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Programmer's Vacation


James X. Owen isn't a people person. He was sent into what was to be a suicide mission to Chile. With the aid of an FBI lady named Susan Channing, the two of them escaped.

The two are then given yet another assignment, what the FBI thinks is a suicide mission.

They complete the mission, using Jim's ferocity and Susan's skill with guns, only to find themselves stranded in Mexico.


Well, Jim had foreseen the problem and maybe his escape plan might work.





32184 Words





Cover Art:

R. Richard & T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




I ask, “Body count?”

“Five, but I only killed four.”

“That’s my Jim. Let’s go.” I lead the way, out of the room and down to the beach. There are a couple of guys, armed with rifles. Got to be drug boys. I use a few rounds from the AK-74 and the drug boys go down. Another drug boy pops up from behind a small boat. I hear Jim shout, “Gas tank!” Then Jim sprints down the beach, in a totally insane frontal attack on the drug boy located behind the boat. There are two figures getting out of a large Chevrolet Suburban and I concentrate on them, as they will be too busy trying to kill Jim, to worry about me.

* * * * *

THERE’S A DRUG BOY behind a small boat. If he gets down behind the small boat, he’s going to be a tough target, even for a markswoman like Susan. I gotta protect Susan. I yell, “Gas tank!” I then sprint down the beach, zig zagging and using the Uzi rounds to keep drug boy occupied. I think that I hit drug boy, but I’m not sure. I continue to close the gap and I’m almost to him, when the Uzi runs out of rounds. I throw the Uzi at drug boy and grab my knife. I hit drug boy and knock him to the ground. I stab the boy several times, even after he must be dead. I hear someone screaming rage and I finally realize that it’s me screaming. I rise from the corpse of drug boy and see two guys sort of hiding in the boat. I realize that I still have a Glock, tucked into my swim suit. I pull the Glock and ask, “Who’s next?” I then realize that the guys in the boat probably don’t speak English. I then realize that it really doesn’t matter, the boat guys are so scared that they’re not really a problem. I hear an explosion, not too far away and I realize that Susan got the drug dealer’s vehicle fuel tank. I go over to the boat and grab a duffel bag. “El dinero?”

The guys in the boat say, in chorus, “Si, Señor.”

I take the duffel bag and look for Susan.

* * * * *

I SCAN THE BEACH and put a few AK-74 rounds into anyone who looks like trouble. I see Jim still running down the beach. I see two drug dealers try to hide behind the Chevrolet Suburban. I remember Jim’s words and I scrabble an explosive round magazine out of the bag that Jim left. I take careful aim and put a few explosive rounds into the area of the Chevrolet Suburban gas tank. Nothing seems to happen. I hear the two drug dealers say something. On a hunch I put some more explosive rounds into the area of the Chevrolet Suburban gas tank. Fire, gasoline and air then mix in the right combination to create a big KABOOM! The drug dealers hiding behind the Chevrolet Suburban are no longer a problem. There are now more armed men coming onto the beach. They may be Mexican Army or they may be drug dealers, probably no practical difference. I slap a new magazine into the AK-74, empty the Uzi at them and then run down the beach carrying the AK-74, the RPG slung on my back and the bag of spare rounds. I meet a blood covered Jim, coming back up the beach.

“Susan, are you alright?”

“I’m good. You’re covered with blood!”

“My Uzi ran out of rounds and I had to use my knife. I’m okay.”

“Now all we have to do is wait for the SEAL Teams guys.”

“I got ‘em, on my comm, ETA less than a minute.”

“With an AK-74, I can hold ‘em until the boat gets here. Jim that run of yours down the beach was total insanity!”

“Susan, if the guy got down, behind the boat, you would have been in danger. I just zig zagged down the beach and took the guy out.”

“Jim, why did you use your knife? You had a Glock.” I again use the AK-74 and the figures up the beach are not anxious to get too close.

“Well, I’m not used to carrying a pistol and I forgot.”

I continue to keep heads down, with the AK-47. I hear my comm peep.

“The boat’s here, you go.”

“Jim, I have the AK-74, you go now!” I hear Jim leave.

I leave Susan on the beach and I grab the money duffel bag and the RPG case. I swim out to the boat. I have a lot of muscle and not too much fat. Ol’ Jim doesn’t swim all that well. However, the duffel bag with the drug money floats, as I knew it would and the RPG case also floats. So I use the duffel bag and the RPG case to support my upper body and I use my legs to kick in a fashion that an Olympic champion would have been proud of. I get to the boat. One of the SEAL Teams guys lifts me aboard. I tell him, “Susan’s still on the beach, we gotta get her out of there.”

The other SEAL Teams guy says, “I sent her a comm message. Is she the one with the assault rifle?”

“Susan’s got an AK-74 and she knows how to use it. I didn’t want to leave her on the beach, but you just can’t win an argument with a woman.”

The first SEAL Teams guy says, “Your lady’s on her way. Now, how did you get blood all over your face?”

“Susan and I got to the beach. There were drug dealer boys waiting for us. Susan is a markswoman, really good. However, there was this guy with a rifle down by the little boat that would bring the drugs into the dock. If the guy got down behind the boat, Susan was in danger. I ran down the beach, zig zag fashion, using my Uzi to keep the guy occupied, until the Uzi ran out of rounds. By then I was pretty close to the guy, so I threw the Uzi at him and then used my knife.”

“You ran down an open beach, against a guy with a rifle?”

“There was no time to think, I just went!”

“Jim, you’re bat shit crazy. Then again, we got a lot of guys in the Team like that. Hey, you brought two packages with you.”




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