then.  However, I'm also in some difficulty and I do have to relocate.  I'm also greatly influenced by the fact that Nanci is the hottest fuck I have ever had.

I may as well admit it up front.  I'm a pussy addict.  It's something that I need hot and frequently.  Right now Nanci is my pussy of choice.

In one of the craziest moves I have ever made, I tell a girl I have only known for one night and one morning, "I'm leaving for Los Angeles today.  Do you want to come along?"

Nanci tells me, "Nick, your little love slave is ready for whatever you want."

I suspect that the fact that Nanci is one unemployment check from living in a homeless shelter just may have coloured her decision a little bit here.

I have been planning to move for a bit and I have most of my stuff already packed in a trunk.  I just need to pack my day by day stuff into a suitcase and I'm ready to go.

When I'm packed, I throw my stuff in the trunk of my car and drop the keys off with the landlord.

We then go and collect Nanci's stuff.  All of Nanci's worldlies are packed in a small trunk and one suitcase.  Nanci does have to throw a few day by day items into her suitcase, but it doesn't take long.  The stuff is stored with Nanci's friend.  Nanci's friend looks like a semi-pro whore trying to break into the big time.  As Nanci packs, I chat with her friend.  I get the idea that Nanci may have been playing the same game as her friend.

I begin to get a bit uneasy about Nanci.  Hell, by the time we leave, there is a 'disaster ahead' bell ringing inside my head.  However, there's also a 'pussy waiting' bell ringing also.  A guy as big and strong as I am doesn't worry too much about disaster.  Pussy, or more accurately the lack of pussy, I worry about a lot.

I put Nanci's stuff in the back of my car and we drive out to Los Angeles.  I drive hard and it takes us three days.

We stop twice at motels along the way and Nanci is as good in bed each time as she was the first time, back in Chicago.  I think that she likes the sex as much as I do and that's saying a lot!  She's active and willing to the point that her climax always drags me along and then we sleep until morning.

However, the 'disaster ahead' bell continues to ring in my head.

Each morning of the trip to the West coast, I have to more or less carry Nanci out to the car and dump her in.  She's very slow to get up even after a good night's sleep and she isn't too much fun to deal with early in the morning.  I can see some problems in the future here.

We get to Los Angeles and I manage to find an apartment.  The apartment is managed by a bodybuilding buddy of mine and it's cheap for the area, although a lot more than I had hoped for.

All Nanci and I need to do is get decent paying jobs and then we'll live the laid back West coast life.

I have a dozen interviews with lying, no good con men who want me to either work for nothing or require a Master's degree that I don't have if I'm to get a job doing anything decent.  I begin to think that L.A. really stands for lying asshole.

Nanci tries to get a job in the film industry.  There are maybe ten people looking for every job.  You have to have connections to even get a job as a movie extra.  Nanci doesn't have any connections.  Nanci also doesn't have any film.  The agents want to see film before they take a client on.  The cost of a screen test runs about the same as the cost for one of those government moon shots.

There are some other ways that a girl who looks like Nanci could make some money.  At least she could make some money doing it back in Chicago.  However, the entire young, female population of Los Angeles seems to consist of girls who look like movie stars.  Many of the movie star looks girls are even more desperate for money than we are and they have connections since they have been here longer than we have.

The money that I had from my last job in Chicago begins to run low very rapidly.  I'm supporting both Nanci and myself and the drain on my finances is a lot more than I had planned.

The only job I can get is a heath studio gig, on commission.  What with the economy and everything, I'm making just enough for us to hang on by our fingernails.  We have to have some income from Nanci to survive.

Nanci has been looking for a job.  As far as I can determine, she isn't looking very hard, but she's at least pretending to look, mainly to keep me off her ass.  Of course, you have to understand that Nanci has a disability.  Her disability is that she's lazy as hell and will slide though any responsibility she can reasonably avoid.

Nanci could get some sort of job as a file clerk or secretary, but she's lazy and doesn't want to have to get up in the morning.

One Friday I send Nanci out with clear instructions.  She's to get a paying job, any job.  We have rent coming due and we're in danger of not making it.  She either gets a job or we live in the streets.

For the first time I see real fear in Nanci's face.  She was on the verge of living in the streets back in Chicago and she was sure that she had escaped that permanently.  Now, the same problem has raised its head again.

When I get home Friday night, Nanci is waiting nervously for me.

I ask, "Do you have a job?"

Nanci tells me, "I have better than a job."

I'm again about to unload on her when she quickly tells me, "I have a paid audition."

The word 'paid' does the trick.  I back off and reset, then carefully ask, "What sort of paid audition are you talking about?"

It turns out that Nanci is auditioning for a 'sort of' movie role.

I'm again about to unload on her when she tells me, "By now I know I can't really act.  However, this movie role won't require much acting."

I ask, "What kind of movie role doesn't require much acting?"

Nanci swallows, takes a deep breath and tells me, "The audition is for a porn movie role."

I'm not too pleased that Nanci is one small step from selling it on the Sunset Strip, but we have to have money to pay the rent.

I take a deep breath and ask, "How many guys do you have to fuck in this porn movie of yours?"

Nanci tries to play the outraged lady.  She struts back and forth in front of me and she does get the outraged part right.

She tells me, "The porn role audition for which I'm signed up involves mechanical devices only."

I can't believe that she can be so stupid.  I ask, "Is a condom a mechanical device?"

Nanci angrily tells me, "No, but a vibrator is."

We then have a long discussion in which Nanci spins me a tale that sounds like something out of a drug dream.  I don't believe a word of it, but we have got to have the money just to survive.  We'll go to the audition tomorrow, Saturday.  We really have no choice.

Saturday morning I'm off from the health club and I drive Nanci to the audition.

There are about a half dozen people running the audition.  They're very hostile to me and give me some lip about no visitors.  I tell them, "I'm Nick, Betty's agent (we're calling Nanci 'Betty Boobs') and do you have some kind of a problem?"

They take a good look at me and they don't have a problem.  I'm six foot five inches tall; with a fifty six inch chest and lots more muscles.  I weigh about two hundred fifty five very hard boiled pounds.  Very few people want to have a problem with me.  They back off and I find myself a chair over against a wall and out of the way.

Nanci disappears into the back of the place.

I sit down to wait.  I'm mad as hell that we have to come down here and have Nanci more or less sell herself.  However, our financial difficulties are at least partly Nanci's fault and we have to have the audition money to survive.

I listen to the people running the operation.  They're actually talking as if they do have some sort of movie role to fill.  There are eight girls auditioning for the part.  However, there's to be only one, or maybe two roles, available.  It doesn't look like good odds.  However, there's no other choice for Nanci and me, thus I wait.

The girls come out, one at a time, in high heels and bikinis.  You might describe the bikinis they are wearing as skimpy, although they don't really have enough material in them to even qualify as skimpy.  (For the first time I realize that Nanci and I have never even had enough spare daylight time to go to the beach.  This last may be just as well.  The way Nanci looks in her micro-bikini, I don't know if even a guy of my size and strength could fight off all the guys who would be hot after her ass.)

Each girl tells the people her stage name and does a little pirouette.  Then she's replaced by the next girl.  Nanci is girl three of eight girls.  Just from watching the parade, none of the girls is an actress.  The presentations aren't the smooth, professional thing you see on TV.  Nanci does at least as well as the other girls and maybe slightly better than the best of the rest.  However, the differences are slight and I don't have a lot of confidence that Nanci will get the job on performance.  However, Nanci does have the biggest tits of any of the girls.  Tits sell and maybe we just might make the rent!

The girls parade off the stage.  There are some hushed voice comments about the first presentation.  The people make nasty comments about several of the girls.  However, Nanci doesn't come in for any criticism that I'm aware of.  On the other hand, I don't hear anyone say anything positive about Nanci either.

I do think that Nanci maybe did the best job of any of the girls.  She moved well and looked graceful to me.  Some of the girls looked somewhat clumsy and two had to try parts of the presentation again.  I'm a little encouraged here, but I don't know how much of my hope is based upon the fact that Nanci must make some money here, if we're going to pay the rent.

The girls come back out a second time.  This time they're topless.  This time, they tell the people how big their tits are.  It's easy to tell that the girls are mostly a bunch of lying, whore, cunt, bitches.  However, Nanci lies as well as the rest of them.  Since Nanci actually does have the biggest set of tits, we're still on track for the rent money.

In my mind I have Nanci across the finish line a tit ahead.  This last is good, as the people are obviously interested in tit size.  However I don't know if it's just size or what they're looking for.  Since Nanci has nice, round tits, I assume that she wins the tit competition.  However, I'm by no means sure.

The girls again parade off the stage.  Again, there are some hushed voice comments about the second presentation.  The people make comments about several of the girls.  The comments seem to consist of criticism about tits being too small or too saggy.  However, Nanci again doesn't come in for any criticism that I'm aware of.  Nanci is obviously not too small, since she has the biggest tits of any of the girls.  Nanci doesn't sag and she appears to be in good shape to survive the second stage of the competition.  I do hear someone say positive things about Nanci's tits.  Better yet, there seems to be a sort of agreement among the rest.  If tits are gonna get it done, we're gonna make the rent money.  However, I'm still by no means sure.

The girls come back a third time.  This time they're nude.  This time, they tell how they look nude.  The first two girls say that they are nude models and completely at ease making a nude presentation.  That last may or may not be true.  However, I have seen and heard better recitations during fourth grade show and tell.  Nanci does seem completely at ease and takes her time.  She does several poses and even a pirouette.  Nanci is looking good and makes no real clumsy moves.  She then says that she's 'artistic.'  If artistic means big tits and a shaved slit, Nanci nails it.  There are only three more girls after Nanci, meaning that two original girls are gone.  The three girls who follow Nanci aren't even as good as the first two girls.  One of them screws up the presentation a couple of times and the people tell her 'that will be enough.'  The last girl stumbles through the presentation and the third round is over.  To give you an idea of how bad this cunt line-up is, Nanci maybe does the best presentation.  Things are looking good for us making the rent money.  However, although I'm encouraged, I'm still by no means sure.

After the third round, Mr. Sleaze, who is running the show, has eliminated three of the girls.  It might have been due to artistic consideration, presentation or poise.  Personally I think it's because the bitches he eliminates are tit challenged.  Then again one of the girls eliminated was the girl who flubbed the presentation.

I don't really know how well Nanci is doing.  She's at ease nude and doesn't make any obvious mistakes in her presentations.  She makes more and better moves than the rest of the girls.  Finally, she seems to have better personality, stage presence or whatever.  However, I can't tell if this is really because of Nanci or if it's because she's my girlfriend.

I've been glancing at the people who are doing the selecting and I seem to see that they like what Nanci is doing.  Maybe I'm just so desperate that I'm seeing what I want to see, however, they don't seem to like the work of at least a couple of the other girls.  If I wanted to bet on the outcome, I would bet on Nanci.  However I don't bet with the rent money.  I then get a cold chill as I realize that Nanci and I are, in effect, forced to bet with the rent money.  All I can do is hope.

The remaining five girls then file out, one by one for a fourth round.  They're still nude and each girl does a few dance steps for the people doing the selecting.  Most of the girls can't walk and chew gum at the same time.  The girls are also obviously not topless dancers as a couple of times a girl lets her tits get out of control and the effect is actually rather comical.

Nanci can walk and chew gum at the same time, if barely.  Nanci does move gracefully and her large tits don't flop or get out of control.  I begin to suspect that perhaps Nanci has some topless dancing experience in her background.  Once again, I think that Nanci has the best presentation.

With each seeming success I'm becoming more confident that Nanci is really doing the best job of all of the girls.  I'm probably prejudiced because Nanci is my girlfriend and also because we need the money so badly.  Still, I'm a great deal happier than if I think that Nanci isn't doing well.

Only one more girl is eliminated as a result of the fourth round.  I mean, can you say spaz?  Okay, the girl was so bad that I could easily see that she was gone.  Once again the people behind the table have some criticism of the performance of the girls.  Once again I don't hear anything bad said about Nanci.  In fact, one of the people says something about 'good stage presence.'  Since this is what I also think, I'm very pleased.  The rent money seems a great deal closer now than it did back at the beginning of the show.  Still, I'm worried a bit because we need the money so badly.

One of the women behind the table has gone back into the room from which the girls come out and do their presentation.  She seems to be back in the room for quite a bit of time.  I'm hoping that there's nothing wrong here and that she's just preparing the girls for some more complicated thing.

Finally the first girl comes out alone for the fifth round.  She's again nude and this time she's carrying a dildo.  She faces the people behind the table and sucks on the pocket rocket.  She then inserts it in her pussy despite the fact that she's so uncoordinated that I think it might well wind up in her ass instead.  Once she has the dildo in her pussy, she begins to wiggle the thing around.  She seems to have all the involvement of a housewife stirring a pot on a stove.  However, she does manage to keep the dildo in her pussy during the stirring.  She then yanks the pocket rocket out of her pussy and displays her wide-open pussy for the people.  I don't know if it's art, but I know what I like!  I also like the fact that she doesn't look too good doing the dildo thing.  She doesn't look all that bad, she's just not really professional.  I have my fingers crossed here.

Nanci is the next girl up since they eliminated one of the girls ahead of her after the fourth round review.  She prances out nude and faces the people behind the table.  Nanci waves the dildo around and then rubs the dildo on her big tits including shoving the pocket rocket up between her tits, titty fuck style.  This last is a damn good move and I begin to have real hope for the rent money.  Nanci then sucks on the plastic, just like the other girl did.  She then inserts it in her pussy and begins to wiggle the thing around.  Actually, she twirls the thing as well as wiggling it.  The twirling thing is another outstanding move and I begin to visualize me handing the landlord the rent money.  Nanci then yanks the pocket rocket out of her pussy and displays her wide-open pussy for the people.  Nanci takes her time and looks totally at ease, like a professional actress.  Then, just before she leaves, she rubs the dildo on her ass like she's gonna shove it up her rectum.  The entire performance is completely devoid of any hint of class, but it's prime grade whacking material!

I'm sure that the dildo rub on the ass isn't a part of the required moves.  The first girl didn't do anything like that.  Neither did the first girl do the titty fuck move.  It appears that Nanci may be lazy as hell, but she knows how to put on a show and how to spice things up a bit.  In addition, Nanci looked coordinated, relaxed and professional while she played with the dildo.

Hope begins to rise in me.  There's no way that Nanci didn't do better than the first girl.  However, there are still two more girls to go.

The third girl comes out and it looks like she's trying out for the Indianapolis 500 with her vibrator.  She would have been finished with her routine in less than five seconds, easy.  However, Mr. Sleaze makes her start over again, only sllllooooowwwwly!  She does pretty much the same routine as the first girl only in about half the time.  The only way the third girl is a threat to get the job is if they can film her and then run it back in slow motion.

The fourth girl comes out and tries to do the dildo routine with as little dildo as possible.  I mean she doesn't want to share the audience with anyone or anything.  She shakes her tits for the people behind the table, she shakes her ass for the people and she shakes her pussy for the people.  Oh yeah, she finally does jam the vibrator into her pussy and she makes so many faces for the camera that I suspect that: A) one of the other girls put the vibrator in a freezer; B) one of the other girls heated the vibrator in a stove; C) the vibrator has an electrical short; D) All of the above.  Mr. Sleaze winces visibly and I get the idea that girl number four isn't going to steal our rent money!

We are now down to just four girls, three of whom are nothing but worthless cunts trying to steal our rent money!

I think that Nanci has an edge on the other girls because she did what she was supposed to do without trying to make it into an academy award thing or an air dildo act.  Her action with the rubbing the dildo around her tits was dynamite show biz.  And the final ass teasing had to help.  At least I can hope!

The four remaining girls are then called back in a group.  They line up on the back of the stage.  The other three girls just don't seem as at ease as Nanci.  They fidget, fiddle with their dildo, look at each other and then stare at the people behind the table.  Nanci poses calmly and waits for her cue to do whatever she's going to do.

Each girl in turn then steps out and tells why the Atomic Vibrator is what every girl needs.

The first girl plays it straight and tells about easy to clean plastic, long battery life and it comes in sizes.  I'm guessing that what she says is the canned pitch.  The girl probably says the pitch word for word and it sounds like it.  There's no stage presence or whatever here.  It's as if the girl is reading cue cards.

Nanci then steps out and gives the same packaged pitch.  She not only gives the pitch, she makes suitable gestures with the dildo that add to the pitch she's giving.  She also varies the speed and tone of the delivery so that it's a professional sales job rather than someone reading cue cards.  Finally, Nanci then goes into Hollywood star mode and overacts for the camera as she tells the customer girls that, "There are soooo many ways to use the Atomic Vibrator."  She uses a sort of, 'Come right here and fuck me now, Big Boy' voice.  Hell, I almost come listening to her despite the fact that Nanci is my girl friend and I'm used to her.  I figure Mr. Sleaze has to be jerking his meat under the table!

As Nanci moves to the back of the stage, there's a lot of talk among the people behind the table.  Their faces say that they liked what they saw.  I'm thrilled, particularly when they sort of continue in fits and starts as the third girl does her pitch.

The third girl, perhaps distracted by the people talking, forgets what she's saying halfway through the presentation.  This last is actually a big surprise to me, as I'm amazed that she even has the intelligence to talk.  She tries again, but she's now so flustered that she screws up the whole thing.  Mr. Sleaze interrupts her to tell her, 'Don't call us, we'll call you.'

I can tell he's lying about the 'we'll call you' part.  They do a lot of lying in L.A. and I'm getting to be an expert at detecting it.

We're now down to three girls.  From everything I can determine Nanci has to be the odds on favourite!  Things are looking good for the rent money!

The last girl sort of sleepwalks through the presentation.  She gets the words right, in a sort of boring monotone.  She finishes her presentation and kind sidles back to the back of the stage.  Hell, she couldn't sell pussy at an outlaw motorcycle rally.

The girls then go back where they came from and it's just Mr. Sleaze and his crew behind the table and me over in my chair.

The people behind the table talk for a while.  They seem to mention Nanci's stage name a lot and I'm very hopeful here that Nanci has the job.  However, I'm nervous as hell!

Finally the people behind the table finish up.  Mr. Sleaze looks over at me and tells me, "We're impressed with Nanci.  However, she'll have to change her stage name if we are to use her."

Now, I don't see nothing wrong with 'Betty Boobs,' however, we're talking rent money here, not artistic integrity.  So, I tell Mr. Sleaze, "My client will consider a stage name change if it'll advance her career."  I'm prepared for Mr. Sleaze to come up with something like 'Peggy Pussy' or 'Susie Snatch.'  I mean a natural stage name like 'Betty Boobs' may already be taken.  However, he wants Nanci to call herself Nancy Marlowe.

I pretend to think deeply about the name change and agree that Nancy Marlowe suits Nanci's personality and stage presence.  For the right money, she'll do it.  (I'm actually a bit worried here.  I mean her name actually is Nanci and I wonder if they allow a girl to use part of her own name.  The hell with it!  If she has to do a legal name change, she will.  We are talking the rent money here.  Artistic integrity be damned.)

Mr. Sleaze mentions a dollar amount that will pay several month's rent.

I consider the number and ask, "Does that include the audition fee?"

Mr. Sleaze tells me, "The audition fee is separate."

I then ask Mr. Sleaze, "What will my client be expected to do for the money?"

Mr. Sleaze tells me, "Nancy Marlowe will demonstrate two more vibrator devices and the taping will require two days."

I see a chance here to score even more bucks and I ask, "Will the vibrator demonstrations involve penetration?"  (Not too bad for an amateur agent here!  For the money Mr. Sleaze offers, Nanci would have taken on the whole Sixth Army!)

Mr. Sleaze actually ups the offer in response to my 'penetration' question and I quickly accept.  He tells his girl to cut me a check for the audition fee.  He also tells me that I'll have the promised performance money in hand when the shooting starts.

I get the shooting schedule and discuss the location.  I'm told where to go for the shoot, what Nanci is to bring and how she's to be prepared.  Everything is okay.

I then collect Nanci, who has dressed and come back out of the back room.

I have Nanci tell Mr. Sleaze that she's ready to do the job.  She's totally at ease with the people despite having just finished parading nude in front of them.

We walk out of the place and I open the car door for Nanci, like a gentleman should.  Nanci's face lights up.  She realizes that things have gone well.

I close her door and walk around and get in the driver's seat.  I start the car and drive carefully out of the lot making damn sure I don't hit someone or something in my excitement.

Once we're out of the lot and down the street I tell Nanci, "We gonna pay the rent!"  I continue by telling her, "I negotiated with Mr. Sleaze and got him to come up with a bit more money than he originally offered."

Nanci tells me, very calmly, "I told you I could act.  This little porno role is only the beginning.  Once I have some film, I'll get an agent and then you'll see my name in lights!"

I then point out, "You already have an agent."  I then tell her about her stage name change.

Nanci just nods and tells me, "I was quite sure that they wouldn't like Betty Boobs."  She then repeats the name, 'Nancy Marlowe,' several times.

I can tell that she likes the name and that it's okay for her to have a stage name that has part of her real name in it.  I wasn't sure of this last, but I don't want Nanci to know about my ignorance, so I keep my mouth shut.

Nanci then asks, "When will they shoot the film?"

I tell her when and were.  I also tell her what she needs to do and how she needs to be prepared.

Nanci nods at each item I tell her and she seems pleased with the state of affairs.  She then realizes that she hasn't asked about the most important thing.  She asks, "How much am I gonna get paid?"

I assume my professional Hollywood agent persona and tell her that it took a lot of negotiating but that I finally managed to get her the sum that Mr. Sleaze promised me earlier plus a little more and then I tell her the actual amount.

Nanci's jaw drops down around her tits.  She finally recovers and then says, "Well, it's a good start and you did well.  However what I'm gonna make in the future is gonna make it look like chickenfeed."

I tell her, "Yeah, but just remember that chickenfeed is gonna make sure that we sleep in an apartment, not a chicken coop!"

Nanci basks in her success for a while.  Then she asks me, "How did I look up on the stage?"





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