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David Mannes

Afghanistan 2010- Damien Wynter, part of a joint special ops task force discovers an ancient UFO while on patrol. The force is attacked and during the skirmish the defense systems of the UFO is activated, wiping out the enemy and some of the allied forces. They radio in and as support troops come in a group of clandestine government agents come and take control of the craft. Damien Wynter meets with two men, Woodward and Cross who take a special interest in him and Damien tells them he’s interested in their organization.


Flash forward to the present Damien Wynter is an agent of Majic-12 a black ops organization set up in 1947 by then President Truman to investigate UFOs and alien encounters and to obtain alien technology and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Together with former reporter and new agent, Michelle Martin, they investigate the murder of one of the former Executive Directors of Majic-13, Harry Faulkes. When another murder is committed of retired Admiral Hallerman, Alexander Cross assumes this has something to do with Operation Highjump, a post-war operation to wipe out a Nazi base in Antarctica. Damien and Michelle discover that this might be linked to the Black Sun organization, a Nazi subgroup. Cross wonders if this also ties in with another UFO crash in Pennsylvania that he investigated as a younger agent.

In Washington Wynter joins Cross at a White House function where he meets Johann Silbermuzen an Argentinian industrialist and owner of Silverdome industries, who secured a contract to re-engineer the UFO that Wynter discovered in Afghanistan. The trail leads to a conference in Argentina to update military and scientists on Silverdome Industries progress of anti-gravity. Wynter breaks into the facility and discovers dangerous evidence of a Nazi link to the company. Almost caught, Wynter manages to escape.

In the meantime, through old college friends, Michelle heads to Antarctica to be part of an expedition to a mysterious pyramid. She is under orders to look for links to the current case. The expedition is attacked and taken prisoner.

Wynter heads down to Antarctica to investigate and find evidence that the Nazi base is being rebuilt for nefarious purposes. He ends up being taken prisoner and tortured. He discovers that Silbermuzen is a new Nazi leader, the descendant of Hans Kammler, an engineer and Nazi leader who worked on the Nazi UFO project Die Glocke. Wynter escapes. Coalition troops are called in and a battle ensues. Silbermuzen dies and Wynter escapes, but Michelle Martin doesn’t. Wynter returns to Washington to deal with some loose ends of the conspiracy, then faces Michelle’s mother with the news of her daughter’s death.





55548 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


David Mannes

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Afghanistan, 2010

“HOW MANY UN-FRIENDLIES are guarding the cave?” asked Captain Rick Gossett. Gossett was the leader of this special coalition force searching for enemy supply caches in Northern Afghanistan. His group consisted of four Army rangers, and four JTF2 Canadian Special Forces. They all wore light grey and green BTU’s.

“Two, from what I see,” said Canadian Corporal Tom Williams. The soldier lay on the cold hard ground with a pair of binoculars propped in his hands.

“So, what’s the plan, Cap?” asked Lieutenant Damien Wynter. Wynter was in his late twenties. His cold blue eyes scanned the mountains.

“The plan is that our great sniper, Morgan, is going to shoot those two and we’ll go in for a look see. The rest of you, keep your guns ready. We don’t know who else is lurking around here.”

“If this is a major supply cache, you’d think they’d have more than two guards,” said Lt. Harold “Hap” Pennington, another Canadian soldier seconded to the team.

“You’d think so,” agreed Gossett. “But we’ve been sitting here for two hours scratching our asses, and there’s been nary a sign of anyone other than those two idiots.

“Maybe they don’t think any Coalition soldiers would be stupid enough to be in the region on their own,” said Sergeant Ken Smith.

“Except us,” said Leroy Benson, a black kid from Detroit.

There was a light round of chuckling.

“Okay, Morgan, take the bastards out.”

Morgan was lying on the ground. In his hands he had a C3A1, 7.62mm sniper rifle. It was supported with its attached bipod. He took aim through the scope. A head loomed in view. He paused. Another head came into view. He gently pulled the trigger.

Tom Williams watched the two terrorists come together. One had pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his vest pocket. He gave one to his partner. He leaned towards the other man; his hands busy striking a match. It was then he saw their heads explode. Both men collapsed as if they were marionettes, and someone had just cut their strings.

“Holy Shit!” said Williams,” That was one hell of a shot.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks,” laughed Morgan.

“Move out but stay ready. We could still be going in hot,” said Gossett. The men moved swiftly but with caution. The valley floor was littered with stones and a sprained or broken ankle would not be good. They couldn’t radio in for a Medevac.

The cave had a wide, semi-curved entrance about ten feet across and fifteen feet high. A small stonewall had been built as protection for the guards. On the right side near one wall was a small campfire ringed with stones and a couple of burlap bags that contained sacks of rice, bags of flatbread, and some jerky. The second bag contained boxes of ammunition for the AK47’s the guards had.

Gossett turned to Whittaker and Williams. “You two stand guard. Take the vests of the dead guys and put ‘em on. Hunker down behind the wall. From a distance, someone coming might mistake you for their comrades. Morgan, set up a bit further back from the cave and keep an eye out.”

Morgan nodded and moved into the shadows.



Read a review of this book here..

Silverdome by David Mannes

Book Review

David Mannes in this novel shows subversive brilliance that shines in unexpected new ways with this literary masterpiece. Has anyone really wondered about the Third Reich in times of Nazi Germany? The main character Damien Wynter is a shining example of an agent that uncovers the truth about a newly created Forth Reich in Antarctica. The story itself is written with passion and realism. The story itself within the pages of this novel gives you gripping, vivid and attention-grabbing details.

Silverdome is about a group of Germans that obtain alien technology then make a diligent effort to reengineer it to suit their Hitler inspired ideology. The Fourth Reich captures this technology with the idea of supremacy in the arms and military arena of the world. The United States government develops a Black Ops group of people called the Majic-12, which Damien Wynter is an agent of that organization. Many of those people are murdered by agents of The Fourth Reich to silence the truth or knowledge of the newly created alien technology. The government makes every effort to cover up the truth or existence of this new information from the public. The cover up involves people high in the ranks of United States. It goes as far as the president of the United States. Do they stop the Fourth Reich from succeeding in carrying on Hitler’s Ideology? You’ll have to read Silverdome to find out the truth.

David Mannes wrote this literary masterpiece with vivid details about the Black Ops organization and their details dealing with the Fourth Reich. As far as a rating for this book, I would give it 10 or five stars. The details of espionage, murder and suspense is beautifully written in this novel. His writings could be compared to that of Ian Fleming, Clive Barker and Dean Koontz. It was like they teamed up to write a suspense thriller that will be read by future generations. Personally, I found it very hard to put this book down. Does Damien Wynter succeed in uncovering the truth of how far The Fourth Reich advanced alien technology? I guess you’ll have to read it to find out. Hats off to this brilliant writer. I look forward to reading more novels by this masterfully skilled writer.


Elvis Noble

A big fan of the writings of David Mannes.

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 Science Fiction, thriller, UFO, alien encounter, technology, Nazi, murder, investigator. Antarctica,

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