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How far are you willing to go to fulfill your Destiny? There is a thin line between fantasy and reality. Destiny is a story based on the true events of the life of Kiara Leone. The book starts off with Kiara going to a castle to find out which of the three men in her life finally realizes he loves her. She already knows who she wants and who she loves, but is the man who is sending her to the castle the man she loves?


As she goes to the castle Kiara brings you on a journey of her life in the last 23 years. She will show you how it all started and what actually brought her to this point and the three important men in her life. You will see the good and the bad in her life. Destiny shows the reader the trials of everyday life and the more pressing issues of Kiara's life.

The main twist at the end is that the whole time of this self discovery….





82447 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Isabella & Marco Buonavita

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PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Kindle (MOBI);




THE WHOLE CAR RIDE I just kept thinking to myself, "this is nuts, what am I doing, I'm a mother of three, I don't even know who sent me this note. It can be some crazy lunatic." But I knew deep in my heart that it wasn't. I couldn't believe how out of all the songs, the song that was playing was from Natasha Bedingfield, "Take me away to a Secret Place." What are the odds? I thought to myself how nuts this is. I already thought it was crazy when my sister came to my door yesterday morning and offered to watch the kids because I needed to do this.

"Ariana what are you talking about?"

"I don't know Kiara the only thing I know is that this envelope arrived to me, inside were tickets for Europe with your name on it." The letter said:

Dear Ariana, I know we've had our differences but I've realized that I can't live without your sister. She means the world to me. I've been away from her and my world is not the same. I am willing to change for her and make her happy. I know that's what you want for her too SO please help me make her happy. Don't tell her who this is from, give her the tickets, tell her that she has to go and life is too short to just sit and wonder "what if." Come on we both know that's true, plus it's one of her favourite places in the world. Let her know, that you will take care of the kids and that she shouldn't have any care in the world. When she gets on the plane she will get another envelope that she will open on the way here. I know I can count on you. Thanks L

She never told me who it was and I begged her but she said he just signed it "L." "Great that really helps me."

"Well Kiara, just go. If anything you get a great trip out of it and you love Europe, so just go."

"What if he's a psycho?"

"Kiara, I know where you are going and I have the letter, if something happens, I know where to find you. Just please call me when you get there and find out who it is. I'm dying to know which "L" Loser it is."

"Ha, you are so funny."

"Sorry it was too easy." Ariana was my youngest sister and has become my best friend but she was a wise ass and didn't know when to stop.

As the driver pulled up to the address on the note, my heart just stopped! I couldn't believe it, it can't be. How in the world am I here? Is this a dream? The driver was calling me "signora, signora." In a heavy Italian accent he said to me, "This is the place, are you Ok? Are you sure you want me to leave you here?" I said yes, this is the exact place. I gave him his money and he was on his way. As I stood in the front I just looked up and was breathless, speechless. How on earth was this happening? I was in front of the castle that I dreamt about. Who brought me here? Is this still my dream? I never told anyone about this dream, my secret place, just like the song in the car. I just got the chills. Did he finally get it? Did he realize that just the little things in life make me happy? Was he actually going to be the man that I needed and wanted? Who was it up there waiting for me?

The Castle was on the top of the mountain. There was a path with stairs that led up to the Castle, and then the castle itself had more steps. I just stood at the bottom looking at the beauty of it and how long it was going to take me to get up there, the note should've said, bring your sneakers. The Castle was like an old Roman Castle, with coble stone steps leading me to my Destiny. On the side of the path there were all these beautiful flowers, Jasmines, Lilies and Marigolds. It was truly out of a dream. They were breathtaking and I had to just stay there and admire it.

As I started my way up the stairs I started to think on how I got to this point.

23 years earlier…….




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 destiny, fantasy, reality, trials, self-discovery, life, journey, castle, love, men, issues

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