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Second Chance King of Kemet


In this non-stop action packed 13th novel in the Second Chance series there are organizations that want to impede and/or halt the extraction of oil from the ground in Justin's Kingdoms.

Justin's security people want to catch the troublemakers and throw them in jail.

Justin can read minds, at least to some extent. However, to conceal this talent, he uses a method of gathering intelligence, called by security people, 'beating the crap out of the troublemakers.'


Justin then gathers a Commando strike force and raids a terrorist base. During the raid, Justin finds that the terrorists have been dealing with a 'minor bureau' in the nation of Ruthenia. Jason sends 'a communique' to the very same 'minor bureau.'

Near the North coast of Ifrequeh, there's a large valley, known as the Qattara Depression. The valley is both large and deep. It's really of very little use at the present, however, Justin has a plan.

Justin has managed to contact an advanced civilization and has managed to obtain a number of very powerful atomic explosion devices. Justin plans to use the atomic devices to blast a channel from the sea to the valley and change the very climate of the region for the better.

As the sea begins to fill the depression, the people of the country of Kemet begin to rejoice. Their country was, very long ago, the preeminent country on Corin. Now, a major engineering project has brought back some of the glory of the old days.

However, the celebration turns to rioting, when the police try to stop things.

Justin can then use his new found fame to become the King of Kemet, after he topples the old government.

A spaceship has dropped a young woman off with the battlewagon that defends Corin. The young woman is dazzlingly beautiful. The young woman wants to see Justin. Justin realizes that the young woman has probably been sent to control or kill him, but then again ...

Justin then becomes involved with pirates. In the process of dealing with the pirates, Justin learns that an advanced civilization is going to invade another world. Justin suspects that the reason for the invasion is an interplanetary gate that leads to his world, Corin.





52059 Words




September 2011

Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




AVULS, CLEGODANIA AND MESODANIA all have oil. The oil is extracted from the ground and then either refined by operations within the kingdom, or sold to other operations that will refine the oil.

The problem is, the people running the operations that extract the oil from the ground are not very good at running such complicated operations and the oil extraction process is decidedly suboptimal.

I hire and bring in oil extraction experts, mainly from Averon, but also from Ariby or Zaya. The oil extraction experts I bring in are causing more oil to be extracted from the ground, more oil to be sold and more taxes to be paid. In addition, the oil experts that I bring in are also training citizens of Avuls, Clegodania or Mesodania to efficiently run the oil extraction operations, in the future.

I really need the tax money from the oil extraction profits to better run Avuls, Clegodania and Mesodania.

Unfortunately, there are other organizations who want to impede and/or halt the extraction of oil from the ground.

The other operations are sending in troublemakers to at least impede the flow of oil from the ground and also to reduce the amount of taxes that I can collect.

The troublemakers are just that. My security forces in Clegodania have captured a couple of carloads of troublemakers, when the troublemakers tried to leave a restaurant without paying for the food they ordered and ate. My security forces are hard working people, but maybe a little slow mentally. My security people want to throw the troublemakers in jail.

Now, you have to consider my situation. I'm the King of Avuls, Clegodania and Mesodania. I run the countries for the benefit of the people and especially for the benefit of the taxpayers in the countries. Throwing troublemakers in jail means that the taxpayers of the country have to furnish the troublemakers with free room, board and supervision. This last makes no sense. I have better uses for my tax monies than spending sums to provide troublemakers with free room, board and supervision.

In the current case, I strongly suspect that the troublemakers were dispatched by a terrorist organization that wants to rule at least some of Avuls, Clegodania and/or Mesodania. I need to find and eliminate the terrorist organization. I can probably do this by reading the minds of the troublemakers, finding out who the troublemaker leaders are, using the information in the minds of the troublemaker leaders and then tracing the troublemakers back to at least the place where the troublemakers were dispatched. The place where the troublemakers were dispatched is at least a weapons depot, maybe a headquarters.

I can read minds, at least to some extent. However, it works better if the people that I rule have no idea that I can read minds. Thus, I must obtain the information that I need from the troublemakers, by reading their minds. However, it must seem that I obtain the information by means other than reading minds.

As I stated before, I'm the King of Avuls, Clegodania and Mesodania. I run the countries for the benefit of the people and especially for the benefit of the taxpayers. I must waste as few resources as practical while extracting the information from the troublemakers. The troublemakers are less than nothing.

What I do is to travel to Clegodania and interview the troublemakers. I obtain information, from the minds of the troublemakers that tells me that they have indeed been dispatched from a terrorist weapons depot and headquarters. I then cover the fact that I obtained the information by reading minds. What I do is to appear to use a method of gathering intelligence, called by security people, 'beating the crap out of the troublemakers.' I'm actually quite good at this last, especially since I can read minds and tell when I have inflicted about the maximum pain that an individual troublemaker can stand before he dies.

How can I justify this sort of treatment of prisoners? As I stated before, I'm the King of Avuls, Clegodania and Mesodania. I'm personally exempt from the laws of each and every country that I rule. Thus, I don't have to waste my time justifying anything that I do.

Once I have efficiently extract the information I need from the troublemakers, I have the Cleg security people abandon the troublemakers naked and in the middle of a desert region of Clegodania. The troublemakers are then free to pursue legal remedies for their situation; provided that they can find someone to whom to complain.

I then gather a Commando strike force. I brief my Commandos on the layout of the terrorist weapons depot and headquarters. I tell the mogs, "I have found a terrorist base. I have already dispatched a couple of teams of spies who'll gather information about sentry posts, patrolling schedules, things like that. When we get to the area of the terrorist base, I'll develop an attack plan. We'll go in and take over the terrorist base. As necessary, you'll kill the security people inside the terrorist base. However, you aren't to mistreat the people in charge, other than to protect the lives of Commandos. The people in charge are to be delivered to me, in as good condition as you can manage. Do you understand?"

All of my Commandos understand.




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