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Fallen Legends

Elvis Noble

Fallen Legends describe a young man working for the forest service destined to assume his great-grandfather’s role as a demon hunter. The wonderment of his great-grandfathers work, forced him to take action. He opens the cellar down of the cabin. He walks in to find tools used in the trade of hunting. Thomas (the main character) finds Fallen Legends that have power beyond his belief. He finds a knife used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ to make sure he was dead on the cross.


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The purity of the knife used to kill demons. The second item he finds is a ring previously worn by Wolfgang Mozart to compose some of the world’s most famous concertos. His great-grandfather used as a guide to find and eliminate demons. In his amazement, he finds a set of circular rimmed glasses worn by Benjamin Franklin. Even he discovers, the glasses allow a hunter the ability to see a demon using a human body as a vessel. It also allows him to see spirits still dwelling in their earthly state. Once he puts the glasses on, his great-grandfather Kurt surprises him by appearing to him, who later serves as a guide to his great-grandson in the form of a wolf-dog. In his first dealings, he and his friend Carl and the rest of his crew eliminate demons in the Cerbat Mountains of Nevada. These huntings were simply a precursor in dealing with master plan by a scientist named Hans Lockner.

One day a helicopter flies into a secret lab inside of the mountains of Cerbat. It carried a wounded soldier that was near death. Two scientists by the name of Hans Lokner and Kamran Dolchanez repair the soldier’s body with cybernetic technology funded by the Department of Defense. The government wanted them to create an ultimate soldier that was stronger and faster than any of the enemies of the world. They do the unthinkable and create a man that is able to run hundreds of miles an hour and able to shoot a laser out of his eye. Just when the cyborg is ready to return back to the government, Hans uses the cyborg to brutally murder Kamran and use the cyborg for other reasons. Hans practiced black magic. He created a way to place the souls of brutal serial killers inside of his newly created cyborg’s body. The cyborg consumes the souls of John Wayne Gasey, Lizzie Borden and Jeff Dahmer. Hans knew that he needed more souls for his cyborg. He sets out of build the cyborg into an evil demigod used to do his biddings for the sake of black magic and domination over humanity. Inspired by his great-grandfather, Thomas Yeoman is a man set out to assume his role in demon hunting. His spine-tingling, overwhelming and unpredictable trip into the unknown will keep you turning the pages.

A little bit Stephen King, Martin Caidin and Ernest Hemingway, you'll get a taste of mythology, time travel, lust and love, blood and gore, sorrow and happiness, innocence and immortality. Feel what Thomas feels as you try to help him solve unimaginable problems. Fallen Legends will keep even the most jaded readers hooked on the suspense, sorrow, horror and science fiction.





72792 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison



Fallen Legends

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Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);

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WHILE HE WAS SITTING IN THE chair, the whole room spun rapidly into a circle. In a split second, Thomas appeared in a small town outside of Las Vegas Nevada. He quickly shook off the dizziness that going in circles caused him. Looking at his watch, he noticed the date was July 21, 2020. Oddly, he had not travelled in time but the ring was shining brightly telling him that he was in the right place. Looking at the town clock, Thomas noticed it said half past twelve. The cold desert air sent a chill down Thomas’s back. In spite of all, his stomach growled, which told him that it was time to find some shelter and food for the time being. Suddenly, his wallet bulged with one hundred dollar bills. The ring was providing him with money to meet his needs.

Thomas shivered while he walked into this odd town. It appeared too eerie and quiet for a small town so close to Las Vegas. The aroma of steak barbecuing came to him. After walking for about ten minutes, he found a cheap motel room at the Sleepy Hollow Inn. Thomas put his things in the room then followed his nose to see find out who had been cooking the steak. A very frail elderly man stood at his barbecue pit cooking steaks. The glasses showed Thomas that he was completely harmless and that it was time for him to offer to buy a steak from him. After clearing his throat, Thomas decided to break the ice with this old man.

“Excuse me sir, are any of those luscious steaks for sale? I’m hungry enough to eat the horse and chase the rider if you know what I mean,” Thomas said while drooling over the steaks cooked right in front of him.

“Well son, I’d hoped that that some stranger would come and enjoy a meal with this lonely old man,” he said with a frail voice and a big smile on his face.

Thomas noticed that the old man looked to be no more than five feet tall and that he walked with a limp. With a gracious smile, he asked Thomas to come into his mobile home to enjoy a nice dinner. He spent a few minutes setting the table and they both sat down.

“What’s your name son?” he asked while biting into a big piece of steak.

“I’m Thomas Yeoman and you?” Thomas asked with juices running down his chin while engulfing himself in pure delight of beef that he ate.

“To be honest, you might have walked into a haven of pure evil. I have been here for about forty years and there are many evil things happening in this small town. Some say there are demons that terrorize the kinfolk around these parts. Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Carl Holkin. You wouldn’t be somehow related to Kurt Yeomen by chance would you?”

“How did you know that name? He’s my great-grandfather and he used to hunt demons many years ago. I’ve decided to follow in his legacy and because you have mentioned demons that has perked my attention.”

“I too am a hunter, my ancestors worked with Kurt back in the day. It must be destiny that you and I have met in this odd type of way,” Carl said while gulping a big glass of ice water, which almost made him shiver.

Thomas and Carl enjoyed the dinner and talked about their ancestors and their adventures in killing and eliminating demons. Carl seemed to be a very talkative but a lonely man. Thomas realized that he could stay with Carl after the first night at the cheap room he had rented. Carl enthusiastically agreed to do so as long as he would be staying in town. After a couple of cold beers, Thomas made his way to his rented room. The room appeared to be clean and respectable. It had a modest bed and the room smelled clean. After taking a quick shower, Thomas lay in bed and pondered why the ring had brought him to this small quaint town outside of Las Vegas. Fear of the unknown seemed to be the biggest part that bothered him. Twenty minutes later, he fell fast asleep.

While drifting into a deep slumber, Thomas got the feeling that somebody was in the room or was he dreaming? Even in a deep sleep, he got up and turned the light on next to his bed, only to find two very attractive blonde-haired girls wearing nothing but their birthday suits. They both were smiling as they gazed into his confused eyes. How did they get in here? Who let them because the door’s design showed Thomas that you could only lock it from the inside to insure the privacy of their patrons?

The Sleepy Hollow Inn seemed to be a place of confusion. The first blonde-haired girl came toward him with a smile as she fondled her breasts in front of him. She looked to be no more than five feet tall and no more than one hundred and five pounds. Her eyes looked as blue as the ocean and her lips looked as hot as a volcano. The second blonde-haired girl looked a little chunkier than the first one. She looked about five foot five feet tall, around one hundred and sixty-five pounds. Just like the first one, she had a seductive smile on her face. As she walked, her big breasts bounced almost in unison with wide hips. It was time to break the ice and have a conversation with them as to why they were in his motel room.

“My name is Thomas Yeoman and why you are in my room, girls?” Thomas asked with an irritated yet aroused tone.

“Well my name is Candis Homlit and this is my sister Kay Homlit. We are two very horny single girls that find you very delicious and want to have some fun with you,” Candis said while playing with the fat rolls around her belly.

“What makes you think that you can come into my room and sneak up on me like that?” Thomas asked while staring at Kay’s breasts.

Thinking outside the box, Thomas put his glasses on and immediately discovered something very evil and sinister about these strange women. Looking through the glasses, he noticed that their eyes were completely black and that if you looked more closely you could see a demon inside their body. One looked more evil than the other. What were their intentions with him? Thomas knew that it was his duty to kill them. Candis and Kay were the first two demons that he would kill on his quest to rid the world of all demons as promised.

He decided to play along and have some fun but when the time was right, he would kill both of them and then immediately burn their bones. Both of them came over to Thomas and removed his underclothes. Candis went to the bathroom to run a hot bath. Kay passionately kissed Thomas and forced him to the bed, placing herself on top of him. While her eyes focused on his body, he grabbed the knife and shoved it deep in the side of Kay’s neck. Blood shot high in the air. A blinding white light came from the knife and her body ignited into flames. Fire came out of her mouth and she screamed at the top of her lungs and immediately turned to dust. The ring on his finger shined brightly with a white colour that meant that Thomas had done the right thing.

It was time to sneak up on Candis. Thomas quietly walked to the bathroom to find Candis bent over as she adjusted the water temperature. Gazing at her wide backside, Thomas immediately became more aroused but she was evil. With the knife hidden behind his back, he came over and fondled her bottom, which made her smile from ear to ear. She caressed his groin while closing her eyes and passionately kissing him. He took the knife from behind his back and stuck it in her fat belly. Blood shot all over him and the bathroom. She fell to her knees and ignited into flames. The same blinding white light came from the knife as he drove it deeper into her belly. Fire came from her mouth as an eerie scream came from her as she turned into dust immediately in front of him. One thing that Thomas discovered is that he did not have to burn the bones because the knife did it for him.

Weirdly, Thomas found himself lying in the bed. He quickly opened his eyes and there was no sign that this had ever occurred. There was no dust or blood anywhere. The blood that had shot on him was not there. ‘Did this happen or not?’ Thomas thought to himself and discovered that this was only a test of his new skills and that there would be a lot more where that came from. Exhausted from all of the excitement, he quickly lay down and fell into a deep peaceful slumber.




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