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Nadalia Bagratuni

In the Chain Letter, Dr. Tad Summers is once again called upon to help the police solve a series of unsolved and mysterious deaths.  The only clue in each case is that each victim before they died, received a plain white looking envelope in the mail.  When they open up the mail they die. 


Even though each of the victims appeared to have been frightened to death and apparently died with a very distorted look on his/her face, the police find the letter inside of the envelope it is completely blank. There was nothing absolutely written at all on it.   The police are baffled and ask for Summers' help.  He quickly concludes that they are scared to death but there is nothing on the blank sheet of paper in the envelope.  How could that be?  Even Summers is confused by the twists of his own discernment.

Now the entire population of Southern California is scared to open their mail.  Who will be next, what can they do, and more importantly what real intent of this disastrous plot?  Now your favourite team of college professors, Dr. Melanie Marsh and Dr. Tad Summers are on the trail of fresh clues when they are led right back to their college.  Could an institution of higher learning become the killing fields of the 21st century, or will Summers be able to figure out the mystery before the killer strikes again.  It is murder, mayhem, and sex as Summers and Marsh wonder if the law can't protect you who can?

This is where Melanie and Dr. Tad Summers really begin to sizzle in the latest book from Nadalia Bagratuni, The Chain Letter.  





26870 Words



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Cover Art:

Anna Bird


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Nadalia Bagratuni

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VARIOUS SCENES ALL AROUND the great basin of Los Angeles were taking place on that particular morning indifferent parts of town.  Los Angeles was a cosmopolitan city and the different cultures that made it up made it a diverse and dynamic place to live and work.  The problem was that few, if, any people really knew how diverse or dynamic this city really was.  In the front of the International Community College slightly after six ten in the morning a lone school bus pulled up to the community college.


      The sun slowly began to rise over Mary Anne Mathew's home.  The craftsman home she lived in had been in their family for over seventy-five years.  Mary Anne Mathews, a very attractive community college senior, was upstairs in her bedroom putting on the final touches of make-up as she got ready to go to school very early this morning.  She finally walked down the stairs to the kitchen.  With an I Pod on her clothes blearing music she walked right next to her mother.  Mary Anne was dressed in wedge sandals, a Genetech Physics Day T-Shirt and short shorts.  She reached for her books.  Next to her books on the kitchen table was the morning newspaper.  The headlines read---LOCAL GIRL MURDERED AFTER READING A CHAIN LETTER.  Mary Anne quickly looked at the paper.


      "Mom did you see this headline?" Mary Anne asked as she picked up the paper and read the article.


      Her mother was busy working in the kitchen as she said, "Yes, isn't that something! Oh didn't you say you had a field trip today?"


      Mary Anne kissed her mother good-bye and told her, "You are the best!"


      "What's that for?"

      As Mary Anne walked out the door she told her mother, "For remembering, you are such a dear.




      She ran out the door after her daughter.


      "I almost forgot this letter came for you."


      She stuck the letter in her daughter's Physics book.  Mary Anne looked closely at the plain white letter addressed to her.


      "Bye mom!  I have a few things to do in Physics after school today."

      "Oh, dear, the doctor called yesterday.  She wanted to know if everything was still okay?  Do you know what she was talking about?"


      Mary Anne appeared nervous and grey in colour as she mumbled, "Oh, nothing. I'm going to take care of it today after school."


      She got into her car and drove off. Her mother waved goodbye and went back into the house.  Her mother took off the smock she was wearing and put away the dishes she had  been working on when Mary walked through.  It became painfully obvious that she was waiting for someone as she bolted upstairs and changed into a black bustier and thigh high sheer black hose.


      She stood in front of the mirror admiring her body.


      "Not bad for a lady who is about to turn 40?"


      She didn't realize that anyone else was in the house.  A man walked into the room and whistled.


      "Not bad at all."


      Mary Anne's mother turned around and ran into his arms.  They embraced deeply.


      "My husband or my daughter didn't see you did they?"


      He answered in a deep voice, "Oh, hell no.  I waited until both were gone.  Why?"


      "Well by the look of excitement here, I think we better go quickly and take care of it before you pop."


      She pushed him down on her king sized bed.  The same bed that she and her husband used to make love until about four years ago.  She always knew in the back of her mind that her husband had a lover.  She didn't mind, it was just less for her to worry about.  However about four years ago, she figured that turn about was fair play and she decided to take a lover too.  She wanted a young college man.  A stud who could get it up early and often.  The type of man who would appreciate her experience and the type of man who make love over and over again like the Energizer bunny.  Now if he was good looking that would be a real plus.  She went back to college and found the exact thing she wanted in this boy toy Tom Banner.  Now at first it was great.  No one knew and the sex was wonderful.  Now, Tom was teaching at Mary Anne's school, and now he had found someone else as well.  Mary Anne's mother knew that Tom had another lover, but she didn't know who or how serious it was.


      Tom took off his jeans and revealed that he was not only fully erect, he was not wearing any underwear.


      "Horny this morning are we?"  She asked.


      Tom smiled, "No, just in a hurry, I have to be at school in about ten minutes."

      He turned her around and took her from the rear, ramming his hard fervour straight up her rock hard rear.  Slowly he pushed deeper and deeper inside of her as she bent over and placed her hands on each side of the full-length mirror.  She we was able to watch his deep blue eyes and his face make strange configurations as he forced his way to complete pleasure.


      Then without warning he suddenly began to erupt deep with in her.  She pulled all of her muscles tightly on his erection and yelled out, "Tom, Tom, Tom, that feels oh so good!"



      AS HER MOTHER WAS MAKING love to her teacher in her house, Mary Anne Mathews was driving to school.  She together with her classmates were meeting this morning an hour early so they could go on this field trip.  Mary Anne's sports car pulled up in the parking lot.  Jenny Marsh pulled up right next to her.  They both got out of the car. They heard their handsome young teacher yell out at them as he just pulled up behind them.


      "Hurry up you two, we are about to leave!"


      Mary Anne winked at her teacher and said, "Hey Tom, late this morning, you know that makes two of us!"


      Jenny and Mary Anne laughed as Jenny added, "Make this three of us."

      Tom Banner, Mary Anne Mathews and Jenny Marsh all ran to the bus and got on it. Mary Anne put her hand on Tom's shoulder as she walked past him, and bent over to whisper to him with a great deal of sexual tension. "I need to talk with you.  It's really important."


      Tom smiled and said, "Sure, right after school."


      After she walked back to her seat, Tom Banner motioned for the bus driver to leave and the bus pulled out of the parking lot.


      The International Community College Physics class was one of the local high schools and Community Colleges, that was participating in Genetech's Field Day that morning.  Genetech was conglomerate that had a large company in Los Angeles.  The entire class met at the school, where the bus would take them downtown.  Once there, they would join many other students who were going to spend the morning seeing the sights of Los Angeles. 


      Mary Anne Mathews, Jenny Marsh and her friends spent the entire day with different events.  They were walking or riding around in the city, while Tom Banner walked behind them.  They all had a great deal of fun.


      After eight hours the group got back on the bus and were driven to Venice Beach.  The bus parked and all of the students ate their lunch overlooking the ocean, watching the people of Venice Beach and surf roll into the shore.  The teacher, Mr. Banner took pictures of the entire bunch outside of the restaurant and then all the students were once more on the school bus headed back to school.  He was standing in the picture right next to Mary Anne Mathews with his hand around her waist.


      The bus drove all the students back through the heavy downtown traffic to the college.  This school had many foreign national students.  When they arrived back Tom Banner looked closely at the clock in the Dean's office as the students walked in the front door. It was three o'clock.  Within five minutes all of the students are back in class.  Jenny and Mary Anne Mathews were now in Mr. Banner's Physics class.  Jenny sat in the front of the class while Mary sat in the back.






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