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Self Employed and other Short Stories


Self Employed

Bernice was devastated when her husband left taking all their money and furnishings. She pulls her life together and meets Louise, an airline employee, with a part time business. Bernice falls in love with Louise and they join together as self-employed call-in sex providers. Bernice nervously learns the business from Bernice and develops her own clientele but breaks one of the cardinal rules of the trade.….


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A sex trade worker, Jilian is chosen by the owner of the massage parlor to bring cocaine from Mexico to Canada. She has no choice in the matter but the police intervene and force her to work with them and betray the mob. The price is high and her dreams of returning home to Nova Scotia are left unfulfilled….

Domestic Violence

Elaine knew Jim in High School and had a premonition that he was not a good man. However, later when they meet again he is kind and gentle enough to convince her to marry him. Her premonition turns out to be true and before long her life becomes hell. She cannot escape and the law means nothing to him. There is only one way out and he forces it on her…..

Love and the Horny Toed Frog

George lived a happy single life as a young engineer in the city Works Department. That is until Janet comes on scene. At first he ignores her but a long period without sex perks his interest particularly as she finds ways to entice him. It all come to a head when the mayor send them on a mission to find the horny toed frog. They don’t find the frog but they find each other under a horse blanket. Janet baits the hook and then like a skillful angler plays George into a net of love…..


Cynthia arrives at Head Office on a temporary assignment where she and David become friends. Cynthia has a dark secret and David is curious when he learns she has been hospitalized. For many years she has lived in fear of Franz, a vicious man, but has been unable to escape his hold on her. How does David free her and ensure Franz would never again threaten her?


Elaine takes her kids to an old part of town on a ghost walk. The haunted house has special memories and she meets a ghost that turns out to be her. She feels terror as they nail the coffin lid. Is she really in that coffin?

Kay’s American Adventure

Kay’s husband had died tragically riding his motorcycle three years ago. She is restless and with her friend Vicky innocently join an online dating site. Kay meets Dan, a rancher in Wyoming, who invites her to visit his spread, and after much soul searching set off on her own motorcycle for an adventure. The situation soon deteriorates into a web of spies, terrorists, Government Agents, police and helpful people including Betty from St. Louis. Kay and Betty found themselves prisoners in a religious cult. The Bishop uses his position to procure women for his parishioners. Their situation is hopeless as they undergo degrading sexual activities until out of the blue the unexpected happens to free them…

Golden Sandals

Jan falls in love with the lawyer handling her divorce. A handsome, older man, he had been a family friend since she was a girl. Now they were lovers and on a trip to Montreal where he is to be feted by his associates. Jan wants to look her very best for the occasion. Jan loves him but is uncertain about his love for her. In a moment of jealous rage she breaks the heel of one of her golden slippers but wise in the ways of women he handles the crisis with love, heals her heart and fixes the heel…






38606 Words





Cover Art:



W. Richard St. James


John Outram

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

Paperback Price:

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“BYE DEAR, DRIVE CAREFULLY,” Bernice whispered as he slipped out the door.

It had been a pleasant session and she felt good. After changing the bedding she plugged in the kettle to make a cup of tea. The note pad caught her eye and she glanced at the clock. Good, the next hour was free. She tuned in classical music on the CBC and relaxed. It was nice to sit alone in the apartment and contemplate. Should she go to meditation class later or just veg out here? The kettle was soon boiling and she made a large mug of tea. Who was coming this afternoon she wondered and looked at the note pad? Oh yes, Michael, the professor. She went to the bookcase and got her book on comparative religion. It opened at a familiar chapter describing ancient practices that evolved into modern theology. A quick perusal of the text reminded her of the argument they had during his last visit.

Bernice, or Bernie to her friends, lived above a furniture store on a busy street in a less than opulent part of the city. It was the kind of place that didn’t attract attention, downscale enough that people were not nosey, an address acceptable to her clients. They would not want to be seen by people they knew professionally or socially when they parked and climbed the stairs to her door. It was perfect and discreet.

It was much nicer than the place she had shared with her husband before he left. The prick had taken all their savings along with the car and whatever valuables they had accumulated. She had come home from work to an empty apartment and a note.

“Hey, Bernie,” it had said, “it isn’t working any more. I’m out of here. Sorry about taking our money and stuff but I need it.” That’s all it said. He took all the furniture except the bed and the fridge which belonged to the landlord. A chill settled into her heart and it took a long time for her to comprehend the changes that were taking place in her life. Sure, her family and friends rallied around and supported her. A few men approached her for dates but they were married, in fact married to her friends. She had been brought up to believe in the sanctity of marriage even though she wasn’t blind to the reality of life and relationships. She rejected such men but something happened to make her think differently about relationships.

She was having coffee one day with Marie, a woman from work. Marie was upset on the verge of tears. “Okay Marie,” she said, “what’s up, you don’t usually look like that?”

“Frank is seeing a woman,” Marie said, tears forming in her eyes.

“Anyone I know?” asked Bernie.

“I don’t think so. It’s not normal, I think he’s paying her,” Marie sobbed.

“What do you mean paying her?”

“I don’t know. It’s weird. He goes out on Saturday afternoon without saying where he’s going and comes back a couple of hours later with a guilty look on his face. He always has an explanation but I don’t believe him. I wanted to go with him last week but he got flustered and stayed home. I heard him making a cell call saying he couldn’t come today, maybe tomorrow. He looked pretty dejected after that.”

“Why do you think he’s paying her?”

“There have been withdrawals from the bank account, the same amount every week. What do you think is going on, Bernie?”

“How’s your sex life, Marie?”

“It’s pretty tame. We haven’t done it much since he wanted oral sex. I couldn’t do that. Uh, the idea makes me sick. That was a year ago; I think we’ve made love twice since then.”

“Maybe he’s getting what he needs outside.”

“Oh, Bernie, he wouldn’t. What can I do?”

They didn’t come to a conclusion. Marie and her husband continued their pattern of unhappiness but Bernie began to think about things. One day, not long after, she noticed a classified ad for men interested in discreet affairs. Her life was not going well and she knew a change was urgent so she answered the ad. Much to her surprise she received a call from a woman. The woman asked for the name Bernie with a weird excuse for calling but she explained that she was Bernie and was interested in a discreet affair. The woman hesitated, Bernie persisted, and they agreed to meet.

Bernie’s heart was racing as she entered the coffee shop looking for a woman in a brown jacket. What was she doing here? This is a really stupid idea. Would she actually be here? There, the third table by the window. Bernie approached. “Hi, I’m Bernie.”

“Hi, I’m Louise,” said a very attractive woman with a broad smile. Her eyes were blue and her complexion clear and fair. She rose to shake Bernie’s hand displaying a slim figure under a tight wool sweater. “Please, sit. Would you like coffee?”

Bernie sat and said no to the coffee. “Maybe later.”

The women sized each other quietly. Bernie was the first to speak. “This is new to me. I don’t know what to say.”

“That’s okay,” said Louise. “I don’t often meet women this way.”

“What way?” said Bernie.

“I mean I usually meet men who have answered my ad this way. I like to get to know them before we go any further.”

“Do you meet many men like this?”

“I don’t think I want to talk about that. Let’s talk about you. Why are you interested in a discreet affair? There are lots of women who you could get together with.”

“I don’t go in those circles and I’m interested in what you do,” Bernie replied.

She ordered coffee and they danced around the reason for being there without really saying anything. As they talked Bernie felt a strange and growing attraction for Louise. She was disappointed when Louise ended the meeting abruptly.

“Look, I’ve got to run,” Louise said. “If you want to come over call me at this number. We can have a drink and see what happens. I’ll be away till Friday.”

Bernie watched her walk, slim hips pressing against a tailored skirt, high heels clicking on the tile. Her nipples felt alive rubbing against the soft silky fabric of her bra. What was happening to her? Was she in love with a woman?




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