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What Goes Round Comes Round


The story centers around a select number of employees of the Hapton General Hospital who interact with one another in the workplace and outside these parameters. They are professionals--Surgeons, nurses, administration, pharmacy and housekeeping--who supposedly work as a team, but when one member deviates from the protocol then a series of events are set in motion.


This member creates a situation that is irresponsible, dangerous, and totally selfish whereby others are affected in a negative way and are either professionally destroyed, driven to suicide, adultery and outright lying in order to save their skins.

But Karma, when she comes calling, is a real bitch….and the events involved generate feelings of remorse, revenge, passion, depression and homicide….





119522 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Marilyn C. Milley

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




AS HE MANOEUVRED THE luxury sports car through morning traffic, Carlos Mendoza used the time to reflect upon the past events, which had brought him to the present.

A wave of homesickness washed over him as his thoughts turned to his beloved Mexico. He had entered into this world, born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, the eldest child of Don Pedro and Francesca Mendoza. He had been given the best of everything and to this day had not disappointed his parents. His decision to study medicine at the University of Mexico had brought tears of pride and happiness to his mother's eyes and strengthened the bond between Carlos and his father.

The rays of brilliant gold from the early morning sun sent shards of light through the massive elm trees and penetrated the left over darkness of evening. Carlos rolled down the car window and felt the refreshing rush of cool air as he sped along this favourite route which would eventually bring him to his place of work. The mist collected in pockets on the surface of the river, to his right. He was extremely grateful that the long Michigan winter was finally over and late spring was upon them. Of the few things he disliked about this area of the country was winter, which weighed heavily upon him and negated many of the advantages of practising medicine in Hapton County, Michigan. Loneliness was an emotion ever present during the cold, grey days of winter.

Now and then pangs of remorse and regret coursed throughout his body and inevitably brought forth the image of Maria Elena. His parents had arranged the marriage between Carlos and Elena when they were teenagers, and both families had anticipated the day when the ceremony would form a strong alliance between the two most powerful and wealthy families of Mexico City. Instead, he had chosen to leave Mexico to further his studies in Detroit, or, so, that was the reason he had used, in order to opt out of the marriage. How he could find it in his heart not to love Elena was beyond comprehension. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever known, possessed of a gentle nature and the capability of harbouring a deep and abiding love. Perhaps it was the idea that she had not been his choice, and, as such represented a protest to the manipulations of their respective parents. Elena had fallen in love with Carlos and her despair when he had left just days before their wedding, did not diminish for many months to come. He had filled the void with work and had had been rewarded with a residency in a prestigious community in upstate Michigan. The posting would provide him the opportunity to work with some of the best Medical minds in the state.

He remained in this state of reverie as he drove the last leg of the commute to the Hospital and a view of the building in sight. He felt a lift of pride knowing that he was a part of the team. The outdoor mantle of manicured green stretched from the park tree line in a gentle slope broken only by colourful slashes of early blooming flowerbeds. The building was a marvel of excellence, white marble and stone, which rose to a height of four stories and formed the shape of a giant letter H. The architect had used the lay of the land advantageously, thus affording the patients and staff a magnificent view of the river, the park and the downtown core. Carlos parked the car in his designated spot, habitually reached for his medical bag, then, secure in the knowledge that the car was safely locked, he approached the walkway leading to the grand entrance of the Hospital. Much to his chagrin, his pleasant reverie was broken by the resonant voice of Maria Ronati.

"Good morning, Dr. Mendoza." Her smile and greeting both became a harsh reality, which he tried not to think about.

He could not escape her presence, as she appeared to be waiting for him to join her so they could enter the Hospital together.

"Good morning Maria." Carlos returned her greeting.

She began politely by saying, "I understand you have a very long and complicated surgery this morning," broaching the subject that was dearest to his heart.

Dr. Mendoza enjoyed talking shop and brightened perceptibly as he answered. "What I expect will be the longest part of the surgery involves the extensive skin grafting. The patient has severe burns covering at least forty percent of her body mainly most of her torso. If we borrow patches of skin from the thigh area I am optimistic that we can repair and nearly eradicate much of the subsequent scarring that she has developed. The debridement therapy has done wonders and there appears to be no infection."

"You've done an excellent job in maintaining her spirits. This woman was totally devastated when she was first admitted to hospital, and after only a few short weeks, she remains secure in the knowledge that she will be able to resume her career as a model without any side effects." Maria's voice echoed the admiration and respect that most of the staff had expressed early on, during the course of this patient's treatment.

"Why, thank you Maria. Well, I'll see you later in the operating room," he added, and stepped aside politely to allow Maria to precede him into the hospital reception area.

They parted company, Maria noting that the reception area staff had noticed their arrival together as she proceeded to her office, which was situated on the fourth floor adjacent to the operating suites. Dr. Mendoza sought out Dr. Sam White, Chief of Staff, who could usually be found in the doctor's library or lounge.

Carlos had learned to tolerate Maria Ronati over the course of their two year acquaintance. He had let her down easy when she admitted to having developed a strong attraction for him upon his arrival in Hapton. They were thrown together for long, gruelling hours in the operating theatre and each had developed a mutual admiration for the skill and expertise individually and collectively exhibited during many a difficult operation. For Carlos, that's where the feeling stopped. Maria was just not his type. For one thing, she was the homeliest female he had ever laid eyes on, no matter how hard she tried to enhance her appearance. No makeup left her drab, sallow and very plain. Too much enhancement proved just the opposite. It merely played up the large nose the bushy eyebrows and the large jaw line. He had learned to tolerate her advances until she had accepted the inevitable and that being, that this dark complexioned, strikingly handsome Latin would never become more than another professional colleague in her life. From that point on, they assumed a friendly but very professional relationship, and Maria had promptly latched onto a singular, very congenial, rather good looking Italian and they had become Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ronati within a few short months... much to Carlos' relief. As he watched her walk away towards the elevator, he could not help but marvel at the excellent body on this woman. Maria was not much coming at you, but she truly was dynamite walking away. He thought to himself, Mario could look past the coarse features and enjoy the fires of passion that body would arouse he was a lucky man. How did that song go? Marry a woman uglier than you. That was it. He smiled inwardly…..




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