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Night of La Llorona


Agua Ramon, a small community in the San Luis Valley of southwestern Colorado, is abruptly disrupted when Jason Montoya is killed by unknown circumstances. His body is literally mangled and torn to pieces. Francis Sandoval, the only witness swears it wasn't a bear as it was thought to have been. To her it was more like something out of the pits of hell. The wailing heard that night was from Satan's angels. Immediately, rumors of a legend circulate through communities. La Llorona was believed to have been awakened.


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Detective Lorrayne Lobato of the Denver Police, by orders of the Governor, is summoned to the case with the understanding from Copeland, Major Crimes Unit Supervisor, with the understanding that all her requests are to be filled. FBI agent Ron Jacksen would join her later in Del Norte. She is flown from Denver to Del Norte where the wailing is then heard near the river. She is torn between duty and superstition.

Westside of Del Norte, known as The Westé, Officer Blackman and Officer Shaffer are sent to investigate a haunting wail near the Rio Grande River which flows north of town. Shaffer is brutally torn to shreds, and Blackman overcome with fear and heart failure which eventually claim his life.

Sofia, a local resident who lives near the river has cursed Blackman and Shaffer who are involved in her grandson, Bobby's ( Weddo's) murder which was dismissed as a suicide.

Lobato calls Copeland requesting, Miranda, a transsexual psychic who worked with her on a previous case, to be brought to the valley. She believes in Miranda's abilities as she has seen them work before.

Miranda is infuriated when Denver police awaken her at 4 a.m. escorting her to Del Norte. She is not amused when she learns Lobato is behind it, and perplexed as she is aware of the legend as well. Sergeant Don Forest is there to meet her at the airport. She arrives by helicopter.

Forest and Officer Mathews are irritated with Miranda. Their attitudes toward her are obvious. Mathews is further irritated with Lobato in charge.

Lobato and Miranda visit crime locations where Miranda's psychic senses warn of a killer with no remorse, hooked on death. She senses it in each location with the exception when she and Lobato encounter a weeping, haunting vision clothed in Mexican, white lace in a mist along the river. From this vision Miranda senses no hostility, only a deep sadness-unlike what she feels at the scenes of bloodshed.

Bulldog, Luke, Billy and Wayne, four skinheads associated with White Justice, a white supremacist group out of the Colorado Springs area approximately 200 miles north of the valley, descend into Del Norte with hate filled hearts and violence on their minds. Upon entering the valley they brutalize a Hispanic woman and her elderly aunt in a robbery. Witnesses come forth with information.

Ida Vigil lives in east Del Norte near the river with her husband Officer Bob Vigil and their two small children Andrea and Edwardo. They are terrorized and brutalized by the skinheads when they make way into their home. Ida manages to flee with her children to a hiding place she knows near the river.

Bulldog and his buddies discover the hiding place in which Ida and the children are hiding. Unmercifully they are dragged out of the hiding place and beaten. Bulldog and his buddies are distracted when they see a mist coming down the river. Their laughter fills the night when they see the same girl in the vision Lobato and Miranda had seen. The girl lures them down the river into the darkness. They are later found when Ida's husband comes home and finds his wife and children gone, the house in shambles. Bulldog, Luke, Billy and Wayne are found paralyzed from the neck down and blind. They have also lost their sense of seeing, hearing and speaking. Doctors are unable to explain.

Lobato's anticipation grows with each victim and visions Miranda is having at each crime scene. Not even Forensics is able to find evidence. At each crime scene the only thing to be found are mangled bodies. She and Miranda set up camp in crime scenes in hopes of finding something, or something finding them.

FBI agent Ron Jacksen arrives certain to close the case within twenty-four hours. His mind is quickly changed the more he learns of the case. He is attracted to Miranda. He, Lobato and Miranda begin their quest.

Father Henry Luna has issues with Lobato's choices when he meets her, Jacksen and Miranda. He has strong opinions of Miranda and the likes of her. He resides on the other side of the river where Montoya was killed. He too, is lured to the river where he is torn to pieces and later found by Julia who works with him at the church. It is later learned Luna has dark skeletons in his closet-one being his molestation and affair with Sofia's grandson and knowing who killed him, yet refusing to speak up.

Boa, a local resident is missing, then found. All who know him are left puzzled with his white hair which had been previously been jet black. Boa has encountered the same weeping girl in Mexican, white lace that Lobato and Miranda have seen. They too, are left puzzled. He is hospitalized.

Officer Bob Vigil is kidnapped by eight members of White Justice who come to valley for vengeance of their sons' situation. He is bound while clan prepare for his death.

Miranda's senses warn her of the situation with Vigil, and convinces Lobato and Jacksen to follow her lead. They come across White Justice in their march of doom around Vigil. In the midst of a gun battle four White Justice members are killed and Miranda is wounded. Steve Miller, known as The Dragon escapes with three others and later found almost dead. He has nearly drowned. White Justice is an organization of many secrets and levels of intelligence.

Miller's wife Jan and their daughter Myrah, venture into town with attitudes. Myrah instantly takes a disliking to Miranda which leads to a physical confrontation. They are white supremacists as well.

On Miller's death bed he says things that make Lobato think. With what he says she sends out teams to investigate under the currents of the Rio Grande where they find peculiar, robotic demons put together by members of White Justice, which have caused the fatalities and havoc.

By force Mathews takes Lobato to the river and makes her step into the shallow waters where he knows one of their robots lies in wait for a victim. Lobato is nearly torn to shreds by this robot clothed in black, Mexican lace as were the two others placed in other areas of the Rio Grande.

Anthony, a sixteen year old Miranda befriends, leads them to where Mathews has Lobato. Following a confrontation with Mathews, Anthony crashes the police vehicle into the robot which has Lobato in its deadly grasp. Mathews is caught in the currents of the Rio Grande and drug to the depths of the river where he dies.

Boa escapes from the hospital. Miranda and Lobato have the same idea and meet where they initially found Boa and see the vision of a young, weeping girl in white Mexican lace. There Boa is found along with the vision. He vanishes into the mist with the haunting, ghostly girl, who gazes back over her shoulder through evil, red, piercing eyes. Lobato and Miranda are left questioning the legend.





68209 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Theodore Marquez

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Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

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A CHILLING WAIL HAUNTED the night air along the banks of a river in the San Luis Valley of south-western Colorado. It sent chills through the air. Its echo came from everywhere. Nature held her breath.

Teens around a campfire along the Rio Grande near Agua Ramon were spellbound at the sound. Suddenly, the joint they'd been sharing burst into flames in the hand of a boy, blistering his fingers.

He tossed it to the ground taking hold of his hand. Their high had taken a shocking turn to the worst side of their imaginations. The mysterious wail drowned the bass booming from parked cars surrounding the fire. It engulfed them in echoes. The teens scattered in a panic. Some squealed away in their cars. The others waited for friends who had been cavorting in the woods.

Girls screamed, clung to their boyfriends. Two stumbled to the ground. Car horns blared in warning to those in the woods beckoning them to return. The ghostly wail seemed to go through everything, everyone. Fear swept everywhere, its breath foul.

One couple wasted no time heading back from the woods guided by the campfire's glow.

Another, Jason Montoya and Francis Sandoval, struggled to put on their clothes, finally running off half-naked. Running through the woods they stumbled over branches and tree stumps seeming to come out of nowhere like traps in the dark. The moon's glow was eerie, a mist pervading the air. Deeper into the woods they ran, deeper into the darkness. Fear blinded their every sense.

Francis's long hair tangled on a branch reaching out of the shadows. She wrapped her hand around it and pulled. It tangled worse. Her face was scratched from branches tearing at her. She was in her bra and a pair of cut off jeans. Her body was battered from falling. Her terrified pleas echoed, muffled in the mist.

"Jason! Help me! Please, don't leave me!" she cried.

A blow to the head from a tree he'd run into sent Jason down the riverbank into the shallow water. He lay dazed, blood streaking his face from the gash in his forehead. His chest throbbed with a pounding heart. For a few seconds he lost sense of what was happening. He recalled soon enough.

Quickly he sat in the river scanning about. He feared what he may find. His eyes focused on something. In awe he rose to his feet gazing upstream into the dark. Movement caught his eye. A fluorescent fog tumbled in over the river surface. It looked evil.

He backed away, gazing over his shoulder frantically. Within the fog came the eerie whine from the darkness itself. It sent waves of terror through him, through the woods. Francis's pleas faded with the whine.

The fog enveloped him, caressed him. Jason stood knee high in the water looking side to side for a place to run. The fog was everywhere he turned. He caught sight of Francis in her futile struggle.

He froze at movement within the fog. A silhouette took form the closer and closer it came. Layers of fabric swayed eerily with each movement when a figure emerged from the thickness, a veil covering its face.

Noooo!" he screamed. "Get away!"

He reached to the river bottom for stones, hurling them at the figure as it moved in on him. He threw stone after stone. The thing wouldn't stop. Fear raged through his blood. His heart pounded against a well-defined chest.

He let out a scream and reached down for his legs. He screamed again and again. Something held him. He couldn't move. The thickness wrapped around him, engulfed him more with each passing second.

In horror he looked down when he felt himself being lifted out of the water. Higher he was lifted until he was nearly a foot above the surface, suspended, blood oozing from his legs. His screams echoed through the woods when he levitated into the fog toward the figure. Red eyes peered from behind the veil. They were angry, evil.

Francis made one final attempt to break free when she saw him levitate into the fog. She was numb with terror, then cried out in pain when she threw her whole body into one last frantic pull on the branch. It snapped. Her hair still tangled in it. The branch hit her on the head and knocked her out.

Into the fog Jason seemed to float into the arms of a nightmare. But when a sudden gust of wind blew the veil away, his torment came fully known. Blood turned the water red.

His screams faded with the fog as it tumbled back upstream, taking him with it. Within minutes all that remained was a bubbling river surface that gradually ceased. The mist in the woods disappeared. The woods were once again calm. Evil vanished back into the river as mysteriously as it had appeared.

Cautiously, nature emerged from hiding. She seemed to have taken a deep sigh. Eyes glowed in the darkness. The woods came back to life. Red and blue emergency lights flickered in the distance. Help was on its way.

Within an hour what was left of Jason was found scattered throughout the woods, a terrible and terrifying sight.




5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping, exciting, horrifying, and wonderful! October 2, 2012

By Deb Arter

Detective Lobato is fantastic and I hope to go on many more adventures with her. (hoping the author reads this and keeps Detective Lobato on the job). Just when I thought I had it figured out, another twist... Detective Lobato calling on Miranda to help on this one was a great move. The author does a fantastic job of describing, & detailing the characters and the action as it unfolds. I got to know many of the locals in this book and felt a strong connection with each of them. The storytelling superb. I am thrilled that the author is able to encompass so many genres in his writings. Okay, now I've finished all 5 books - I can't wait for more!

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