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Elvis Noble and T.L. Davison

One dreadful night, Thayer Smith has a battle with an evil soul inside of him. Jack The Ripper chains his spirit and takes over his body. As Jack claims his new body he has flashbacks that remind him of murders he committed in 1888. A top hat materializes on his head, which excites Jack making him feel alive again. A sword and two daggers materialize before him. With revenge in his heart, he picks up the sword and one of the daggers and walks into the bedroom of Thayer's parents, Jason and Joan Smith.


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As they're soundly sleeping, he slaughters them. Right before their deaths, he uses one of the daggers and carves an X in each of their foreheads. The magical dagger readily consumes their souls. He cackles in pure evil delight that he has gotten revenge for Mike and Nancy Smith thwarting his prior efforts to obtain immortality.

Jack decides that it's time for him start fulfilling his destiny. He soon comes upon a woman by the name of Karla Homolka, who offers to take him out of the country with the assistance of her husband, Paul Bernardo. Historically they are known as the infamous 'Ken and Barbie' serial killers of Canada. They quickly fly out of the country and arrive at Toronto Island Airport in Ontario Canada. From there they board a ferry to the mainland where they are met by Marcus, later revealed as the infamous wife killer, Patrick Kelly who drives them a motel in South Etobicoke, Canada. Jack, immediately like in past lives, begins to increase the size of his murderous team. He recruits Robert Pickton, the bloody proud Canadian version of 'Jack the Ripper', and Clifford Olson, a killer and rapist; both from British Columbia. With his team complete, Jack and his team wreak havoc and mayhem and claim many souls of the innocent citizens In the Lakeshore area of Etobicoke. During all of this murder and macabre, Jack and his team become vampires with the help of Adam Ulark, a vampire that has remained hidden in South Etobicoke for over a century. This increases their power and they become a force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, Mike and Nancy Smith along with their closest friends Harold and Angie, have followed Jack to Canada and are hot on his and his team's trail almost every step of the way. However, the Smith team know that this time, it may not be so easy to defeat them, and they'll certainly might be biting off more than they can chew.

During one of Jack's hunting escapades when he and Karla ravage a group of gay teenagers out for a summer camp, one of teenagers, Yuri, escapes. He is picked up by the cops when seen running for his life, and tells his story to Staff Sergeant McCarthy at the local police station. Frustrated that there no dead bodies to be found despite many people hearing the screams of the group of boys being attacked in a waterfront park, McCarthy spills his guts to Constable Lee Anne Hong Ling, a friend and confidant. Constable Ling shows him a website called . Jack taunts the police and dares them to catch him on the website where he describes his exploits in detail. Lee Anne Hong Ling further tells Staff Sergeant McCarthy about the research she had done about infamous criminals all over North America going missing without any explanation. This causes a major buzz all over the internet.

In the interim, with some divine intervention, Jack and his team are bitterly defeated by the Smiths. In a panic, Jack's soul rudely invades the body of a nearby pregnant woman to regain a body of flesh and bones. Karla stalks the woman until after her baby is born, then she steals it and spirits it out of the country, under disguise. There she and one of the only other surviving member of Jack's Canadian crew plan to raise him in the White Chapel area of East London where Jack The Ripper first began his reign of terror centuries before…and will again, when he comes of age.





64779 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Tony Sacre


Elvis Noble T.L. Davison

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);

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IT WAS TWENTY YEARS later. Thayer's parents were sleeping in their bedroom. After turning his light on, he looked in the mirror trying to figure out who was this young man. Thayer's eyes turned completely black as a big top hat appeared on his head and a large sword appeared at his feet. Moments later, two daggers appeared right alongside it. Was it in his destiny to use these gifts provided by a paranormal force? Anger filled his heart as he picked up the sword and felt its awesome power. The sound of loud snoring came out of his parents' room. Is it time to fulfill my destiny? The sword itself seemed to be commanding him to go into his parent's bedroom and seek revenge. Why would Thayer want to seek revenge against his parents?

After he had picked up the dagger, a bright red light glowed filled his room and an other worldly voice commanded him to end his parent's life. Sweat ran from his brow as he stealthily entered their bedroom. His father's chest undulated as he breathed peacefully. Thayer's mother put her head on his chest and nestled herself closely to him. Thayer advanced within five feet of his father. The sword and the voice in his head were controlling his every move. Thayer's breathing slowed as the sword elevated high in the air and brought itself down into his mother's neck and then into his father's chest. Blood spurted into the air spotting the walls as his father woke up screaming.

Vivid memories of murders that had occurred in 1888 in the neighbourhood of White Chapel in England assaulted Thayer's brain while his parents held on for their lives. The pupils of his eyes lightened, turning gold as the dagger forced itself into his hand. His parents' efforts to heal themselves were futile. Using the dagger, Thayer carved an X in his father's forehead. His soul jumped out of his body and fought being absorbed going into the dagger. After struggling for mere moments, his father's soul was consumed by the dagger. The gurgle of his mother struggling to breathe made Thayer want to take her soul even more. The desire to consume her soul into the dagger grew more intense as she made every effort to fight him off. As the sword thrust itself deeper the look of death came upon his mother. The dagger glowed brightly as it drew an X in her forehead. She fought a good fight but her soul lost the battle. Her soul was consumed by the dagger. Thayer took his hand and dipped it in the blood of his parents and tasted the sweet taste of revenge. At that exact moment, Thayer realized that he was the most infamous and brutal serial killer in history. He was a newly reincarnated 'Jack the Ripper.' A very pretty, petite blonde appeared in the room with a big smile on her face. She too had a dagger similar to the bloody one that Thayer held in his hand.

"Jack, you are back in flesh and blood. You and a few friends of ours have some work to do. Do you remember the promise of immortality?" The blonde had a look of evil delight in her eyes.

"The books have been returned to rightful owner. How are we to continue the work?" Thayer was astonished that he now spoke with an English accent, although he should have expected it. A shudder ripped through his body. All that remained of Thayer Smith's soul totally disappeared as though it had never existed, as Jack the Ripper fully walked in and possessed his body.

"We can start by introducing ourselves, my name is Karla Homolka and you are Thayer Smith but from this day forth you will be called Jack. It was all illusions. The daggers captured by your mother and father have been hidden all over the world. With the power of the Lost Souls curse, my husband and I have replaced our bodies with some impostors. This will allow us to further our work on its Legacy."

"Where did you find the daggers?" Jack asked. Karla smiled evilly and her eyes gleamed. It was all she could do to stop herself from falling at his feet and worshipping him as she witnessed the transformation of the young man into one of the most infamous serial killers in history.

"They were found at a graveyard called Islington Burial Grounds, in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. I have already killed Achilles and possess the entire book collection needed to consume twenty six souls. Once our daggers consume the twenty-six souls required, we will be immortal. But you already know all of that."

"We need to flee quickly because the bodies are going to be found by Thayer's grandfather and grandmother. They won't stop until they find the killer." He glanced at a mirror on the wall and smiled. He now wore the top hat that Jack was normally shown wearing in pictures seen of him throughout history and a face that looked slightly older with obsidian dark eyes, than that of the young man whose body he had just possessed.

"My husband Paul Bernardo is at the end of the island waiting on an airstrip to fly us back to Toronto Island Airport and from there we'll take the ferry to the mainland and drive to Etobicoke. I've taken the liberty to get you a phony Canadian passport to get you past customs. Are you ready?"

"Yes I am ready to fulfill my true destiny," Jack replied with a gleam of excitement in his eyes. "Thinking back, I've realized who you are. You and Paul are known as the Ken and Barbie Serial Killers of Canada."

"In the flesh, but now that Paul and I have discovered the true power of X. It's how we were able to get him out of jail where he was sentenced to life. We are on a mission to become immortal and then lie low for another twenty-six years. Oh, by the way we have lodging for the next four months at the Travel Lodge Hotel Toronto in Etobicoke off of Dixon Road."

Within seconds, they left in a rental car, armed with the daggers, and sped to the airstrip at the end of the island. After firing up the small plane they quickly flew off the island, headed for Canada.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, at Mike and Nancy's house...

WHILE SITTING ON HER bed, Nancy's eyes turned completely white as if she was having a vision. Mike stood there wondering what the hell was going on. An eerie feeling pervaded the whole house. After grabbing a glass of water, Mike decided to question with Nancy about what she had seen in her vision. Twenty minutes later, Nancy's eyes returned to normal and the first thing she noticed was that her husband was deeply perplexed.

"What's that matter Mike?" Nancy asked with a look of pure concern for her husband.

"You had a vision. What did you see? Besides that I have a very uneasy and eerie feeling."

"I'm afraid two terrible things have happened. Achilles is dead. He been murdered and all the books have been removed from his care. Secondly, our worst fear has come true," Nancy said with a tear coursing down her cheek.

"What do you mean that Achilles is dead?" Mike asked with an astonished expression.

"The Lost Souls Curse has been resurrected. Our grandson Thayer has realized his true identity."

"What do you mean by our grandson has assumed his true identity?"

"Thayer has become 'Jack the Ripper. ' Our son and daughter have been murdered and their souls have been consumed by one of the daggers we thought we'd disposed of years ago."

"The daggers have been destroyed; you and I were both there," Mike said, horror stricken.

"I thought that too, but they are hidden in suburb of Toronto, called Etobicoke."

"We better get over to Jason and Joan's house. We need to see if your vision came true and if so, it's time start on our quest to avenge the death of our beloved son and his wife."

Just then, they heard a loud knock on the door. Nancy donned a robe and opened the door. Harold and Angie stood there, distraught. Tears were streaming down Angie's face.

"What's the matter Harold?"

"My wife and I got a very bad feeling. We need to go over to Jason and Joan's house."

Harold and Angie went into the kitchen, allowing Mike and Nancy to get dressed. A few minutes later they came back downstairs, and all four of them walked to Joan and Jason's house. The odour of blood assaulted his senses as Mike opened the door. Nancy and Mike immediately rushed into Jason and Joan's bedroom to find them drenched in blood, while the walls were splattered with it. A look of horror came over Nancy's face. Her eyes turned white as she stared into the mirror. Thayer's image appeared. His eyes had turned completely black. He had the dagger in hand, which he brought down with a vicious force, stabbing his parents until they were dead. Using her mind, she looked past this gruesome vision to Mike, Harold and Angie. A look of pure horror came over Mike's face.

* * * * *

WITHIN THE SPAN OF about an hour the Justina Police Department had arrived, questioned them and then taken the bodies of Jason and Jody to the morgue.

"You mentioned Etobicoke Canada, right?" Mike asked Nancy with a now very pissed off look expression after the police had departed.

"Yes. Our first priority is to go there and stop Thayer from taking any souls. If I remember correctly Achilles has a son, who will take over his kingdom here in Justina Cove. We still have our powers and knowledge of dealing with this situation before. We are going to have to retrieve all of the daggers and keep them this time. An eye for an eye. Jack is back and our plan to stop his rebirth has failed. Harold, are you and Angie able to come with us to Canada?" Mike asked with a look of desperation.

"Yes, Angie and I are ready to help you in any way possible," Harold replied sadly.

"Nancy and I will make the flight arrangements immediately."

Harold and Angie returned home to pack and get ready for the trip to Canada, while Nancy and Mike did the same at their home, packing just the things that they needed. Nancy was very distraught that her grandson could commit such a heinous act. Harold, Angie and Mike had raised him to be a good person with good family values. Achilles had said that Jack would find another way to be reborn, but never in their wildest dreams had they once thought that he would be reborn into their own family. He had already accomplished that but his mission now was to become immortal. It was going to be up to them to stop him. And who was he going to recruit this time?

As Nancy zipped up the last suitcase, she choked up and said, "I'm very sad that our son is gone. This is going to take me awhile to get over it. It's hard not to have feelings of rage and the desire for revenge toward our grandson. But then I realize that Thayer's body has been hijacked by something unholy."

Mike realized that his wife had mixed feelings about going after Jack. Ironically, history had repeated itself. It was his urgent hope and plea to the powers that be that they would be able to stop the curse of the Lost Souls. It was critical that they stop the curse from progressing as it would save potential lives and prevent Jack, and whomever he had recruited from gaining immortality. Mike had found out that the next flight going to Pearson International Airport left at nine p.m. that evening and booked seats for the four of them. It was only four as they finished their packing. The phone rang; it was Harold wondering when they were leaving for Canada. After being apprised of the situation, Harold suggested that Mike and Nancy come over and use their hot tub for a couple hours with him and Angie.

"It will help us all to relax a little." Harold suggested, "and at a time like this, even therapeutic." Nancy agreed when Mike told her about Harold's suggestion after hanging up the phone. She slipped into skimpy bikini while Mike donned a comfortable set of swimming trunks. Within minutes Harold arrived to drive them over to his house. They loaded their suitcases into the trunk of his car and took the clothes they would be wearing for the flight with them.

* * * * *

Meanwhile back on the plane headed to Toronto Island Airport...

PAUL BERNARDO FLEW THE small plane like a professional. Karla did everything to make Jack comfortable. There was turbulence as the flight progressed out of the United States. Paul used an assumed name while he radioed the tower to divert any attention from being drawn to them. Jack appeared to be deep in thought, which made Karla concerned about him.

"What's the matter Jack?" Karla asked with a concerned tone of voice.

"I'm getting flashbacks of who I really am. You and I possess a great power. My gut tells me that we have a lot of work to do. We need to obtain twenty-six souls very rapidly. Does Etobicoke have a lot of people?"

"Etobicoke has a population of approximately 334,191 people, which is plenty of area per capita for us to choose from."

"There is one new power that you don't know about," Jack said.

"What would that be?" Karla asked in delight.

"I have the power to shape shift. It's the ability to change into an object or another person, so seeing that you two are so notorious … and shall I say infamous," he added with a falsetto voice and a wicked smile. "I will have to use it to change your appearance as well as mine when we go through customs. I was born with this power."

"Nice. Using this additional gift will indeed prove useful in obtaining souls in Etobicoke."

"Where do want to look first? The best bet would be to look around and see what we can find. I can hardly wait to start. The majority of my younger years as Thayer Smith were like not having an identity. There is a sense of completion if you know what I mean," Jack remarked with a look of wonderment in his eyes.

"Paul and I are glad that we are able to help you but in the process you are helping us become immortal."




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 serial, killer, Jack the Ripper, murder, vampire, blood, time travel, shape-shifting, Karla Homolka, Clifford Olson, Robert Pickton, Patrick Kelly, Paul Bernado, Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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