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The Better Man


Evelyn Mason is a clothing designer living in Florida. She is a beautiful, professional young woman that has worked hard to gain the success that she enjoys. Life is pretty much perfect for her, as her business is doing exceptionally well and she has the pleasure of dating a handsome detective from the Miami police department. To her, Officer Cole Dylan is attractive, fun, and a sexual powerhouse that Evie finds unable to resist.


Since the start of their relationship, Cole has been living a double life though. On one hand, he is the honorable police officer devoted to his career and a gentleman in the community. On the other, a volatile drug addict, ruthless and violent towards anyone that gets in his path. He's been able to keep this cruel side of him away from Evie until his temper is tested by a challenger hoping to steal her away from him.

Erick Graves is known as a high powered bad boy, one that is on Detective Dylan's radar constantly in the crime world. The two men loath each other and are not concerned in showing it. Erick happens upon the couple while they are out and is instantly attracted to Evie. He falls hard for her and can't help but pursue her. He wants to win over the attractive young woman and knows that he has to show her Cole Dylan's true brutal nature. Erick's plot to finish Evie's relationship with Cole is easily put into effect by using the officer's constant need for drugs. Once removed from her affections, Cole turns into a dangerous adversary determined to come out the victor in the war he continues to rage against Erick.

Evie is placed in harm's way several times by Cole when he resorts to any means necessary to get his way. Cole doesn't see his actions as anything more than a man trying to bring his woman back to his arms, and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. He lays his reputation, career, and even his own life on the line to even the score in his frantic need to be victorious. It is then that Evie realizes that she must find the strength to fight for what is hers. She will be the one to save her new found love, or give up and allow Cole to win his desperate game and lose Erick forever.





91542 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Barbara Pratt


Jacklynn Oliver

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Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




Wine wasn't what Cole wanted, but it was what he had for now. He continued to watch the movie, although it was boring him silly. He waited until Evie started to dose off before he headed for her bathroom. The action itself was nothing out of the ordinary and did not stop her from falling asleep.

When her bathroom door shut, though, Gabe trotted over from his banishment on his bed. He moved over to Evie and nudged her with his cold, wet nose.

Startled, she bolted upright and looked around sleepily.

"Gabe, you okay, big guy?"

The big dog sat at her feet just like he did when she was about to have a seizure. There was something off about his behaviour, though; something that her instincts told her had nothing to do with her condition.

"What is it, Gabe? What are you trying to tell me?" Gabe looked back toward the hallway where Cole had disappeared and whined, the sound just verging on a bark. Small twitches in his body told Evie something was wrong, or about to be wrong.

She got up from the couch and walked down the hall way. Gabe was right by her side as she moved. They stopped in front of the bathroom door. Gabe whined again, and scratched lightly on the door. Evie leaned in and heard a groan from inside the room, then the faucet turning on. Both sounds bothered her, especially with the way Gabe was behaving.

Concerned that Cole was sick, she knocked softly on the door.

"Cole, are you okay?"

Suddenly the door swung open and his big body filled the doorway. She looked up, startled and noticed that his skin was pale, his blue eyes were bloodshot, and he was sweating profusely.

"Are you all right?" she asked him again.

He just stared at her for several seconds, as if he didn't know where he was. Then he shook his head.

"I'm fine, baby. I thought you were sleeping."

He wrapped a thick forearm around her and pulled her close.

She stiffened, unsure of his behaviour.

"Gabe woke me up. He was acting like he was trying to warn me of trouble. I was thinking there was something wrong with you when he led me down the hall. Are you sure you're okay?"

Cole leaned down to kiss her. Then he said,

"I'm fine, baby; real fine. Come on. I'll take you to bed and show you!"

The big man didn't wait for a reply. He picked her up instead and carried her to her bedroom. He leaned back against the open door after they entered it and quickly shut it, locking Gabe out. Evie heard Gabe whine again, and became uneasy.

Cole's behaviour was completely off. He knew better than to press when she wasn't up to going to bed with him. She could excuse that as a missed cue; but locking Gabe out of the room was way out of the norm. Cole knew she needed the dog with her. Why was he keeping him locked out?

The situation continued to deteriorate as Cole began peeling her pyjama bottoms off of her. His movements then were impatient, demanding, and unnecessarily rough. Evie began to wonder what in the hell was going on with the man.

"Cole, take it easy," she protested. "You're going to…"

He ripped her tank before she could stop him from doing it. Then he was pushing her down on the mattress and yanking her slim legs wide open. He was on top of her instantly, kissing her hard. His lips were almost brutal on hers, turning her concern into fear.

She tried to push him off of her, to turn her head away from the savage kisses. He ignored her efforts while escalating his. His hands clawed at her breasts, hurting her.

She managed to free her mouth from his long enough to catch her breath and to insist that he stop.

"Damn it, Cole, you're hurting me! Stop!"

Cole continued to ignore her. His lips sucked down her neck as he unzipped his jeans. She felt his erection when he got it free, felt him pressing it against her center as she tried to move her hips away.

She began to actively fight him as he continued his attack.

"Goddamn it, Cole! Get off of me!"

Her demands went unanswered as he released her breast to tightly grip her hip. She tried to shift sideways, away from his violent movements but he pulled her roughly back under him and pinned her there with his weight. Cole's first thrust was brutal then he was stabbing hard into her in spite of all her efforts to stop him. She inhaled sharply at the first cruel intrusion and continued to fight, trying to prevent more.

The struggle did no good. He gripped her wrists with his huge hands and thrust her arms over her head. He covered her lips with his, muffling the grunt of pain trying to leave her throat. His tongue followed, shoving the sound backward as it pushed its way into her mouth. His cock continued its forceful invasion, slamming deeply into her unwilling body. The anguish caused by the brutality made the scream in her lungs even more urgent.

She twisted and turned beneath him now, trying to dislodge him from her body. Her movements only drove him on, and his cock began to hammer in and out of her as she struggled to free herself from it.

The rhythm of his attack became crazed within seconds. His vicious thrusts picked up speed, ripping in and out of her until she thought she would go mad from the pain. Suddenly he thrust into her even more brutally than before and he released deeply within her. Then he was done.

Evie was stunned. It happened quickly, and was over just as fast, but not without damage. He let go of her wrists, and then just rolled off of her slender body as though nothing had happened. She waited for a moment to be certain the attack was over. Then she dragged herself out of the bed, half expecting him to follow.

She looked over at him and saw his shirt was still on, and that he had barely managed to get his jeans passed his hips before the attack. The sight of him disgusted her and she felt the bile rise in her throat. She felt violated by him, and afraid of him at the same time. He didn't seem to know, or care, about what he'd just done to her. In her mind, it was likely he was capable of doing it all over again if she stayed.

She feared another attack and stumbled to the bathroom away from him. Once she was there, she gingerly felt between her legs. The soreness there made her whimper. When she pulled her fingers away there was blood on them.

She wondered if she should go to the emergency room. She hesitated to do so. It was very late and she'd have to call a cab. More than that, she would have to tell the doctor what happened. Her mind was too caught up in the violence to make up a lie, so she would end up telling the officials who did this, as well. Cole was a cop. Who would believe a cop did something like this?




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