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Vanessa Hudson has two secrets. One is being transgendered, the other is assuming her twin sister's identity upon her sudden death.

Her husband, Attorney General Martin Hudson is unaware of either. He is in a political battle for US Senate.

Trial and tribulation preoccupy her life as circumstances arise which she has no control over.


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A ghost from her sister's past comes back to haunt and torment her as do other dramatic challenges. Will these secrets destroy her marriage, life and happiness? "MockingBird" takes you on a journey of drama and suspense that seem to dominate her life as it unfolds.





122627 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


Theodore Marquez

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PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

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A RINGING TELEPHONE BROUGHT Vanessa Hudson out of the world of deep sleep she'd found in her husband Martin's arms. Irritated, she opened her eyes and freed herself from his embrace. A place she'd grown accustomed to each night since they'd married. She reached over to the night stand next to the bed for the phone. Martin rolled over to his side trying to avoid the unwelcome intrusion.

"Hello," she said. She was still groggy, hardly in the mood for this early invasion.

"Hello, Vanessa?" The European accent told her immediately who her caller was and she sat upright in the bed.

"Yes Dr. Stevens."

Dr. Stevens, in his late sixties, was a Board Certified plastic surgeon, certified urologist and gynaecologist He'd done her surgery.

"I must apologize for this ungodly hour I've chosen to call," he said. "But, it's vital."

"That's fine," she replied. "I'm sure it's important."

"I think so. You are scheduled to see me a month from today, are you not?"

"I believe so. I'm not sure at this hour."

"Is there any possibility at all that you can make it sooner? I've got some very important news I think concerns you a great deal. Something I don't think should be discussed over the telephone."

"Oh." She was intrigued to a point where she wanted to know the nature of the call immediately. "Doctor, may I call you back from the downstairs phone where we can talk more privately? If it's that important I'd rather know right away."

"No!" he responded abruptly. "Vanessa believe me, this is something that should not be discussed over the telephone. Especially under the circumstances if you know what I mean."

"Does it concern my health?"

"I can assure you it has nothing to do with your health. Nevertheless, it does concern you to a degree. Please understand and take my word for it. You are in perfect health. So there is no need to worry yourself over it. This has to do with me, but you also. Please don't fight me."

"Okay. When would you like to see me?"

"How soon can you make it?"

"Well," she paused for a few seconds trying to sort out her thoughts and schedule for the next two weeks. "I really don't want to leave in the middle of Martin's campaign. Perhaps in a couple of weeks?"

"That's not soon enough. I need to see you sooner than that. A definite date in the very near future would be advisable."

"Doctor," she said, pausing again while she glanced to her side at Martin who had rolled over on his back with a curious look on his face. "Let me check my schedule and call you back sometime this morning. I'll let you know. I'll rearrange things."

"Fine. Just try to make it soon. I'll be waiting."

"Okay. Bye." She was still listening as the dial tone came through.

She sat with the receiver to her head for a moment or so trying to piece together their conversation which made no sense to her. If she was healthy in every way, what in the world could concern her of such great importance that she would have to fly half way around the world to find out?

Stevens was well aware of Vanessa's marriage and Martin's position, also of the grave necessity to maintain her secret life. It was against his ethics to reveal such vital information to anyone. Through the years he had grown close to her as an individual and had established a tight friendship and bond with her.

Martin sat up in bed placing his hand on her shoulder. He was more than curious about the call, but never would he invade her privacy. As usual he merely waited for her to speak at her own convenience.

Martin was Colorado Attorney General now running for U.S. Senate. He'd announced his Independent candidacy months ago, stunning her, although he'd spoken of his future plans with her prior to their marriage. The first debate had been held earlier this month with more to come. The final debate lay ahead. His campaign ads began in May, as so did his opponents. He'd been endorsed by a few groups such as 'The Gay Legal Defence Group' and 'No Justice No Peace' and roundly criticized by many others like the Dobson's and the Bauer's. His passion was politics. His first love was her.

She hung up the receiver, snuggling to his side where she remained silent for a few moments before she spoke.

"That was Dr. Stevens," she said. "He said he needs to see me as soon as possible, but didn't say why, only that it was urgent."

"Are you ill?" he asked, sitting up halfway, concerned about his wife's health.

"I'm fine. He said it had nothing to do with my health but yet concerned me. I just don't know what to think. I just hate to fly to Europe when there's so much to do here."

"Listen, I think if your doctor says he needs to see you and it's vital you should leave as soon as possible. I'll even go with you if you want. In fact it would be my preference that I accompany you. I'll cancel whatever is on my calendar for now."

That she could do without. She knew if Martin should ever come face to face with Stevens he'd run circles around him with more questions than Stevens could handle. She had no intention of allowing that to happen. Should that ever happen it could prove to be a disaster to everything she'd built with Martin, to everything he'd built for himself.

"You're right," she finally said after moments of silent debate. "I'll leave as soon as I'm able. I'll leave the jet here for you in case you need it. But for now there must be something you could do for me to help calm my nerves." No sooner had she said that was she in his arms embraced in a kiss. She knew could make everything seem okay as it always did.

Moments later the sheets were tossed onto the floor while the early morning shadows spoke of love and passion against the walls. Melodies came from the treetops as birds saluted the sun while she rose. A ritual they enacted each spring, summer and fall morning for the golden couple. During the winter months others would take their place and serenade them with winter melodies. As if they all new of the love which dwelled within the Hudson home.

That night over dinner she sat and observed him while he ate. It had been nearly a year since she'd exchanged vows with him and still she grew to love him more as the days went by. She recalled when she'd first laid eyes on him in the courtroom how she'd taken an instant admiration to his confidence, yet a dislike to what she thought was arrogance but which she now knew was born leadership. She remembered while she sat across from him, she'd known he was for her beyond a doubt. She was captured by his masculinity, his jet black hair and cool, blue eyes.




Reviewed by Michael Halfhill, Author

Transgender people, some step into the public arena for a variety of reasons, others live quiet normal lives. Others like Theodore Marquez's Vanessa Hudson keep a secret, and Vanessa's secret is a lulu because in the process of transitioning, she has adopted the identity of her twin sister who died in a plane crash along with their parents. Complicating this is the fact that Vanessa is married to Martin Hudson, an ambitious state's attorney general, who is engaged in a campaign for election to the United States Senate. Will Vanessa's secret remain a secret? How would Martin react to learn that his wife, whom he adores, was living a lie? What would happen to Vanessa and Martin and to the deep abiding love between them—not to mention Martin's political aspirations, if Vanessa were publicly exposed? These questions are not so easily answered as one might suspect.

Author Theodore Marquez moves Vanessa Hudson like a fragile craft around the political shoals of public scrutiny and the personal reefs of self-doubt and a haunted past like a skilled skipper. And that is why I recommend Mockingbird. I won't spoil the ending, only to say that it leaves an obvious opening for a sequel.

5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional Read - Drama/Suspense Start to finish September 23, 2012

By Deb Arter

Captivating from beginning to end. Another must read that I couldn't put down by this author. The story was excellent, the characters phenomenal. I wanted Aunt Christine to adopt me for sure. Senator and Mrs. Hudson are such an awesome couple - can't wait to find out what happens next and hope the next book comes out soon! Action, Drama, Suspense...loved it!

Bending The Bookshelf

Jan 22, 2013 Bending The Bookshelf rated it 4 of 5 stars

Shelves: transsexual

You know the old adage about never judging a book by its cover? Well, this is one of those instances where that adage can (and should) be extended to the first chapter. The novel opens with a significantly condensed tale of Vanessa Hudson’s all-too-convenient transition from male to female. It’s abruptly formulaic tale of twin siblings, tragic accidents, mistaken identities, and family wealth. To be honest, it was so clichéd, it left me questioning whether or not to continue. Fortunately, once that torrent of exposition is dispensed with, Marquez settles into a well-told, and completely compelling tale.

As the story beings, Vanessa finds herself struggling with dual fears of exposure. Although she has kept her transsexual identity a secret from most of the world – including her husband – the impending death of her personal surgeon has put her in a situation where she must trust somebody else with her identity. Compounding the risk involved is the fact that her husband is a man who can afford no secrets – not as Attorney General, and certainly not as a man battling for a seat in the US Senate.

While he may have been quick to establish her identity, Marquez does a superb job of exploring the first real challenge to Vanessa’s situation; making us feel the dread, the sorrow, and the sheer terror involved in the prospect of being exposed. It’s a story that really keeps you on a mental and emotional edge, especially with the introduction of friend who knew the ‘real’ Vanessa well. When it is finally revealed that the two women were not just close friends, but lovers, the situation gets increasingly complex. Not only does Marquez juggle the consequences of that revelation, but he does an admirable job of looking at sexual prejudice from an unusual angle, with Vanessa’s discomfort with her sister’s past making an already awkward situation potentially explosive.

Ultimately, what makes the story so interesting is the way in which Marquez parallels the themes of gender and sexuality. While Vanessa is struggling with personal questions of gender, her husband is struggling with professional issues of sexuality. As a staunch supporter of the LGBT community – who, ironically, has no suspicions as to his wife’s place in that community – Martin is unwilling to sacrifice his principles for political success.

As the story races to a conclusion, with new secrets and potential betrayals weighing Vanessa down from all angles, Marquez carefully brings all the threads together and crafts an entirely satisfying conclusion. While it did leave me with a few lingering questions, I quite appreciated the fact that he avoiding making the resolution of the story hinge upon some huge, shocking, public spectacle of revelation for Vanessa.

Despite an awkward beginning, this is a story that handles itself admirably, and with compassion. I still would have liked to know more about Vanessa’s past, to learn more about the struggles that compelled her to slip into her sister’s identity so easily, but it’s an excusable absence since this is less a story about fitting in, and more about survival after-the-fact.

Originally reviewed for Frock Magazine

Brianna Nicole Austin

Imagine you were deeply in love, had a great marriage with your soulmate, shared in his exciting political career. Then, with little warning, the only person in your life who could protect your one secret that could undo everything, was dead.

When Vance’s family died in a plane crash many years earlier, and it was he who was supposed to be aboard, but wasn’t, he assumes the identity of his twin sister and lives the life he’d always dreamed of. But when her doctor, the only person alive [who knows “Vanessa’s” true origins] is dying of cancer, Vanessa is left alone in the world -- knowing her secret is a powder keg just waiting to blow up the political career of her husband.

Who could she trust with a secret of such a high-profile couple, anyone? Is there anyone with the integrity to stay above the fray, someone who wouldn’t sell them out to the paparazzi for a big payday?

Realizing she could never trust her identity to anyone, she creates a new identity, a temporary persona the world wouldn’t know; someone who could find Mockingbirda doctor under the radar. The plan was, simple, elegant. She’ll become someone else with a different style, different look and different name -- and far away from where Vanessa lived. Once a year she would don her new identity and go for her physical and no one would be the wiser.

Yet like every life, the road doesn’t always lead to where we intend. And while in character she befriends a singer who has her own secrets, their relationship get closer than intended and circumstances entwine the two far more than anticipated. As their separate careers are propelled forward decisions have to be made, for each of them.

Add in a few interesting characters in Vanessa’s life, like her wealthy aunt who hasn’t seen her since she was Vance, and has no knowledge that it was Vanessa who died in the crash and not Vanessa.

Mockingbird is a touching, sometimes funny, always loving story of one woman’s journey to preserve the life she risked everything to build. Author Theodore Marquez is clearly a romantic at heart, and may go a touch overboard with the countless (and tasteful) love scenes, but makes up for it with sweeping, luscious prose.

Mockingbird is a nice read to relax with on the beach, or curled up in bed late night. And, like all good stories the ending gives us answers to the questions we were waiting for throughout, but also leaves us with a cliff-hanger of what is to come.

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