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The Weekly 3

David Cohen

How would you love to have a buddy assisting you as you launch or grow your business? How would you love to have someone who is there to guide you each week, pick you up when you fall and help you keep going when you face adversity? The Weekly 3 does just that. You get 44 weeks of tips, tools, strategies and ideas that you can take with you along the journey of entrepreneurship. !


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The book is packed with street smart ideas and wisdom from business coach, author and former host/producer of the Small Business Big Ideas Show, David Cohen. !





62577 Words





Cover Art:

David Cohen


Terrie Lynn Balmer


David Cohen

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PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Kindle (MOBI);

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$15.40 Paperback Buy Link




If you are an entrepreneur, or thinking of going into business for yourself, then you have landed in the right place.

I want to thank you for buying this book. You will get a lot of value from reading this book.

My promise to you is that it will teach you about the key core areas of running a small business and the other key goal, is that it will inspire you each week to keep at it, not lose the hope and to learn skills that will help you succeed.

The book is broken down into various parts…the parts that go into your business plan!

From sales, to marketing, to operations, or to the money aspects of your plan or business, you will have some valuable lessons to guide you along the way!

Plus, we will address you having the leadership and management tools to help you survive in these times of remarkable change. The bottom line is that you will have the leadership lessons and strategic ideas you need to think about to succeed in life and in business!

I am proud to say, that this is my second book. This is my second business book, and both geared to small business owners.

If you got to know me, you would find one of my passions is around personal growth and sharing ideas for successful living…little did I know growing up, that I would be doing this kind of work, but it does drive me…BIG TIME!

In my work as a business coach, consultant and facilitator, I have a true-life passion for small business owners, I know the immense challenges it takes to start, be in and grow a business…

You put your heart and soul into it!

You sweat at night thinking and worrying!



The stories David shares will enlighten those who are thinking about getting into business for themselves. The resources provided will allow anyone serious about the success of their business to hit the road running and have a fighting chance at success.
Zsuzanna Porter-
Royal Lepage Connect Realty

Cohen’s warmth, humour and humble demeanour shine through his book. Each chapter took me by the hand, guiding me step-by-step, supporting me through my start-up’s challenges, and celebrating triumphs along the way. Cohen’s expertise and charm are ever-present, dispelling myths and sharing the journeys of other start-ups. Any entrepreneur can benefit from a solid coach, and I believe this book is the next best thing.
Andrea Beranek
Writer, facilitator, entrepreneur.

David Cohen’s passion to help budding entrepreneurs certainly shines through in this book chocked full of helpful information page after page. I learned so much and believe it’s a must read for anyone in business.
Colleen Lowe
Enfleurage Organics

“David’s current book The Weekly 3 outlines a process that will not only benefit Start-Up companies, but also help established businesses achieve their goals.”
Michael Morris
Business owner and helping boomers succeed at Mentern dot com

“Lots of golden nuggets to sift through and make use of in this book!”
Meghan Morrison,
Artist & Entrepreneur

“Having a successful Business and Life is extremely challenging. David brilliantly cuts through the noise and clutter and gives you powerful step by step, easy to follow direction to achieve success in both.”
Malachi Brown,
President Malachi Brown and Associates Life and Business Coaching

“The Weekly Three is a powerful, easy to read lesson-based handbook for the small business entrepreneur who wants to feel in control, in action and successful. Week by week, David Cohen takes us through the critical areas for running your small business with authenticity, integrity and purpose. Structured with an easy to follow chunked down process, proven tools and strategies and powerful resources and examples to make the journey easier, you can expect your business to grow and thrive by following the recommendations here.”
Gail Scott
Bosie International
Specializing in building Trust and strengthening Relationships

"We are all living through exciting times and there is no better time to follow your passion and become your own boss. But embarking on the journey of entrepreneurialism has its learning curves and challenges one needs to overcome. David Cohen's book " The Weekly Three”, is an awesome catalyst for your growth, and takes you on an insightful journey, while making it fun and easy! If you like boredom, you will not find it within these pages. If you are ready to start the greatest adventure of your life, this is your book. "
Kay H. Sterling
Creative Officer-Conscious Pixel

Growing a business can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. I love how David has structured this book into the components of a business plan, and then into 3 manageable weekly steps that build upon each other for success. Well done!
Nicole Jansen
Business Coach and Leadership Podcast Host

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