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Carlton Lamberth

Jon Crawley had been fortunate enough to go to work in his hometown in Pennsylvania right out of college for Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. Jon had within a few years landed the job as a divisional strategic manager in the airline designing/manufacturing division of the company. This position carried a hefty salary plus bonuses. Jon jumped at the chance of a promotion even though it involved a transfer to Charleston, South Carolina.


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With their second child on the way and their first born ready to start elementary school, the move offered numerous opportunities for his family. Good schools for their children, life in a beautiful city by the ocean, a much warmer climate and much more. All these amenities enticed and influenced Jon and Katie Crawley in their final decision to move. Asking Jon’s brother, James, and his wife, Nicole to move with them was entirely Jon’s idea although his wife Katie agreed wholeheartedly it was a good idea.

Jon and James were very close siblings. Family was very important to both of them. Jon and James both made it a point to stay close to home in Ridley Park, PA for their father’s sake until his death. So with no close family left other than his brother James, Jon’s job promotion and move to South Carolina seemed a welcome change; a new start for him and his entire family.

Moving into their stately Victorian home in one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Charleston seemed like the perfect beginning to Jon and Katie’s new adventure down South. However, a chance finding by their sister-in-law of an Ouija Board in the attic of the house will forever change their quaint lifestyle. Innocent play with this spirit board will unleash a demonic presence into the attic of this house unlike no other.

Dormant for some time, this entity will spin a web of deceit and despair throughout the entire Crawley family as they are cast into the shadows of his kingdom of ‘The Darkness’ – a world of adultery, debauchery and untimely death.

The Crawley family will be forever changed as they come face to face with the demon of the spirit board – ZoZo!





126791 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Palvi Sharma


Carlton Lamberth

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Kindle (MOBI);

Paperback Price:

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Jon placed his hands on his hips and shook his head back and forth as he smiled.

“Hey bro,” the driver said as he exited from the driver’s side of the car.

“Just like my little brother,” Jon said with a laugh, “Arrive after all the work is done.”

“Ha ha,” his brother responded sarcastically, “We would have been here much, much earlier but you-know-who had to stop at every rest stop from Pennsylvania to here.”

“Hey, I heard that,” said the woman as she exited the vehicle smiling, “Tell him how many times you got lost, James.”

“Never mind that,” James said with a laugh.

Jon laughed also.

“Hello, Nicole. How’s my favorite sister-in-law?” Jon asked as he chuckled.

“Well, dear Jon your only sister-in-law is doing great now that I’m out of that damn car,” Nicole answered with a laugh.

Jon could not help but notice her voluptuous body as she hurriedly walked towards him.

“Damn!” he thought as he devoured her presence with his eyes, “Still sexy as ever!”

Barefoot and wearing a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts and an opened back halter top, Nicole’s curvaceous, tanned body was more than obvious to anyone. Her ample breasts bounced as she moved; the pointed impressions of her nipples protruding through the thin halter top material.

“Hmmm, and braless too,” Jon observed as she approached him.

“So hey big brother-in-law,” Nicole said, “Good to see you again.”

Taking off her sunglasses, she placed them on top of her head. Her long blonde hair blew in the warm breeze from Charleston Bay as she sensually sauntered up to Jon.

“Give me a big hug,” she said, holding her arms out.

As they hugged, Jon felt her noticeably rub her unrestrained bosom back and forth across his chest as she planted a kiss on his right cheek.

“Careful Nicole,” James joked, “Remember…Katie’s six months pregnant. Jon’s been without female contact for some time now; he might not be able to handle you rubbing up against him like that.

Jon saluted his brother with his middle finger as he continued to enjoy the embrace of his sister-in-law.

“I love you too, brother.” James chuckled, returning the same finger gesture as he removed a suitcase from the trunk of his car.

Jon inhaled the sweet perfumed smell of Nicole as they broke from their hug. She gave him a knowingly, flirty wink as she smiled and looked towards the house.

“Beautiful home Jon, just beautiful.” she stated as she faced the house, “Is Katie and Jessica inside?”

Jon nodded as he felt that familiar stirring sensation in his crotch as he felt himself becoming semi-hard from his physical encounter of affection with Nicole.

“Damn, don’t be stupid! She’s your brother’s wife,” Jon thought, “Don’t get a hard-on in front of her…how embarrassing would that be? And Hell, don’t give James a reason to make more fun of your situation.”




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 Victorian, Ouija board, family, demon possession, adultery, debauchery, untimely death, entity, deceit

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