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American Jihad


On a warm Friday in May when a band of Islamic killers hijack the US Coast Guard ship Hammerhead to secretly land in America and begin ten days of terror in towns and cities throughout the nation. Unprepared for such industrial scale killing frightened people take to the streets threatening civil breakdown. The emergency spirals out of control as Washington races to eradicate the Jihadists.


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FBI Agent Jeffrey Close and CIA Operative Pat Holmes, attached to Homeland Security, are in the hunt as almost by luck one of the killers is caught alive becoming their first lead. Jeffery joins field agents capturing another cell preparing to hit their target. Meanwhile, Pat Holmes, searching government databases, discovers that hundreds of Islamic State fighters have been smuggled into America as suicide bombers.

Close and Holmes urgently fly to Guantanamo Cuba where captured jihadists are kept secure and encouraged to talk. They learn the names of sleepers and their carefully hidden command structure. The new information identifies more terrorists and eventually their commanders even as they order bombers to kill more Americans. They are in time to stop a major attack on a state capital intended to slaughter elected Senators and Representatives.

The discovery that the terrorist attacks were planned and coordinated by supposed friendly powers in the Middle East is devastating. The President and the National Security Council must restore peace and order in the homeland and determine a political and military response to the foreign powers. Their decision will affect the world.

How did it happen?

How was it stopped?

What revenge will America inflict?

Find the answers in American Jihad!





72811 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


John Outram

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

Paperback Price:

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BILL JACOBSON STARED into the black night from his position in the dimly lit bridge. Bert Cummins had left the bridge to inspect the ship even though it was running smoothly and there were no reports of traffic in the area. A strange blip on the radar off the starboard bow appeared to be moving on a course to intercept at about 23:30 hours. Bert felt uneasy about something, a kind of sixth sense that had usually given him a warning in the past. He kept his feeling to himself realizing anything can happen out in the black ocean but a Coxswain must appear in control and calm.

Bert was on deck, the warm breeze ruffled his jacket, he listened but the sound of the engines suppressed any sea noises. Maybe the object was a whale, he thought, there are big humpbacks in these waters. Bert returned to the bridge. “Everything OK, Bill?” he asked and received a positive reply. He went to the radar scope and the object was closer now.

“What do you think about the blip?” He asked Bill.

“Probably a whale,” Mike replied. “I’ve seen things like it before. I’ll turn on the lights and do a visual scan if you want.”

“Wait until its five hundred metres away. Looks like a smaller blip separated could be a calf I suppose. Ask Ahmed to go on deck and keep an eye out when you turn on the lights”

“Yes, sir.” The minutes passed slowly as the ship continued on course at fifteen knots. Ahmed reported he was at the stern ramp but could see nothing.

Bert watched the radar as the blips merged toward his position. “Get Mike up here, Bill. I need another eye on this thing.”

Mike was on the bridge in minutes and leaned over the radar screen. “What do you make of it Mike?” Bert asked.

“Looks like a whale but they usually sound frequently. Maybe it’s a dead whale. I’ll call it in, there may have been reports of a dead whale.”

“Yes, call it in and let’s light the place up,” said Bert.

The night blackness was shattered as three brilliant halogen lamps blasted white light around the ship. “See anything?” Bert said as his eyes adjusted.

“There’s something out there just off the starboard bow, Chief,” Bill said. “It looks like a life boat. There may be people in it.”

“I see it. Slow down and approach carefully. Call action stations.”The surprise call to action energized everyone. They knew what to do and went to their stations. Ahmed went to his gun but Bill was still at the helm so he was alone. Delisle Jones and Becky Goss put on their life jackets and went on deck, Joe Toram went to the engines and Chris Black secured the mess and kitchen. Kathy Hamilton came to the bridge to discover her Coxswain securing the ship. She was made aware of the situation and agreed to proceed slowly toward the lifeboat.

Calls from the lifeboat became clear to the crew of the Hammerhead. Delsile and Becky went to the rail to see what was happening. “Look,” Becky said excitedly, “they’re women and children. Where did they come from?”

The Captain and Coxswain were aware of the boat load of women and children calling for help. “What are your orders?” the Coxswain asked the Captain.

“Approach the lifeboat slowly, report to shore, we can’t take a boat load of people on board but we can’t leave them here.”

The Hammerhead was virtually dead in the water and Ahmed called to the people in the boat. Someone spoke English and said they were refugees from Africa. He asked them to repeat because that seemed ridiculous. In the confusion, no one felt the bump against the stern ramp and four black shadows climbed on board. Two rushed toward Delisle and Becky, knives drawn, the women didn’t feel the blade cut their throats. In one movement they were overboard, blood draining into the ocean.

Ahmed heard something and turned in time to see his killer flash a knife into his chest. He collapsed and rolled into the ocean. One attacker went below where Chris and Joe died from the gun held by Fakhir.

Ghalid and Bilal crashed into the bridge guns blazing. Bill Jacobson died seconds before bullets tore into Mike Baker ending his concern about retirement. Kathy was struck by the butt end of the rifle and Bert Cummins suffered a bullet in his stomach both collapsing at the feet of Bilal.

“The ship is ours,” Ghalid declared. “Allahu Akbar.”

“Search the ship. Throw the dead overboard. We keep the living for now. We must leave this place. Asim will drive the boat. Quickly, we must go,” ordered Bilal.

The attack was over in less than one minute. Under new command, the USCGC Hammerhead steered a new course and at full speed roared away from the lifeboat.

The MV Meratus Sejati would be reached in one hour at this speed but after only fifteen minutes a bright light appeared from where the lifeboat had been. A boom followed the light.

“The martyrs have gone to paradise,” Bilal commented. “Masha’ Allah (as God willed), our commander will be pleased.”




American Jihad

By John Outram

Book Review


“All known Muslims are being investigated but there are about three million living in the United States. Agent Close reported that the terrorists he has discovered are deep underground living quiet lives. It takes only a few lone wolves or small cells to create havoc and tracing them takes time.” ~ American Jihad

This book scared me. From the first moments of reading to its end. I felt immersed and absorbed into a tale of terrorism. Not offshore in some remote location. But right here on our shores… in our homes. The author clearly depicts how our sense of social norms can be turned against us. And essentially become weaponized in the war on terror.

I would place this engrossing foretelling within the coveted list that includes climate change warnings and the future outcomes of the militarization of tribalism (s). This book is timely and holds value. It is frightening journaling of the coming of a dark dystopia.

Introduction to Jihadist comes alive through carefully crafted personalities that American have grown to fear.

Reading this work reminds me of how much we don’t know about other cultural tribes that share our world. Here’s where the author examples his skill in fleshing out the myriad complexities that compose a character that takes his life and those of others. The dystopia created by Jihadists on a spring’s eve examples what can happen in an unattended moment.

Author Outram weaves a fast moving tell that will keep your interest from the first to last page. John Outram’s American Jihadist should be considered a bible on what can go terribly wrong within our borders. The telling is not for the faint of heart or those who chose to turn away from our realities.


The carnage began at sea and then quickly evolved to domestic warfare in a matter of days. Terror moved quickly through the country bringing death to unsuspecting America. The author

expertly weaves a storytelling about the abrupt arrival of civil unrest and tribalism taken to the kind of reality that few of us are aware of or prepared to face.

Death and carnage quickly move from state to state accompanied by the breakdown of federal and civil law that’s followed by a series of Muslim occupied successions of statehoods. The reader will eagerly anticipate the final outcomes.

Critiques: A frighteningly superb read

Genre: fictional warfare, terrorism, politics, adventure

My rating is 5/5 stars

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