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Submission Guidelines

We're actively seeking manuscripts in the following genres... Hot, spicy romance, erotica, GBLT and vampire stories...

We are currently accepting submissions in the following Genres:




Fiction that involves centre around BDSM, or featuring bondage..


Miscellaneous fiction that does not fit under any of the other categories.


All kinds


Anthologies preferred.


This includes sweet or sensual,can also include straight romance,  or multi- genre (ie. mixed with paranormal, time-travel, mythological creatures etc.

- Contemporary

Modern day romance with strong, intriguing heroes in interesting situations and locales.

- Ennoble

 Stories that feature heroes with disabilities.

- Historical

Open to any timeline set in any country.

- Inspirational

Romances and mainstream novels that feature inspirational themes or heroes with a spiritual bent without being preachy.

- Nostalgia

Fiction set anytime from 1930's to 1980's).


This includes anything that features occult, time-travel, supernatural themes.


All Kinds.


All kinds, preferably fast paced.  Here we would like our heroines to be strong, well developed and in command of themselves, yet at the same time very human.

Young Adult

Fiction dealing with issues of concern to contemporary teens.




Books showcasing emerging or known artists as well as the masters along with photos of art works.


Have you got an unusual story about something that happened in your life that you believe people would like to read about?  Then let us take a look.


Biographies of fascinating people living or deceased.


This is pretty self explanatory.

Cook Books

All kinds of cuisine, vegetarian, local, regional international accompanied by photos of finished entree. 

New Age

Anything that promotes enlightenment or assists in the enlightenment of humanity (i.e channelling, natural health etc.)  Material on the Michael Teachings is particularly welcome.

Pets & Animals

Information on pet care, or habits and domains about animals in general which would be of instructional value.

Self help & How To

Do It Yourself, Crafts, Hobbies.


Uplifting real life stories (i.e. in the tradition of Chicken Soup for the Soul) Spiritual Guidance without proselytizing or decrying others' spiritual beliefs. 

Club Lighthouse Publishing is a full service, royalty paying e-publishing company. No author represented by Club Lighthouse Publishing will pay any fees to e-publish their books. Due to the simple fact of costs being lower in e-publishing, it affords us the opportunity to offer our authors higher royalties, quicker turn around times and a broader scope for promotion.  


We are also offering print on demand services on a limited basis, using CreateSpace. See the FAQ section for more information on this option.

We ask only for electronic rights for three years.  

Although your manuscript will be edited by us, we expect authors to self edit before submission to ensure proper spelling and grammar.  While we will accept manuscripts in which American spelling has been utilized, please note that during our editing process they will be converted to Canadian or UK English.


Please ensure that your submissions are in MS Word or RTF formats. Absolutely no PDF's.  Cover art will be provided for your book, however, you are welcome to use your own if you are free to do so.  In situations where you're required to submit photographs, please make sure that they are clear and sharp whether you chose to submit them in the hard copy or jpegs.


While Club Lighthouse is yet small and new, we will do all that is financially possible to promote the authors' titles we represent. Each author will have his/her own page where bio information, picture and excerpt from book can be found.  We will solicit reviews, issue press releases and promote the titles in a variety of other ways.

Important: Authors must take an active role in their promotion. There are many avenues for this and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Establishing name recognition will be the author's prime goal and this is utterly important in the e-Publishing arena.


Please read the entire guideline section. It is vitally important to follow the procedure exactly. Submissions which do not do so will not be considered.


We will accept simultaneous submissions, HOWEVER, if the author is doing this with the work, we would appreciate that the author notifies us initially of this.


Write a professional query letter. We don't want to receive an offhand email. This is your best work that you have spent many hours pouring your soul into and you are proud of it, so it deserves a formal introduction. Imagine an outstanding job applicant who is sending a resume to the personnel department. If that applicant slaps together a quick blurb to introduce themselves and sends the package forward, their first impression would be most likely their last. The same goes for your query letter, give us a good first impression.

The query letter must include:

Your Name
Your Home Address
Your Telephone #
Your Email
Your Fax if applicable
Title of Your Book
Word Count

Include in the cover letter a short overview of your story or subject. Include a little about yourself, such as your writing background.

Once you have written your query letter, include in this initial email a synopsis of your book which describes your story from beginning to end.  Additionally we ask you to include the first three chapters of your manuscript. Save this as one file in MS Word or RTF and attach it to the email. Don't include it within the email itselfAt the beginning of the partial submission, include your name, contact information and title of the manuscript.  When you save the file, please save it with the title of the manuscript included.



Send your cover letter, synopsis and attached file containing your chapters to


Our schedule at present is the following; subject to change depending on workload:

We will notify you that we received your partial submission. If we want to request the entire manuscript, we will be in touch with you, no longer than one month to six weeks.


We don't accept submissions from work in progress - please have your book finished! Self-edit your book - it must be spell checked and grammatically correct. Present your work as the best job you can do. We will edit your book but look at the editing process as a joint effort between you and us.

When we request your complete manuscript we will accept it in the following format:

12 point Times New Roman
Page break at the end of a chapter
Chapter headings in 14 point "bold" Times New Roman
Page numbers acceptable, but No headers or footers
Use italics instead of underlining

Saved In MS Word, Word Perfect or RTF format



Full Novel: 90,000 words and up; 360 pages and up (double-spaced)
Mid Novel: 60,000-89,000 words; 240-356 pages (double-spaced)
20,000-40,000 words; 80-160 pages (double-spaced)


EROTICA: Scenes that involve BDSM, Bondage

SWEET: behind-closed-doors sex and/or very mild love scenes and sexual encounters
SENSUAL: love scenes comparative to most romance novels published today
heavy sexual tension; graphic details and more sexual encounters

The following is a more detailed explanation of what we seek in the following genres:

For Romance submissions that are filled with sexual tension that culminate, finally, in one or two really hot love scenes is what we would like to see. As in real life, waiting is the essence of sexual tension and makes the culmination all the more explosive. We should see the two main characters coming closer, feeling a growing attraction both mentally and physically, in situations that provoke an intense physical response but won\92t allow for culmination, until finally the time and circumstances are right and the hero and heroine (and reader) share a soul shattering experience.  Submissions can also be erotic if tastefully written, however, graphic sex and excessively crude language we will say "No Thanks'. 

For Erotica, we want see stories with well developed characters that happen to prefer the alternative to vanilla sex, and which include a variety of erotic experiences. There are many so-called erotic publishers that put a lot of restrictions on what they will consider. We will not reject a work out of hand if it goes into dangerous territory. You can see this by looking at some of the works we have published. However, NO CRUDE BEASTIALITY OR KIDDIE PORN!!

We love to see books that have characters so real that the reader feels like he/she knows them, characters whose dialogue is amusing, interesting and fascinating.  Historicals that have a comfortable blend of history and story, particularly when the story is woven around and through some historical event either well known or almost unknown are especially welcome. They must be well researched and therefore historically accurate.  Same applies for Nostalgia submissions, except here we seeking stories set in 1930's to 1970's.

Fantasy and Paranormal and Mainstream: We are flexible, however the decision to accept and publish a particular work is entirely at our discretion. 

In short, we will only publish works we consider to be in good taste and non-libellous, books consistent with the level of quality we wish to establish for for our company.  Works that rely on clich\E9s, foul language, and sex scenes to mask the lack of content will not be accepted.  This applies for all fiction categories.

For our non-fiction categories:

New Age: Anything that promotes enlightenment or assists in the enlightenment of humanity. This can range from channelling (Archangel Michael, Kryon, Seth), crystals and how they can be utilized to promote wellness etc., daily affirmations, candle burning, psychic protection, aura strengthening, reincarnation, astral travel, spirit guides and meditation.

Self Help: Women's and Social Issues, Do it Yourself (No instructions on how to build bombs and other destructive devices in your basement please!), crafts and hobbies.

Inspirational: Spiritual guidance, however, we do not wish to see any works that proselytize, or denigrates others' spiritual beliefs. True accounts of life changing moments or uplifting stories in the tradition of Chicken Soup for the Soul are especially welcome.


All of our e-books are offered in the following formats




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