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Bright Angel

Ellen Farrell

Stranded in blizzard conditions near the Utah Arizona border, Laura Clay, a graduate student with money worries, is given a lift to Kingman, Arizona, by Joshua Harris. Explaining the absence of Martin Walker, who was supposed to collect Laura, Joshua learns that she had intended marrying Martin in order to obtain the early release of a legacy – a scheme which had collapsed on her unequivocal rejection of Martin the previous night. Unaware that the funds released would cover the nursing at home of her terminally ill father and with the prospect of problems of his own being solved, Joshua Harris offers to take her back to Las Vegas where she and Martin had been attending a conference, to marry her, and to put her on her plane home. His single condition is that she should help him if by chance he should ever need a favour himself.


Back in England, Laura shares the twenty four hour care of her father with two nurses. It is more than a year after his death that Joshua Harris finds her and asks if she will help him take care of a guest, Cleo Stevens; the wife of his colleague, Holden Stevens, Cleo’s disruptive behaviour threatens to damage Harris Bright-A, the Harris family company. Profoundly grateful for the way he helped her father, Laura agrees.

Maintaining with increasing determination the appearance of a helpful wife, Laura manages Cleo’s stay between her home in Malmesbury and Joshua’s house in London while at the same time continuing three separate academic work commitments and several tasks she has taken on for friends. Attracted to Joshua and at the same time wary, Laura senses that there may be more to Cleo’s story than she had been told; equally she fears that her inheritance was obtained by a trick which if made public could damage the reputation of the lawyers administering her grandfather’s estate.

Juggling work, living between two houses and at the same time learning more and more about Joshua and Harris Bright-A, Laura, in love, is totally unprepared for what she then learns from Cleo herself . . .





50070 Words



Sale Price:




Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Mary Nuttall

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Kindle (MOBI);




THE VISITOR CENTRE lay almost a mile along a track-like road which left the main highway just north of the Arizona Utah State Line. A bitterly cold morning had been succeeded by an afternoon of icy drizzle and swirlingly unpredictable mist, but inside the low-ceilinged cafeteria, the herb-scented air was very comfortably warm. Laura Clay was sitting at the table furthest from the door, near to a glass covered display of pies and cakes, and banks of machines for making hot drinks.

Laura put her pen down beside her paper cup. She hadn't been concentrating on the work she’d stayed behind to do; all her attempts had been spoiled, resisted, thwarted by memories of the angry accusations of the previous night. Martin Walker hadn't been unsure or short of words.

Was she as cold as she looked or colder? He’d been intent on finding out. Not that the distinction mattered much to Laura. The result was the same either way. She stared at the window. The glass behind her table reflected her slender figure, the gloss of her naturally streaky dark blonde hair and the troubled expression in her clear grey eyes. She pushed her notebooks into her bag, clipped the pen in the front pocket and stood up slowly. There had been one or two young people in the Tourist Centre when she'd arrived, but now a dark-haired assistant had walked round past the counter barrier and appeared to be closing the service area.

She caught Laura’s eye and registered real surprise. At the same moment, the main door opened in a flurry of snowflakes and a guide, who had been at the door when she’d arrived an hour or more earlier, stamped into the upper level of the open plan reception hall.

The young woman shifted her gaze to the man who’d entered and to Laura it was as though the pair of them were adding up two and two and making at least five. The guide said something to the girl, then spoke into a hand-held radio; Laura couldn't catch what he said. She pulled on her long gabardine coat. She had a thin scarf which she tied at her throat. Then she put her empty coffee container into the waste bin and stepped forward.

The guide didn't stop talking. Just raised his voice.

‘Have you got a car coming to collect you?’

Laura knew instinctively what might have happened, but she didn't want to believe it. The centre was way off the road and was no more than a car park and a huddle of low-lying buildings. Without Martin, she was without transport.




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 blizzard, stranded, Arizona, marriage of convenience, legacy, inheritance, England, secrets

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