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Ingonish Dilemma Book II


Laura's life is in turmoil after her fiancé called from Ottawa, announcing he has decided to change career paths. He has been offered a fabulous position by his newfound buddy, the president of a multinational corporation. The job is in Montreal and he wants Laura to move there with him before the wedding.


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Laura is forced to confront the moral values she has grown up with, and the necessity to give up her own career with the school children she loves. She is caught in a horrible dilemma.

Sandy writes a letter to Laura on the excuse of sending her photos he took on their afternoon at the beach with her cousin's children. In the letter he confesses his newfound feelings for her and his wish that they might somehow see one another again.

Laura is touched by Sandy baring his feelings to her, but his message has created another dilemma for her. She admits to herself her own attraction to Sandy, but knows it is futile to even think that way. She is engaged to be married. She must find a way to gently tell Sandy to back off.

Exposure to the Scottish culture and laid back lifestyle of friends and neighbors in the village causes Laura to have misgivings about the obsessive career ambitions of her fiancé and the possible effect on their future married relationship. In her heart she begins to have doubts about herself and her commitment to her fiancé.

Laura worries herself almost into a state of panic. He fiancé is extra busy at his business and has not called. She does not know what he is thinking. A visit with her local minister and a heart to heart chat with her cousin convince her she must talk with her fiancé. Should she fly back home? No, he would think she was silly. She finally decides she must phone him.

After several frustrating attempts she gets through to him at work in Ottawa. Outpouring her pent up emotions, they finally have a frank, open and honest discussion. Suddenly, by mutual agreement, the engagement is broken off.

Laura is torn between remorse and relief, but knows she must get on with her life. Working together with a neighbour on her house renovations, she hears all the local gossip. Rumors persist of the mining development about to threaten her property. Circumstances deepen her suspicions that Sandy may be involved.

Laura decides a day with her cousin's children is what she needs to take her mind off her troubles. She invites them for a shopping and sightseeing car trip to Baddeck. As they make their way along Main Street the girls spot Sandy, and then mob him when he stops to talk with them. They all end up having lunch with Sandy at a street front restaurant. But the girls monopolize the conversation so she and Sandy have no chance to talk privately.

Sandy is in contact with Laura's cousin and learns the engagement is off. He works up his courage to make a move, determined to present himself in a better image.

Still filled with her own lingering self-doubt about the end of her engagement, Laura receives a call from Sandy inviting her to dinner. She hesitates before accepting, still suspicious he may not be as he appears. But the dinner date turns out to be fun; a time of mutual discovery.

Laura and Sandy spend the next day together, playing tourist and sharing a picnic in the fabulous scenery along the Atlantic coast of Cape Breton Island. Her attraction to Sandy becomes too great to deny.

On the eve of another date, Sandy mysteriously disappears. As the hours pass, anxiety turns to disgust when Laura decides Sandy has stood her up. She remembers all the rumors circulating in the village about the proposed mining development and assumes the worst. In her anger, she concludes Sandy must be working on that dreadful project. Perhaps he only befriended her to get his clutches on her land.

Laura is devastated by how she has fallen for each of the recent two men in her life. Somehow the pain is worse this time. Deep in her heart she knows the reason.

The next morning, still furious as she attempts to get back into her daily routine, a terrible roar fills the air, approaching from over the mountain behind the farm. An orange helicopter settles into the hayfield at the edge of her yard. Out steps Sandy.

While on an urgent reconnaissance survey for the government, Sandy had been stranded deep in the highland wilderness when a severe storm grounded the helicopter. When rescued, he convinces the pilot to drop him into Laura's yard to explain and apologize.

Laura realizes she jumped too quickly to judge Sandy guilty of skipping out on their date and of being involved in the mining project. Her worries about the environment being devastated near her property have all been groundless. She recognizes that Sandy's values are the same as those she has learned in the past two weeks matter so much to her.

Sandy too has changed his perceptions. Huddled over a small campfire while stranded in the wilderness gave him the opportunity to consider what is really important in life. It is time to think long term loving relationship rather than short term fun.

Laura and Sandy are able to renew their courtship with a romantic candle-lit meal in the renowned dining room of the Keltic Lodge Resort, in the national park.

The following day is a wonderful time of picnics and sightseeing in the magnificent scenery of Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail. Late in the evening at the end of a fabulous day, it is too late for Sandy to make the hour and a half drive back to his hotel room in Baddeck. Laura asks him to stay with her. An overnight together leads to other intimate discoveries.

Laura and Sandy settle in on the living room sofa of the old farmhouse to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the crackling fireplace. The cozy ambience and the close familiarity that has built between them leads to sizzling kisses and happy cuddling, until Laura suggests they move to her bedroom. Slowly and tenderly the two discover in one another the ultimate fulfillment of their new relationship.

Sandy realizes he is no longer at a loss for words with Laura. They are so compatible, so comfortable together; and, as he had imagined, they fit so well together in other interesting ways. His fantasy has become reality. Laura is the soulmate he has dreamed of finding. Intimacy flows easily.

Sandy's understanding of what "the good life" comprises moves to a higher level. He makes a momentous decision. He tells Laura he loves her, and asks her if she will marry him.

Laura does not hesitate. She is happier than she has ever been, knowing in her heart Sandy is the man she wants to marry and be the dad of their children. He is the man who will be her mate and partner, sharing all the joys and responsibilities of an ideal marriage.

The wedding will be held in the little church in Ingonish and they will keep the old homestead for special times together.

July in Ingonish is a time for the revival of old values, and the resolution of new dilemmas. The future holds prospects for happy everafters.





46162 Words




September 2011

Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Robert Cherny


D.C. Clark

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

Paperback Price:

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"WILL THAT BE A TABLE for one, Sir?" The smiling hostess was picking up a leather bound menu from the rack on the side of her hostess station.

"Yes, please, I'm by myself this evening." Yes, alone again, Sandy thought, as he followed the attractive pair of legs to a window table set for two.

"Our featured entree this evening is rack of Nova Scotian lamb with a wild mint garnish. That's accompanied by a medley of locally grown fresh vegetables, and boiled new potatoes. Your waitress will be Heather, who will be along in a moment to take your order. Enjoy your evening!"

He barely had time to smile and say "Thank you", before she had disappeared from sight again behind the potted greenery.

Settling himself in the wicker armchair, Sandy decided the feature sounded good. An easy decision. He knew after many restaurant meals, that the special of the evening usually meant faster service and the quality of the food would be typical of the establishment. Eating out today was simply a matter of necessity. Then his plan was to spend his spare time this evening buried in the science fiction paperback he'd picked up at the drugstore on his way back from work. Though tempted to pull it out of his jacket pocket right now, it would be impolite to read it while waiting for his meal.

With idle interest he glanced about the spacious dining room at the other customers. A young couple at a table in the corner caught his eye. He noted the way the two looked at each other as they chatted quietly. The body language was so obvious; they were very much in love. This must be a romantic evening out. Hands clasped across the table. Perhaps it was an anniversary, or a birthday celebration. The woman was wearing a loose fitting outfit that could be a maternity dress. Was she pregnant? Maybe their first child was on the way. They looked incredibly happy.

He wondered if the couple appreciated how lucky they were to share such a relationship. Yes, of course they did. It was obvious in the smiles, the actions, the intimate messages that played back and forth between them.

Seeing this couple's happiness made him realize he had no one with whom to share a similar celebration. In this pensive mood he wished Laura was here with him. But that was just another fantasy. She was back in Ingonish, and she was engaged to be married. The chance of seeing her again was extremely remote.

He wondered if she received the letter yet. Surely, it would have been delivered by now. What would be her reaction? Would she be angry at him for what he had written? Why had he ever been so foolish as to mail it? He'd dithered for five minutes at the mailbox, whether to drop it in the slot, then had forced himself to lift the little shutter and shove the envelope in quickly before his courage failed him. The deed was done; it was too late now to have second thoughts.

He doubted he'd receive an answer. If he did it would be a short note, a polite rejection of his invitation. Neatly hand written, the words formed so precisely in that script common to all elementary school teachers. The message would end any dream he had of the two of them ever getting together.

But he'd had to try, hadn't he? She'd indicated she was committed to her engagement, but if there was any possibility at all that she felt something for him, and he was pretty sure she did, then it was worth writing the letter.

What a dilemma. Just when he'd thought he found his fantasy companion, it turned out she was unavailable. But what about these strange feelings he'd never felt for any woman before.

"Good evening, Sir. Have you decided what you'd like to order?" Heather was standing expectantly at his elbow.

* * * * *

IT WAS TIME SHE checked in with Mom. Guiltily, Laura remembered she'd not phoned home for more than a week---not since before Ray's visit to Ingonish. Her parents would be wondering how things were going.

She should also let them know of Ray's planned career changes. Not everything certainly, but at least the essentials. Enough so Mom wouldn't be taken completely by surprise by the outcome; whatever that turned out to be.

Laura and her mother Joan had become very close in the years since they had worked their way through her early teenage years. Not that she'd ever been a problem teenager. But there'd been times when she was growing into her independence, when she and her Mom had not always seen matters in quite the same light.

Now it was much different. Oh, they still had the occasional difference of opinion, but it was amazing how well they got along; especially with the plans for the wedding. Her mother was very excited about her only child getting married.

Although they had never said anything directly, Laura knew her mother and father had been concerned she was well on her way to becoming an unmarried schoolteacher for the rest of her life. They were still old-fashioned enough to believe that if a woman wasn't married by the time she was thirty-six, there wasn't much hope of her ever finding a husband.

Thus, when she and Ray had started dating seriously they had been pleased and had welcomed him openly. Since the engagement, she and Ray had been making regular visits to her parent's home, many times for Sunday dinner.

Ray was friendly and courteous, and could easily carry on a conversation, so the visits home were pleasant occasions. It seemed Ray would have no trouble fitting into the family. Mom and Dad both liked him and considered themselves lucky she'd finally found herself a man.




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