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Second Chance King of Two Worlds


Justin led a team of people into a world controlled by beings with paranormal abilities called Priceps. Some of his team members didn't return from the mission, because they were killed by the Priceps. Now all of the Priceps must die, to pay for the deaths of Justin's people.

He then leads another expedition into the Priceps' world, to ensure that it's safe to send people into what was once a paranormal dominated world. The expedition is a success and Justin manages to learn some useful things and also begins to establish himself as King of the new world.


After returning from the Priceps' world, Justin goes to a nation called Judah. Judah is surrounded by nations that follow a different religion than theirs. Judah faces the ongoing possibility of invasion. The situation has grown so bad that Justin may have to invade Judah, to prevent a regional war from breaking out.

Justin points out that the rulers of Judah must know that they can't stand against the combined forces of Ariby and Kemet. Also, the citizens of Judah face ongoing rocket attacks from the territories to the southwest and East. Only he, Justin, can stop the rocket attacks.

When challenged as to his ability to stop the rocket attacks, Justin shows the rulers of Judah a cheap to produce drone aircraft that, properly used will stop the rocket attacks, with no one injured or killed.

The current rulers then ask, "You stop the rockets, then what?"

Justin then lays out a plan to govern Judah and to also control the territories to the southwest and East. Since Justin is the King of several countries in the area, Justin is the only one who can solve the problems of Judah. He becomes the King of Judah then rules it along with the territories to the southwest and East, using practical solutions to problems and quite a bit of advanced alien science.

Then, Justin must fly back to Averon, with adventure lurking on his path.





53689 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




I LED A TEAM OF people into a world controlled by paranormal talents called Priceps. Some of my team members didn't return from the mission, because they were killed by the Priceps. I'm the King of several countries on Corin. You don't just kill my subjects and then walk free. I don't know what individual Priceps killed some of my people, however, the penalty for just killing my people is death. Since I can't identify the individual Priceps who killed my people, all of the Priceps must die, to pay for the deaths of my people.

It has now been some twenty-nine years since my people died, following me into the Priceps world.

While I was in the Priceps world, I got samples of food plants that only the Priceps ate. I also got the hand that I severed from one of the Priceps and brought the hand back. I had the plants and the severed hand analyzed. I had grown some new food plants that appear to be identical to the food plants that usually nourish the Priceps. The new food plants look like and supposedly taste like the original food plants. However, the new food plants contain very little nutrition. Seeds for the new food plants have been spread across the Priceps world, by means of grav sleds. Hopefully the result was some apparently well fed Priceps starving to death. I have also spread, again via grav sled, a specific poison that should kill only Priceps. I hope that any Priceps who survived the non-nutrition food, died due to the poison.

The Priceps problem seems well on the way to solution.

I'll need to lead another expedition into the Priceps world, to make sure that it's safe to send people into what was once a paranormal dominated world. I'm now planning that expedition.

As I plan an expedition into the Priceps word, I have a somewhat different cast of characters around me.

Seeba is gone, promoted. Her replacement, as Primitive Culture Police Ambassador is a lady named Rielle Afnon. Why Corin has a PCP Ambassador is a bit difficult to figure, since Corin is no longer considered to be a primitive planet. However, I still have Rielle resident on Corin.

Major Voko Fodrano, now Colonel Voko Fodrano, is gone, replaced by Colonel Dakono Vonnol. Colonel Dakono Vonnol has been dispatched to Corin with somewhat different orders than was the case with Major Voko Fodrano. The Major was ordered to observe relevant military actions by Justin Imperiale. However, the Major was not to commit his Dorond Marines to combat, unless it was a matter of self-defence. Colonel Dakono Vonnol is allowed to use his Dorond Marines, at his sole discretion. (I suspect that Dorond sees the growing power of Corin and wants to get involved in the action, as an ally of Corin, actually as an ally of Justin Imperiale.)

I have added Cyrena, the nation to the west of Kemet, to my list of Kingdoms. The desert, to the East of Cyrena is blooming with water pumped from the Great River. The climate of coastal Cyrena has changed, due to the flooding of the Qattara Depression and also due to the farming in the West of Kemet. There's now more water in Cyrena and the daytime temperatures have dropped a bit. The people of Cyrena have started to raise crops, as farmers, instead of raising hell as bandits. The farmers of Cyrena needed to ship their excess crops to the outside world and they needed railroad access to the former Qattara Depression, now the Qattara Bay. The people who formerly ruled Cyrena named me King of Cyrena and then graciously abdicated. (Actually, the fact that the farmers of Cyrena were ready to kill the former rulers of Cyrena to get the economic benefits of being one of my Kingdoms may have had something to do with the willingness of the former rulers of Cyrena to abdicate.)

Several other things have changed, as well….




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