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It's Time


Richard, a fairly young vampire by vampire standard has decided to buck the status quo and fight the establishment. Surrounding himself with others who felt the same way he did and had an ax to grind with the Brotherhood, an elitist group of vampires, he started a war. The war would shake the foundation of the Supernatural world.


Amazed and annoyed by Richard's actions, the Brotherhood's governing body, the Elders call out their top enforcer, Patrick. He sought to quash the uprising. He tried force and when that didn't work, he tried negotiation.

To aid Patrick in his endeavor, the Elders released a weapon of mass destruction in an attempt to annihilated Richard and his followers. The weapon had side effects that rebounded and killed Brotherhood members.

Disheartened by losses on both sides, Richard and Patrick agree to meet to find a viable solution to end the war. The enemies soon realized they had been childhood best friends. They are upset to be on opposite sides of the struggle but neither is willing to surrender.

As their present commitments try to separate them, their past friendship refuses to be forgotten. They struggle to find a way for all sides to be happy.While Richard fought the Brotherhood, his attention was drawn to others offending aspects of the Supernatural world. Deciding now was a good as time as any, Richard begins cleaning up. He finds he isn't the only one trying to change the dynamics of the Supernatural world.

Patrick is torn between Richard and the Brotherhood. As he searches for answers, he finds love. Love gives him the strength to do the right thing. He turns against the Brotherhood.

Together, Richard and Patrick demolish the Brotherhood. Their friendship claiming victory. But in the end, they go their separate ways.





74358 Words



Sale Price:



April 03, 2011

Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Catherine Thomas

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




THE TWO REGAL FIGURES dressed in clothing from a time long since past stood on the building ledge peering into the night across the expansion of the city; a city where their journey would begin. Each lost in their own thoughts, contemplating the past and planning for the future; a plan that would change all their lives hopefully for the better.

"Are you sure you want to proceed this way?" The woman asked clearly seeking confirmation they were choosing the right course of action.

"Absolutely." The man responded with tremendous conviction slightly smiling to himself. "Now is not the time for cold feet, my dear. We've have planned this for so long and finally the time has arrived to act."

For a long time they had sat on the sidelines accepting the status quo just like so many others. "There are easier ways, ways that allow us a greater sense of control."

"True but it needs to happen this way. If we don't build a solid foundation, everything will crumble." Turning away from her to look back over the city, he nodded his head with righteous certainty. It was time for him to be an instrument of change.

"Many will die."

"Many have already died. Do not forget all we have suffered since our induction into this life. The time for change is now. Their deaths will be a necessary catalyst for a brighter future for us all."

"Once we set this in motion we won't be able to stop it. It will have to play out until its end."

"So be it. Our faith in what we are doing is right plus a lot of hard work has brought us to this point."

The woman looked up into the man's serene face searching for any iota of doubt. When she didn't find any, she acquiesced. "Then let it began." The coronation of the new reign is coming. It starts now.


PATRICK STOOD OUTSIDE OF the security headquarters building taking solace in the calm the night provided and surveying all that he protected. As he became one with his surroundings, he not only noticed the full moon with its accompaniment of twinkling stars but he noted the cool gentle breeze carrying the scents and sounds of the forest to him. All was well in his world Reflecting on what his life had become, Patrick was not only satisfied with his current status, he was truly happy with it. He held a position of power and respect plus he finally had the family he always wanted. The only thing that could make this time in his life better was if his friend, Richard was here to share his newfound sense of well being with him. Before thoughts of his childhood friend could induce feelings of melancholy, Patrick received a telepathic message from one of his men stating his presence was immediately needed.

* * * * *

THE CARAVAN OF BLACK SUVs with the moonlight reflecting off their glossy finish came to a screeching halt in front of the picturesque countryside meeting house. They were greeted by the hysterical servant who had placed the frantic emergency call demanding assistance. The servant's peasant style white clothing was covered in blood. "You have to help him." Without waiting for a response, the servant rushed inside the meeting house.

Daniel breathed in deeply receiving a contact high causing his pale cheeks to turn rosy in colour. "Elder Griswold must have thrown one hell of a party." Gyrating his hips, Daniel chuckled lewdly.

Patrick arched his eyebrow and fixed Daniel with a cold stare freezing him in place. "If you have finished jerking off, maybe you could try smelling the air again, objectively." The words were delivered calmly but their cadence indicated the unspoken threat.

Before Daniel could comply with Patrick's order, the sound of the servant's blood curdling screams rang from upstairs. With Patrick leading the charge, both men rushed up the stairs to Elder Griswold's bedroom. Patrick stopped short just outside the door. He raised his arm blocking access to the room from Daniel.

The room's ambiance had been manipulated to guarantee the occupants greatest pleasure. Whoever entered this room would have an overwhelming need for sexual gratification. A multitude of props had been placed all around galvanizing the room sexual tone. The room was bathed in candlelight; every flat surface from floor to window to high shelves held burning scented candles on them. An open closet revealed an assortment of whips, chains, lubricants and body lotions both scented and flavoured.

On the far side of the room directly across from the door with three steps leading up to it, was an enormous ornate bed draped in blood red silk linen with a massive headboard that covered the entire wall. And staked to the head board was a very naked Elder Griswold. The force of gravity caused the loose folds of skins around his torso to drape his body like a skirt.

The servant was kneeling by the side of the bed with his head bowed. Huge tears and rivers of mucus flowing from his nasal passage freely ran down his face. Distraught with grief, over and over he mumbled. "Oh master."

Elder Griswold cleared the clogging phlegm from his throat. "Stop that damn crying." He ordered. Struggling he raised his head and focused his attention on Patrick. "You took your damn sweet time getting here." Elder Griswold complained painfully, blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

Nothing about Patrick's demeanour changed to indicate his acknowledgement of Elder Griswold words. He visually scanned the room until he located the mood altering charm. Stepping inside the room, he unceremoniously knocked it from its perch on the dresser. Not knowing if the room contained anymore sexual booby traps, he cautiously approached the bed. Something he couldn't immediately identify was causing the short hairs on the nape of his neck to stand at attention. Ready for the unexpected, he questioned the Elder. "Elder Griswold none of the stakes have pierced your heart. Why do you remain there?" Patrick circled the bed trying to obtain the perfect vantage point. Elder Griswold opened his mouth to speak but choked. He hocked up a mouthful of deep rich red blood on the bed below him inches from the distraught servant's bowed head. Finally able to speak, he said. "The stakes are hollow. When they put me here, the holy water contained inside the stakes began dripping inside of me." More blood tricked from his mouth. Patrick knew the pain had to be intense. He fought his reflective instinct not to flinch. Now he knew it was the holy water causing the hairs on his neck to stand on end. "Who would do this?" Patrick demanded to know, amazed anyone would attack a member of the Brotherhood.

"The Undesirables." Elder Griswold spat with undisguised disdain. "Those pompous bastards decided I was to serve as their initial calling card. Don't let me die by their grubby little hands." He began choking violently on the blood filling his chest cavity.

Patrick waited until the coughing stopped so his words could be heard. "Did they leave any type of message besides you?" Patrick asked. "Yes. The war has began." Elder Griswold gasped as he felt the holy water melting his insides. His eyes pleaded with Patrick to end his suffering before the holy water dissolved his control and him.

Patrick carefully studied the stake lodged near Elder Griswold's heart. Suspecting it was covered in holy water, he looked around the room for something else to assist him in terminating Elder Griswold's pain. Settling on a sterling silver candle holder, Patrick blew out the flame and removed the candle. "The Brotherhood will mourn your loss." He said as a means of last rites for the Elder. Patrick rammed the candle holder through Elder Griswold's heart without hesitation. A small flame flared at the point of entry, then Elder Griswold disintegrated into dust.

Before the dust could clear the air and settle on the floor, Patrick grabbed the servant by the scruff of his neck. Dragging the servant across the room and out the bedroom door, he flung the servant down the stairs. Picking him up off the stair landing, he threw the servant across the living room floor.

The servant huddled on the floor shaking. "Master, spare me." He begged for mercy. The intoxicating aroma of his fear joined the smells of sex and blood filled the room.

Patrick's predator like instincts found the smells enticing but refused to succumb to their seductive effects. "Your job, first and foremost is to protect your master. You have failed. And in doing so, you have forfeited your pitiful existence."

The servant crawled over to Patrick's feet prostrating himself across the floor. "Have mercy." He cried as his body trembled with fear.

Patrick kicked the servant in the face and watched him fly across the room hitting the far wall with a loud thud knocking down wall hangings and pictures. Marching across the room, Patrick grabbed the servant by the front of his shirt and lifted him several inches off the floor. "What happened here?" The servants cries for mercy abruptly stopped when he saw the menacing look on Patrick's face. Fear had made him dumbstruck. Patrick's reputation was known far and wide. The servant's trembling became violent, and a golden trail of pungent urine flowed down his leg and pooled on the floor beneath him.

Patrick momentarily basked in the servant's fear. Breathing deeply, he allowed the smell of fear to infuse him with a sense of power. He dropped the servant on the floor into the puddle of piss. Patrick jumped back to avoid the splatter. "Talk!" He barked.

Suppressing the queasy feeling caused by being covered in his own fluid waste, the servant pushed himself into a kneeling position. "Elder Griswold was having his regularly scheduled monthly meeting." He stammered.

Like a flash of lightening, Patrick struck. He slapped the servant across the face. "This wasn't a meeting. It was a sex party." He watched the servant's face register surprise. "I'm the head of security. Did you really think I wouldn't know what goes on here?"

"I'm sorry." The servant shrieked. "I didn't mean to lie but Elder Griswold--"

"Enough." Patrick interrupted not wanting to waste his time listening to excuses. "What happened?"

"Elder Griswold had a huge sexual appetite and his parties were legendary. He no longer had to issue invitation because people sought him out and begged to be allowed to attend." The servant began; his eyes flickering between the floor and Patrick in fear.

Patrick interrupted again. "If you mean Elder Griswold and other members of the Brotherhood were fucking Undesirables in clear violation of council rules, I'm aware of that. Get to the point."

The servant's head bobbed up and down as he searched for the words that would quench Patrick's anger. "Everything was proceeding wonderfully. It was starting out to be the best party ever since Elder Griswold had a special surprise brought in." The servant saw the look on Patrick's face and knew he didn't care about the surprise. His tongue nervously darted around his dry lips. "Then everything stopped."

"Stopped? What do you mean stopped?" Daniel asked taking a step closer to the servant.

The servant's eyes glazed over as he attempted to found the best way to recount earlier events. "It was as if time stood still. Everyone froze in place. They looked like Greek statutes. I remember someone's glass of wine had spilled at that precise moment. It was suspended in the air above the floor. Then the doors burst opened." His shoulders jerked as if he replayed the sound of the door crashing open in his mind. "Several Undesirables with their identities hidden entered the room. They waved something in front of the frozen Undesirables partygoers, unfreezing them. With muffled words of warning, they were promptly ushered out the door. When only members of the Brotherhood were left," the servant paused choking on his words. "They began slaughtering everyone."

While the servant wailed with mental anguish from the horrible memory, Patrick contacted his men telepathically. He informed them he had confirmation the Undesirables were involved.

Daniel's nostrils flared as he turned around in a circle. "Why is the scent of blood so strong in this room?" He questioned the servant.

The servant stiffly rose to his feet and shuffled over to one of the old oak wine barrels that flanked the sides of the fireplace. With shaking hands but steely determination, he removed the lid. The sweet coppery smell of the blood inside the barrel blanketed the room. "They drained the blood of the vampires and the other servants and put it in here." He explained.

Daniel looked at all the blood with hunger and anger. "And you did nothing to help them." He accused the cowering servant.

"I couldn't help." The servant whined. "I was immobilized. All I could do was watch and wait for my turn." He whimpered. "I don't know why they spared me."

Patrick and Daniel shared a knowing look. The servant had been spared because the Undesirables needed someone to tell the story. "Where are the bodies of the other servants and the remains of the vampires?"

The servant walked to the other side of the fireplace where another barrel was located. Removing something white from the lid, the servant opened the barrel. "After they drained the vampires, they staked them and put their remains in here. They threw something in the faces of the drained servants causing them to burst into flames. They put their remains inside the barrel too."

Patrick grabbed the servant's hand and twisted it. "What are you holding?" The servant opened his hand revealing a white piece of cloth. "The Undesirables left this."

Patrick snatched the cloth from the servant's hand. It was a piece of high quality cotton weave without any distinguishing features. He turned the cloth over and over in his hands examining it. He didn't know what its significance was. He handed the cloth to Daniel.

Patrick heard his men gathering outside. Mentally, he acknowledged they were getting sloppy. Their movements should have been stealth. He went to meet them. Before he made it to the door, he heard the servant ask. "Master, what should I do?" Patrick didn't respond and proceeded out of the door. Outside, Patrick waited until all his men were assembled. A sense of uneasiness rode the night air. "Report."

Upon Patrick's arrival, the vampires standing in the front lawn of the meeting house stopped talking among themselves. A tall lanky built vampire, named Dante, separate from the group and approached Patrick. "Boss, we found nothing."

"Nothing?" Patrick questioned.

"Boss, it's strange. After one of Elder Griswold's parties, this place should be a cornucopia of smells. There's nothing for two miles surrounding this place, even the scents of animals we know should be here like squirrels, rabbits or raccoons. The place has been totally wiped clean."

Daniel stepped up from behind Patrick. "Boss, the Undesirables didn't leave a scent inside of the lodge either."

"I'm aware of that," Patrick stately abruptly.

Dante continued as if Patrick and Daniel hadn't interrupted him. "No one here has heard of this before."

"They had help." Daniel interjected.

Patrick turned his head to peer into Daniel's face. Everyone present stood absolutely still secretly fearing for Daniel but glad they weren't the ones in his place. The only sound disturbing the tension-filled silence was the occasional rustle of the leaves when the wind blew. "Is there a particular reason you keep stating the obvious?"

Instantly recognizing Patrick's barely contained fury. "Sorry Boss. There's something in the air. It's giving me the creeps." Daniel explained taking a step back.

Murmurs arouse among the security force regarding Daniel's statement. Several of them nodded their heads in agreement.

Patrick couldn't deny what they were saying, he felt it too. Originally, he had thought it was the sex charms or the holy water, now he knew it was something of unidentifiable origin. Something that rode the night air putting all their senses on high alert. "I need to meet with the council and brief them on this situation. While I'm doing that I want every stone turned over. I want to know why the Undesirables have declared war and who is helping them. Take the remaining servant with you, he may be of some assistance." Patrick stated doubtfully.




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