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Shirley C. Whitman

Shirley Whitman grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia during an era when children roamed free, and playdates were unheard of. It was long before the time of designer jeans, tattoos, and body piercings, when ice cream was made with real cream and peanut butter came wrapped in butcher paper.

Summers were spent riding bikes and swimming in a bone-chilling pool fed by a mountain spring. Winters were for skating on an outdoor rink and tobogganing down steep hills. She began creating stories, composing poetry, and keeping a journal at a young age. During those early years, she exhausted the supply of books from the village library, and vowed she was going to be a writer someday. A vivid memory from the preteen years is of a guy with a lopsided grin who stared at her from a movie screen and made all the girls in the theatre scream and weep. Shortly after came the Beatles, and school dances with tunes like “She Was Just Seventeen” and “Blue Velvet”.

Later, there was marriage, parenting, and work, while the years flew by with little time set aside for writing. She did complete two children’s books, which were never published. Finally, she reached the retirement years, and realized the dream that had chased her for most of her life could no longer be ignored.

With faith and determination, she began to feed words into the computer and Dancing in the Dark was born. It was published in December of 2019, as part of a trilogy called Finding Home. In February of 2020, the second novel in the series Now and Forever was released. The trilogy is now complete with the launch of the third book How High the Moon. The first draft of a fourth novel is almost finished. She considers herself to be a very late bloomer, but experience has taught her that if you have a dream, find the courage to pursue it and see where it leads. Strike the phrase “It’s too late” out of your vocabulary. Age is all a matter of perspective, and creativity has no expiry date.

Find her on Twitter and Facebook

Thumbnail for How High The Moon

How High The Moon by Shirley C. Whitman... NEW!!

Emma Rose (ER) Johnston, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and Jesse Anderson, a well-known Nova Scotia wildlife artist, are a match made in heaven. After a year of marriage, the two are more in love than ever. The arrival of identical twins, completes their idyllic little family, which includes six-year-old Skye, Jesse’s temperamental daughter from a former marriage. One dark cloud threatens their horizons—Skye has rejected her stepmother from the first, and makes it perfectly clear she has no use for her new brothers either. It is only much later, after tragedy strikes, that the walls she has erected finally crumble.

$6.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.50 USD

Thumbnail for Now And Forever

Now And Forever by Shirley C. Whitman... NEW!!

Emma Rose Johnston is a brilliant, beautiful and impetuous teenager who has never known what it is to face serious failure. Eighteen-year-old Jesse Anderson has had a lifetime of challenges and emotional pain. Their love for each other is soul-deep, but circumstances tear them apart. Now, years later, they are forced to decide if reconciliation and forgiveness are possible.

$6.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.50 USD
Paperback Price $9.99 USD
Paperback Buy Link

Thumbnail for Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark by Shirley C. Whitman... NEW!!

One day Emma Morgan is living an ordinary, uneventful life. The next, she finds herself alone, facing grief, loss, betrayal, and threats from an unknown source. She dreams she is dancing in the dark on the edge of a cliff—will she have the courage to rescue herself, or will she fall into the abyss?

$6.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.50 USD
Paperback Price $9.99 USD
Paperback Buy Link


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