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Mica's Brain

Dina von Zweck

When a magician [Blust-O] tries to hypnotize a woman [Mica] on stage, giving her the power to fly, she enters a floating world that takes her to the past, the future…and away from the present where she is taken hostage in a theatre by terrorists.

The three Micas (present/future/past) live in different historical times…And perhaps in the same brain…with the same passion for truth, the same pulse of sexual energy.

Part I / The Present / NYC

35 year-old Mica Paradis thinks her lover, Richard is betraying her. Distraught, she attends a fund-raising event and impulsively volunteers to be hypnotized on-stage by Blust-O, an other-worldly creature with peculiar proclivities and perversities. When gun-wielding terrorists take the entire audience hostage, Mica is still entranced…There is nothing the hypnotist can do to bring her back—except to follow her into the floating world with a strange box strapped to his back. The sand-coloured box contains a gift that is both mythic and erotic.


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Part II / The Future / Tokyo

When a manga artist, Hiro Mitaguri, creates Mica, the Miracle Girl, she surprises him by taking over the story. Inviting him into the plot, she seduces him into writing himself into the story as a character: the Animator. Flying back into his version of the narrative, she battles the evil ACCETES who will stop at nothing to capture her memories and use them to destroy the world. Her quest is to vanquish ACCETES, retrieve the Golden Box from the Theatre of Surprises…and keep control of her brain. And rather than being just a sidekick, the Animator is a sinister voyeur, watching his own creation, a cyborg, become human and more and more sensual. Action shifts back and forth between graphic sequential art episodes (manga)…to even more terrifying natural and unnatural disasters let loose on the planet. In the future---as in the present---fears, hopes and urgencies that confront everyday citizens are ignored by those in power.

Part III / 1777 / Vienna

When Anton Mesmer demonstrates the miraculous powers of Animal Magnetism, 5-year-old Mica is in the audience watching him bring sight to a blind girl. A bizarre system of fluids and the curative power of light streaming from his fingers disturbs Mica and disrupts her sight. Now she sees beyond the surface of things, and apprehends the future—without understanding the unfolding images in her brain…or the folding and enfolding Universe in which she travels. Mother flirts with Herr Burger and maybe more is going on…Father, sadly, finds the truth. Mother resists Mesmer’s powers to cure her of somnambulism by imbuing the Tree of Life plant in her garden with vital fluids that can curtail nightly wanderings. At first the blind girl’s father agrees to her further treatments…but then accuses Mesmer of being a charlatan, and causes an uproar…





42061 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


Kenneth King

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);

Paperback Price:

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AN ART AUCTION, a fund raising was what it started with. A beginning not so unusual as to be usual. Who could have foreseen it would end in disaster?

To be sold to the highest bidder: a Sigmar Polke drawing, two girls dancing, a page of Rothko’s sketchbook, twelve colour strips that didn’t make it into “Magenta, Black, Green on Orange”, Keith Haring’s magic marker drawing of baby being whacked with a baseball bat, two Leslie Dill poem/paintings, small etching by Remedios Vara, Peter Hugar photo of Susan Sontag and another of Cindy Lubar playing Queen Victoria, Ray Johnson collage of bunnies and bombs, Joseph Cornell box, parrot #5.

The main draw was a newly-discovered portrait of Anton Mesmer, painted in Vienna in 1777. It had a minimum bid of twenty eight million dollars, and if Sumner Redd donated his promised ten million, and all the other art sold well, the goal of adding a wing to the Arts Institute would be met.

The auction Events Planner thought it would be great fun to hire a hypnotist to perform for thirty minutes before the auction started. She told him, “Get them primed to bid on the Eckert, it comes up last.”

“Should I hypnotize the audience en masse to bid higher and higher?” he joked. “Stratospheric prices make an auction more newsworthy.”

“Don’t be stupid. Just plant a seed. Mesmer popularized hypnosis in the late 1700s. Eckert created almost-abstract landscapes; the most famous oil was painted almost entirely in different tones of blue. There is an androgynous winged figure falling from what looks like sky into what looks like lake. It caused a sensation. It is lost and it may have been destroyed during Eckert’s time. Portraits were the exception and he only did them as pay-back for a favour. It’s said that Mesmer cured his blind daughter.”

He’d seen an Eckert at the Met Museum, “The Lovers”, a strange pastoral scene with the lovers surrounded by sheep and two boys watching, curious. And yes, it did have some sort of creature falling to earth from the sky, near the moon. But the hypnotist didn’t say anything now. He just wanted to be given a dollar-amount as a fee for his performance and a contract to sign his name, “Blust-O” in old-fashioned flourishing letters, capital “B” and the rest of the small alphabet swirling afterwards like mice, newly-born and straggling.

He knew that Sumner Redd was going to present a ten million dollar check with great ceremony at the end of the auction.

He also knew he was going to leave immediately after his performance as Blust-O, walked into BAR 89, down the block on Mercer – and became Herbert Greenhouse: a man and his other, the half he had recently stopped suppressing. He’d just learned how to alternate between his two modes, selecting the appropriate one…and inhibiting the other and vice versa. It was extraordinary (miraculous even) discovering that he wasn’t separated into two clearly defined entities – masculine and feminine – but fused into one. Each had once been unconscious of the other, the hidden part always exerting a tension, a pulling that he experienced as re-unification. Somewhere around the heart muscle, desire was flexing its own muscle.

In essence, he was Mercurius, the shape-shifter whose every quality existed in potentia. And this filled him with enormous pleasure. To be able to generate energy through the interaction of opposites – the same original elemental creative force that sprang forth from the Totality, in the Beginning.

“… cured Eckert’s blind daughter,” the Events Planner said, and then silence, into which Blust-O entered with, “How did Mesmer do it? Cure the painter’s daughter?”

“He had a system of fluids. It’s all in the auction brochure. Here. Read it.”

When she pointed to a box filled with brochures, Blust-O did nothing. The cure could be true. Or a trick. Maybe it was a miracle. Whatever happened to restore a blind girl’s sight deserved gratefulness. If you appreciated a kindness, the best thing to give in return was what was wanted and needed most. He wondered why Mesmer would want a portrait of himself holding a globe.

“How old was the girl?”


“What was her name?”

“Anabella. It’s still her name.”

“All right, then. I’ll see you tomorrow night at the Event.”

“Thank you. And be sure to bring your ID card. Security is tight.”




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 magician, hypnosis, past/future life, terrorist, auction, artist, manga, Anton Mesmer, animal magnetism, miraculous powers,New York, Tokyo, Vienna

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