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Laura Hammond
I am a published author who also reviews for Manic Readers, under the name of Alberta. The reason I use Alberta as a pen name is because i have other genres & vocations, so I don't want people to google my real name & find that I write & review erotic books. The reason I chose the name Alberta is that altho I live & work in the USA now, I was born in Edmonton, & attended U of A, & I still retain my Cdn citizenship. I actually did read & review Hammond's Handcuffs & Roses, so you should see that review up soon. Question: I gave up on my traditional publisher about 3 years ago, for a variety of reasons, & now self-publish. I wonder what you might be able to offer if I were to publish with you? I am quite prolific, usually averaging 3-5 books a year. Since many of my books center on Alberta, I thought perhaps an Alberta publisher might afford more opportunities for book sales. Also, I love to review books, especially erotic, BDSM & other kinky stuff, so I wondered if you could use a good fast reviewer? I generally read about 25-30 books a month for Manic.

A big thank you!
Carlton Lamberth
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Terrie Balmer for believing in me and my novel "Lustful Consequences" when no one else did. Publishing my novel has truly been a "bucket list" dream come true for me. Also thank you to her and the CLP staff who took the time to professionally edit my novel. I feel honored to be apart of the CLP family. I look forward to hopefully a long and prosperous relationship with my new family.

Title of book I shared
"Product 0348 - CLHP ebooks" is a rather cryptic title to your otherwise very illustrious books. I suggest you let the Browsing person click the image of the Book and THEN Share the title, so you have specific shares not just a generic share of "Product 0348 - CLHP ebooks": A very cryptic title to your otherwise very illustrious books. I have been suggesting to other ppl to do the same thing you are doing i.e. allow to share with the browsing person's followers but many ppl just take the browsing person to their OWN Twitter/Facebook ... accounts which defeats the purpose of the Browsing person's visit to your site to SHARE with HIS FOLLOWERS what you have on your site and to share your Site. If you do not mind I will refer those other ppl to you via Twitter to share their concerns of how to share properly with THEIR FOLLOWERS THEIR Products and their Site for further propagation with THEIR FOLLOWERS. Above all thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you through this big comment card. I hope you take my suggestion and share titles w/images rather than the "Product 0348 - CLHP ebooks" is a rather cryptic title to your otherwise very illustrious books.

New Editions in the Eden Series
W Richard St James
After four years, CLHP is introducing new editions of A Worm in Eden, A Birth in Eden, and A Murder in Eden. Why? Terrie mentioned that she wanted to reformat these books for better conversion to ePub format. But I took the opportunity to do a complete line by line re-edit. I have edited at least 50 books since we put out these (and written five more myself). I wanted to chance to go back and revise these to meet my own standards.

The other reason I wanted to do a revision was to restore the original chronology. There is a lot of content in A Worm in Eden that was out of bounds for many so-called erotic sites. For example, in Chapter 2, Swirl goes after Sarah with a vibrator -- incest, rape. Later, Noah and Sarah are raped by transexual lizards. Terrie was at least willing to take a look at the novel, and to publish it, but at the time she was uncomfortable with the youth of the characters. This was partly because she was publishing in Canada, which does not have the same protections for written material that we enjoy in the USA.

Since we now have a USA affiliate, this is no longer such a concern.

There were some awkward things done to raise the ages of the characters. These have been stripped away in the new editions. The full sweep of Sarah's character, from early adolescence in A Worm in Eden to maturity in the late novels can now be seen. There is a three year gap now between the events of A Worm in Eden and those of A Birth in Eden, which allows Anna to be Paula's child, as originally intended. Noah and Sarah and the other Seedlings are high school juniors or seniors in ABIE and AMIE, trying to decide what to do when they graduate. Getting these things back in place improves the story. At least I hope so. Of course, it may be shocking to have fictional teens act like real world ones. But so be it.

Maryann Paige
As others have stated, Terri takes a chance on new writers and I will never be able to thank her for all the help she has given to me. Since CLP gave me an opportunity, I have been able to improve as a writer, and are much more confident than I was before to take pen to paper. Thanks!!!

Terrie Balmer
cary stone
Terrie has been great to work with, her easy going nature I find refreshing I can't thank her enough for giving MinX and me personaly a chance at CLP, She has the patience of a saint but can be cheeky! Terrie ThanX for the everything Kindest regards Cary

R. Richard
After numerous attempts to find a publisher who would work with me, I discovered Terrie Balmer. Terrie saw what the others couldn't, published my novels and I'm now selling well, both in CLP and in Fictionwise. There is no way I could have done it without Terrie!

Thank You
Michael Richard
To a very special lady who believed in me when no one else did. To Terrie Lynn Balmer, my dearest of friends! In her tireless efforts, plucked me out of a great many, shaped my writing, tuned my words, and filled my heart with the hope, I have what it takes. She carried a vision, one I had not seen, of something special hidden inside me. Her nurturing and thoughtful caring has brought it to the forefront, and has placed it clearly in my hands. From her heart to mine, I am alive as an author able to write this day! To a true life-long friend, Terrie, you are that to me! Michael Richard

The Back to College Sale
W R St. James
Well, I hope that you have found our back to college sale. It has always seemed to me that there is an readership that is a bit too sophisticated for "young adult" but still would like novels about young people doing "adult" things.

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