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Spellbound By Sibella


When Irish beauty, SIBELLA COTTLE sets her sights on the rakish HARRY LYNCH-BLOSSE, she is determined to steal his heart and make him hers; but Harry is not free to love her. He is still married to Emily Mahon, a staunch Catholic who refuses to have their marriage annulled. Even if she were to release him, his ambitions would be better served by marrying Lady HARRIETT BROWNE, a cousin of Lord Altamont.


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Despite himself, Harry falls for Sibella and following a night of passion she becomes pregnant. Her plight is desperate. They elope to his mother's home in Suffolk in 1774 where Harry persuades a solicitor to confirm his freedom to marry. Sibella's hopes are dashed at the altar when a letter from Ireland denies Harry's right to marry. Harry promises to marry her once his annulment comes through. Although distraught, Sibella recovers to focus on her pregnancy. Her mood lifts when she gives birth to a healthy boy, MICHAEL.

Having returned to Balla, County Mayo, Harry becomes the 7th Baronet after his father dies. Good fortune follows when Sir Harry is elected to the Irish Parliament and Sibella delivers twin girls, CECILIA and Mary Anne. In the following years, Sibella gives birth to her second son, John, and after a further pregnancy, to her third daughter, Bridget.

During this time, Harry establishes the Balla Volunteers to protect Ireland from invasion. Lady Harriett assists him in this task much to the chagrin of Sibella. Worse is to follow when Sibella intercepts a letter from JAMES CUFFE MP, a trustee to Harry's estate. In the letter, Cuffe urges Harry to abandon "that woman" and marry Lady Harriett now that he is free to do so.

Sibella is terrified and seeks the advice of the witch, JUDY HOLIAN, who recommends the spancel, a love charm guaranteed to spellbind Harry for life. Aided by Judy, Sibella makes a spancel from a strip of skin cut from a corpse initially unaware that the body is that of Harry's illegitimate daughter, Ellen Colgan. Sibella must ensure that Harry never finds out the source of the spancel or he would surely abandon her.

Haunted by the spectre of witchcraft, Sibella's position is precarious. Her epic struggle for survival is interwoven against a background of intrigue, rebellion and romance. This extraordinary story is based on real events in 18th century Ireland.





91367 Words



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Cover Art:

George Romney Circa 1787


Barbara Pratt


Paul B McNulty

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PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

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"MAMA, ARE WE REALLY expecting Mr Lynch-Blosse of Balla House this afternoon?" Sibella Cottle asked as she twirled a russet curl.

"Indeed, we are," replied Louisa Moore, the Mistress of Ashbrook, County Mayo as she joined her foster-daughter and niece at the breakfast table.

"Is he the young man with the broken heart?" Sibella asked, all wide-eyed.

Louisa merely nodded in response.

"I have seen him at the Maidenhill Ball surrounded by a bevy of Big House damsels." Sibella's green eyes were twinkling. "They say he's a right womanizing rogue."

"You should not gossip, my dear." Louisa returned to the table with bacon and egg from the chafing dishes.

"Why is he visiting us?"

"He may feel the need to remove from home for a time."

Sibella was intrigued. Unaccountably, she could feel herself blushing. Was it possible that the twenty-four-year-old heir would stay at Ashbrook? If so, she might cast a spell on him, she thought impishly.

"I expect you to be on your best behaviour, young lady," Louisa admonished while buttering her toast.

"May I be excused?" Sibella asked as she gulped down the last of her milk. She was up and away before Louisa could even answer her.

Sibella commenced her welcoming preparations in a welter of excitement. One minute, she was racing upstairs to check her appearance and then down again to inspect the drawing room. The white-panelled room of the modest two-storey house featured a portrait of Sir Thomas More above the fireplace. She softened the stern image by arranging fresh daffodils on the mantelpiece and sideboard. Would Mr Lynch-Blosse notice the subtle shades of yellow, gold and white in the sweet-scented flowers, she wondered?

Later in the day, Sibella was at the window straining her neck to get a better view. "I can see a young man cantering up the hill," she called. Sibella had one last look around the room. She had heard that Mr Lynch-Blosse was a great hunter and rider. He would surely feel at home in a room with hunting, shooting and racing prints even if the daffodils eluded his attention.

After the butler escorted him into the drawing room, Louisa Moore extended the hand of friendship. "Mr Lynch-Blosse, welcome to Ashbrook; allow me to introduce my foster-daughter, Miss Cottle."

"You are surely welcome, Mr Lynch-Blosse." Sibella curtsied as her heart began to beat a little faster.

"I am delighted to meet you, Miss Cottle."

Sibella admired the sensuous lips on his rugged face, his blue eyes, and brown hair tied in a queue. How elegant his fine clothes were, she thought, a red riding jacket worn over a dark waistcoat and tight beige breeches.

Doctor Moore, the Master of Ashbrook, joined the company. "Mr Lynch-Blosse, please excuse my late arrival. I was in the stillroom preparing some medicine."

"Not at all, Doctor Moore. What a splendid location you have here, overlooking the Ashbrook River."

"Lady Lynch told me you would like to spend some time away from home," Moore said.

"I need to get away for a while. Grandmamma thought Ashbrook might be the place for me."

"I hope Lady Lynch is keeping well," continued Doctor Moore, sipping his ale. "I shall escort you around the estate after our refreshments. You should become familiar with our modest property before reaching a decision."

"May I ride with you, Papa?" Sibella asked. Anticipating that they might go riding, she wore a full-length maroon habit with a white bow at the neck and black boots.

Moore nodded and then escorted Harry to the stables, accompanied by Sibella.

As they progressed through the fields, Sibella noted how well Harry handled his gelding; that added to his appeal. She wondered if he was showing off to impress her. Perhaps he would teach her some new tricks were he to stay for a while.

At the end of the tour, Harry thanked the Moores while Sibella glanced at her foster-parents. "If Mr Lynch-Blosse comes to stay, mayhap he could give me some riding lessons?"

"Certainly," Harry said. "I have previously given instruction to my younger brother, Francis. I should be delighted to do so if your father were agreeable."

"We shall consider that in due course." Moore raised his eyebrows.

Sibella was disappointed at the cautious response but relieved that Harry appeared unperturbed.

"Thank you again for your hospitality." Harry bowed ever so slightly. "I really must return home."




“… the best work of historical fiction that we’ve received …” the Inspira Literary Agency, London.

Spellbound by Sibella, a finalist in the 2012 William Faulkner Novel Competition, New Orleans.

“Sibella … a very spirited and engaging character who draws the reader in and makes him/her very curious to find out what the course of her life will be in the time in which she lives … I found Spellbound by Sibella to be … a very fascinating and compelling story indeed. Lovers of Historical Romances with strong female protagonists are certain to love this it …” T.L. Davison, Author, Love’s Legacy & Impostor.

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