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R. Richard

Go Naked In The Software, examines a situation where six girls and six boys decide to stay in an abandoned (but upscale) mining camp in order to have the complete secrecy  that they need to develop a software application that will make them all rich.

The girls' mothers won't let them stay in the mining camp unless they're married.  The boys won't stay unless they have a girl.  Thus, there are six more or less forced marriages that turn out to be something of a mistake.


The marriages don't work out all that well.  The partners are thrown together as more of a business arrangement, rather than a romantic arrangement.  The marriage situation and the isolation of the remote mining camp leads to one of the girls starting a sort of nude revolt.  The girl is the prettiest girl of the bunch and, freed of parental control, she's a raging exhibitionist.

The nude revolt leads to a lot of socially forced public nudism.  The girls (and even the boys) find themselves in a situation where they're forced to show themselves nude and even socially forced into partner swapping.  The abandoned mining camp is totally isolated and the nudity extends to walking around the 'town' naked.

The nude revolt eventually leads to the annulment of most of the marriages and Jason, the leader of the software effort finds himself switched from Jill, the prettiest girl in the group, to Eve, a sort of wallflower with a lot of potential.

Jason uses the fact that Eve is pretty much destroyed by the reshuffling of partners to establish control over Eve.  Jason begins by telling Eve that she's not going to walk naked through the town.

Eve is distraught!  She tries to tell Jason that she has to walk naked through the town, because all of the other girls do.

Jason calmly explains that naked is okay for the rest of the women, however, Eve will be nude.  Jason the dom then 'forces' Eve the sub to get (via the Internet) any number of fancy fetish type items of the French bra, lace garter belt, lace top nylons, etc. style.  Eve suddenly finds herself the style leader among the girls and also something of a social leader, since she's now living with the guy who runs the business end of the software effort.

It takes a while, but Eve gradually sorts out her new status.  She has to be Jason's sub, but she can use the power of her new style and position to enforce better treatment of the girls, starting with herself.  Jason and Eve are still forced by social pressure to partner swap, but Eve enforces quite a bit of courtesy from her partners.  Eve may be Jason's well treated sub, but she's a dom with the others!

Over the course of time, Eve builds herself into the kind of woman that Jason wants.  It turns out that she also builds herself into the kind of woman that Eve wants.

There's a lot of sex in Go Naked In The Software, but there's also a lot of romance.  Normal social conventions aren't in force here, as the scene is a remote mining camp.  However, the software developers finally manage to sell their software application to a major software developer and they'll now return to civilization.

Eve has developed into a very attractive woman, who could have any number of men.  However, she finds that she wants to remain as Jason's well treated sub, perhaps mainly due to some very romantic scheming by Jason.





30875 Words



Sale Price:



January 2011

Cover Art:

T.L. Davison



R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, Western Ridge isn't the end of the world.  However, you can see the end of the world from here.

There are several high ridges that run along the floor of a part of the Western desert.  The westernmost ridge is called, naturally enough, Western Ridge.  There's a town located on the ridge.  The town is called Western Ridge, the same name as the ridge.  The town is there solely because of a mine called the Desert Queen Mine.

After many years of profitable operation. the DQM is running out of useful ore and would have closed in a few years in any case.  However, some genius among the miners decides to call for a strike.  The miners walk out, set up picket lines and try and fail to interest the world in their plight.  The DQM looks at the situation and says "Fine!  Let us know how your strike works out."  Then, the DQM closes up shop, sells off most of the automated mining machinery and moves out, leaving the miners with no place to work and no hope of the mine ever again opening.  With no hope for jobs now or ever, the miners then leave Western Ridge.  With the miners gone, Western Ridge quickly becomes an almost ghost town.

The reason why Western ridge becomes just an almost ghost town is what this story is all about!

Western Ridge is actually not that bad a place to live.  The town is high enough to escape the searing desert heat and low enough that it stays pretty comfortable year round.  The real problem with Western Ridge is that there's nothing to do here for recreation now that the mine is closed and the miners are gone.  Hell, there wasn't much to do when the mine was open and the miners were here.

By the end of the mining operation the DQM had become pretty much automated.  The DQM people brought in a lot of high paid engineers to set up the automation that was replacing many of the old hard rock miners and would replace many more.

The miners didn't like the snooty engineers whose fancy automated machines were taking their jobs.  The engineers didn't think much of the dumb miners, many of whom didn't even have a high school education.  Western Ridge was sharply divided into an engineer faction and a miner faction.  There might have been trouble, but the DQM made it clear that whoever started trouble would take the road out of Western Ridge and never return.

An engineer girl wouldn't even consider dating a miner boy.  An engineer boy might have dated a miner girl if he thought he could get pussy.  However, we were all under 18-years-old and so that didn't happen.  (Honest!  Trust me here, we were all good boys and girls.)

Thus, engineer girls pretty much dated engineer boys.  In Western Ridge, there are six engineer girls and six engineer boys.  The engineer kids are the children of very well paid professionals and the kids tend to be attractive.  If you're an engineer boy, you can date a really hot looking girl and take her to the movies on Wednesday (new movie night in Western Ridge!) or you can take her down to the Eagles Rest (the high school teams, back when they had high school teams here, were called Eagles.)  However, mostly the engineer kids would leave the Eagles Rest when what we called the miner trash started to drift in later.

All of the engineer kids want just one thing from Western Ridge and that's out!  However, the engineer kids are smart as well as attractive and we come up with a computer software application during our senior year.  It's a killer app and it'll make wealthy whoever develops it into a full fledged commercial product.  At least it will make the developers rich if they continue to improve it and nobody else figures out how to duplicate it.  Complete and total secrecy is the key here.

The app is actually my science fair project, so ol' Jason is pretty much in charge.  I get the rest of the engineer kids together and tell them what I think we can make from the app if we keep it secret and develop it for a couple or three years until we can sell it to a big software outfit.  What we can make is enough to keep each of us comfortably for the rest of his/her life.

I tell the engineer kids, "The only really practical way to keep the software app secret is to stay in Western Ridge for another two to three years after we graduate from high school.  If we stay here and develop the app into a full featured commercial product, we get rich.  If we leave with our parents, we go to South America and live in a remote mining camp, since the closing of the Desert Queen Mine left our parents with no severance pay and no 401K money."

I pretty much get the engineer kids convinced to be the only residents in an otherwise ghost town.  Then I have to convince their parents.  I probably couldn't have convinced their parents earlier in the history of Western Ridge, but the closing of the DQM has pointed up how risky the mining business is and that it's going to be very difficult for the parents to give the engineer kids the kind of education they want.

Everyone wants to be rich but not one of the engineer kids, other than myself, really wants to stay in Western Ridge.  I have to sell the idea to everyone as it will basically take all of us to staff the enterprise.  Hell, I also have to sell the idea to a venture capital firm so that we can have the money the software development team will need to live until we finish the app.

The kids are finally willing to stay after I show them how much money we can make in a few years.  However, the mothers of the girls aren't willing to let their unmarried daughters stay.  The key word here is unmarried.

Driven by dreams of wealth, there are six hasty weddings.  They're, by and large, business arrangements instead of matches made in heaven.  The girls couldn't and wouldn't stay in Western Ridge unless they were married.  The boys wouldn't stay unless they had pussy.

With their daughters married off, the parents then leave for a mining operation down in South America, leaving the kids with pretty much no supervision.

The basic idea of pretty much forcing we kids into marriages isn't the brightest idea the parents have ever come up with.  The boys look upon it as an endless supply of hot pussy with a good looking girl.  The girls are mesmerized by the idea of a ring and enough money to raise their children their way.

I felt that there would be some problems with treating marriage as a business deal, but I have to have the engineer kids and they have to be married.  I take a chance and see quite a few problems develop because of taking that chance.

With the weddings done, each of the six newly married couples then moves into one of the empty houses on 'management row.' The management row houses are large, comfortable houses, constructed to make the loneliness of Western Ridge tolerable for the executives of the DQM.  The houses have everything needed to support us, except food.  We'll have to drive quite a way to a large farmer's market that isn't really too far away, but is only open one day a week.  We can get everything we need there.  Best of all, with free rent and low farmer's market food prices, it doesn't cost a lot for us to live at Western Ridge.

Everything seems to be perfect except for the loneliness of Western Ridge.

My wife Jill and I, and Jason, are the principle architects of the software app.  We each have a major share in the development of the app and neither of us could have done it alone.  However, Jill and I don't really like each other.  We got married only because Jill had to get married to stay in Western Ridge and the arrangement made good business sense.

Jill and I are now husband and wife.  We have been partners in software development for a bit and there is a certain amount of professional animosity between us.  Once we start to have sex, I begin to discover some things about Jill.

Jill is usually willing to let me fuck her.  However, it's never just jump in bed and fuck.  Before we have sex, she has to go through her undressing routine.

I have read of ladies who don't like to undress in front of their husband.

Jill is the exact opposite.  Jill likes to undress with me watching.  Hell, to Jill it's not just undressing, it's a show!

I love to watch the show and I get hotter than Hell!  However the actual fuck is maybe a little disappointing.  It's like an exciting preview, followed by a dull movie.  I don't know if it's Jill or me, but there's something lacking in the experience.  Oh well, just like in the movies, time will take care of everything.

Shortly after we get started with the development of the existing software into a commercial product, I make several highly visible breakthroughs in the app and Jill is furious because it looks like I'm really the principle developer and she's nothing.  (Later the situation will reverse itself, but by then it doesn't matter.)  I don't say anything to anger Jill, nor do I behave differently than before the breakthroughs.  In fact, I make sure that the rest of the team knows that Jill is still the co-head of development.  However, Jill remains miffed.

Apparently to work out her frustrations, Jill takes to wearing very sexy and revealing clothes, even at work.  I try to talk her out of the exhibitionist thing, but to no avail.

The boys like Jill's displays, the girls don't like them at all.  Being Jill, my wife ignores the girls and plays to the approval of the boys.

Due to complaints from some of the girls, I have several talks with Jill, but my attempts not only don't do any good, they may actually spur her to more extreme behavior.  Since I have told Jill that I don't like what she's doing and told her that most of the girls are also very unhappy, I'm at a loss as to what more I can do.  It might have been different if Jill and I had actually decided to get married.  However, the forced nature of our wedding has pretty much destroyed any idea of cooperation between Jill and me.

Not only do I have to deal with Jill, I also have to deal with the girls who continue to tell me that I have to 'do something' about Jill's clothes.

I ask for suggestions as to what I might do, but no one has even one useful suggestion.  (Not only that, some of the useless suggestions are insulting, not to mention physically impossible.)

One day, Jill comes to work bra less under a very thin silk blouse.  Of course, she isn't satisfied to just go bra less.  She manages, in a short time, to show herself off to every guy at work in a sort of jiggle show.  Every guy is soon aware that Jill is walking around bra less.

The girls are, of course, very aware of what Jill is doing and they're furious.  There are a number of snide comments from the girls and Jill pretty much ignores them.  One of the girls, Diane I think, finally asks Jill,

"Why don't you just go topless since you're showing pretty much everything of your breasts, under that whore blouse."  (The statement is unfair.  Jill's blouse is much like what the other girls wear.  However, the other girls do wear a bra under their blouses.)

An angry Jill reacts to Diane's remark about going topless by saying brightly, "Why not?"  With that Jill removes her silk blouse and the scenery around the workplace improves dramatically.

The tit display by Jill is exactly what Diane has been waiting for.

Jill is the best looking of the Western Ridge girls.

Diane, however, has the biggest tits. So, Diane removes her blouse and poses dramatically, making sure that everyone gets a good side view of her bra supported superstructure.  Then Diane does a little strip routine as she teases off her bra in front of everyone!  Diane has big tits, but she's only 18-years-old and her tits are firm enough to not really need the bra.

It's an exciting show for the boys, with two topless ladies strutting around the work area.  Did I say work area?  Well it's supposed to be a work area, not a topless bar or something.  The guys are watching the tit show, instead of working and the girls are too angry to work.  We now have a big problem.

Okay, I call the two ladies into my office and start to lecture them about proper dress for an office environment and the effect that distractions have on our software effort.  I say, "You do remember that we're here for a software effort, don't you?"

Diane doesn't answer me but instead remarks (oh so sweetly,) "Jill isn't causing all that much of a distraction because she's so flat that the others think she might be a boy."  Jill looks down at her tits and replies (also oh so sweetly,) "I'm just a natural lady, not some silicone sister."

Diane gets up and it's not to show off her big tits!  Jill gets up so that she can move and not get trapped by Diane.

I damn near have a cat fight on my hands!  I do manage to keep the ladies separated but I apparently brush against Diane's tit in doing so.

Diane then backs off and pretends to be shocked by my contact with her tit.  She then says, so very sweetly, "Well, at least he now knows what a woman's breast feels like."  With that Diane storms out of my office topless and then walks home, still topless.

In a desperate attempt to get at least a little work done, I tell Jill that she'll have to put her blouse back on and get back to work.

Jill defiantly poses her bare breasts for me.  She asks, "Do you think that you are the only one who gets to see these?"

I tell her, "Everyone has seen you topless.  You made your statement.  Now, we need to get some work done on the software.  A topless girl in the workplace doesn't make for efficient software development."

Jill is on the verge of revolt, but she does hear what I have to say.  She apparently has no good answer.  She turns and stalks out of my office.  She goes out and retrieves her blouse.  She goes into the ladies room and not only puts the blouse back on but also wears a bra under the blouse.

(Jill later admits to me that she put a bra in her purse because she had no idea what was going to happen.  If her bra less display hadn't worked the way she wanted, she would have been able to just go into the ladies room and put the bra on.)

When Jill does return to work, she's the center of attention for all of the guys, even though she's now rather modestly dressed.

Jill's topless show isn't lost on the guys.  Apparently the effect of it isn't lost on the on the girls either.

Okay, we have a major problem within our work group.  I know I have to do something and right away.  I try to call Diane at home but get her husband, Dave, instead.  I tell him, "You and Diane and Jill and I need to have a talk."  (I do manage to avoid chewing him out for taking a day off work.)  To my surprise, Dave not only agrees to talk, he seems upbeat about the idea.

I'm rather surprised at what I perceive to be Dave's attitude.  I ask Dave, "Are you sure that you're okay with everything?"

Dave doesn't really respond to me.  He tells me only, "You and Jill need to come over to our place.  I'm sure that we can work everything out with a little talk.  Why don't you come over to our house, say maybe 7PM, after supper? "

I tell Dave, "We have to get this settled.  Jill and I will come over to your house.  I'll try to get us there by seven, but you know that Jill likes to be fashionably late."

Dave says, "No problem.  Diane and I are sure as hell not going to go anyplace."

We actually do get a little work done over the rest of the day, even without Dave and Diane.  However, I have to speak rather sharply to a few of the people.

I then have a long talk with Jill when we get home from work.  I don't attempt to tell her that what she did was wrong, I just hammer on the effect on our work effort.  I think that Jill finally sees the negative effect of what she was doing on our only reason for being at Western Ridge.

Jill finally says, "Okay, maybe what I did wasn't the proper thing for a work environment.  However, there are a number of things that need to be discussed here.  We'll have a chance to do that discussion tonight.  I hope that you're prepared to listen!"  With that, Jill stalks off and goes into the bathroom.

I have a clear signal that something (Hell, probably several somethings) is wrong.  From past experience I realize that trying to get the information from Jill before she's ready to tell me is a waste of time.

Jill finally emerges from the bathroom and we make supper.  She won't really talk to me and I realize that something is in the works.  That Jill has a scheme is obvious.  However, what Jill's plan is remains a mystery to me.

That evening, after supper, Jill gets ready (late again, as usual) and she and I then walk over to Dave and Diane's.  Jill is again wearing a silk blouse over no bra.  However the silk blouse isn't what I'm truly concerned about.  Jill is wearing a very short skirt with nylons that don't begin to reach the hem.  I also suspect that she doesn't have any panties on under the skirt.  I would have talked to Jill about the matter, however, I don't believe in lighting matches in a gasoline storage area.

We get over to Dave and Diane's.  When we arrive, to my shock, Diane is topless, unless you count the fact that she's wearing some sort of bra with no cups.  Diane's big tits are on full display and she doesn't care if I see them.  Diane does care if Jill sees her tits and makes sure to flaunt them in front of Jill.

To my surprise, Jill doesn't really react.  Instead, she kind of ignores Diane.

I give Dave a bottle of wine I brought so that we can have a little to drink while we iron out the problem between Jill and Diane that occurred earlier.  However, it now looks like we may just have a much bigger problem than I was aware of.

Dave goes into the kitchen while the two ladies eye each other like a couple of prize fighters getting ready to do battle.

Dave comes back with four glasses of wine.

We all sit down and try to talk calmly.  At least I think we are going to try to talk calmly.

I start by saying, "Look, we all have to work together here if we're gonna make the big bucks, as per plan.  We have only a small group and we all have to try to get along if we're going to get any work done."

Diane says, "Jason dear, I had to go through high school under my mother's thumb.  When we all graduated, I couldn't pass up the opportunity you sold me on to make the big bucks.  However, I sort of wanted to get a little experience before I settled down.  I planned to go to college and find out what the boys there thought of my big tits.  Now, my mother has arranged things so that I'm married to Dave.  It's not that I'm unhappy with Dave or anything, but I wanted to try a few boys and have a few boys try me before I finally settled down with just one boy."

Jill jumps in, which is probably just as well since I really can't think of anything clever to say.  Jill says, "Diane isn't the only one who was under her mother's thumb.  I figured that I would find out over time what it's like to stop a date from getting his fingers in my panties; or not as my mood dictates.  Instead, my mother saw to it that I got married before I got real experience.  Jason, the first time you fucked me was my first time.  There's nothing wrong with that, but I also wanted to try a couple of boys before I settled down."

I say, "Look, we're in a situation that none of us really anticipated.  Maybe we would have each liked things a bit different.  However, we have to make what we have here work if we're to make the big bucks.  Do you two not want the money?"

Diane asks, "What does making what we have work have to do with the big bucks?"

I ask, "Don't you see?  If the marriages here start to break up, the project dies and we don't make the big bucks.  In fact, since we borrowed the start up money, we each have a rather large debt.  You're, any of you, welcome to review the contract we all signed."

Diane smiles the smile of the mother who must explain the obvious to her little boy.  She then says, "Who's talking about breaking up Western Ridge?  I just found out that Dave fucked Alice on the sly."  With that, Diane favors Dave with a killer sneer that might have killed a lesser man.  Diane then continues, "Alice fucked Dave because she was mad that Alvin fucked Cara.  They aren't the only people doing a little extra curricular activity.  If they can do extra curricular, I can do extra curricular.  However, extra curricular doesn't have to break up Western Ridge."

All I can do is stammer.  "I..I h..h..have been concentrating on the business too much.  I..I had no idea."

Jill says, "Jason, Western Ridge is about to erupt.  Many of the people here are having second thoughts about who they're paired with.  And it's no wonder after we all went through what amounted to shotgun weddings."

I ask, "What if your extra curricular activity does cause Western Ridge to to break up?  We're going to walk away from the big bucks and into debt?  That makes no sense at all."

Jill and Diane look at each other.  Jill patiently explains, "I need a little strange cock.  So does Diane.  Hell, Dave has already had a little strange pussy.  Now you too are about to get lucky and experience a little extra curricular sex.  At least most of the others are in the same situation.  If you want to hold the project together, we're gonna to have to share ourselves with the others."

The idea hits me like a hammer.  I ask, "Are you sure that the sharing will work?  The whole idea seems very dangerous.  We have to do what we have to do to hold things together, but I can also see some big problems if everyone is screwing behind their partner's back."

Jill smirks at me.  She then says in her sexiest voice, "Fuck ..."

Diane jumps in, "Or we walk!"





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