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A Remarkable Life

Gary Van Haas

This story is an intriguing memoir by one of the guys who eventually founded MTV and let me tell you for certain, it is quite a fabulous story! Author Gary Van Haas is still alive at 70 years old now and he tells a remarkable and hair-raising tale of his early days as a child living in Miami Beach with his mother and in Bethesda, Maryland with his dad and how the changes of 1968 eventually sent him with his young new wife and child to Venice Beach, California where the Flower Power Peace Movement was in full swing.


From there starts off working as a Stuntman in the movie business and from there he beings booking rock bands on Sunset Blvd at the Whiskey, Troubadour and Bitter End West... All top-rated clubs at the time.

In the next stage in Gary’s development he decides to use the new SONY Beta-Max video tape machines to tape his acts used later to promote the band’s records in Tower Records on the West Coast and in Goody’s in New York. The market research results are phenomenal and Record Companies such as Warner Bros, Electra, Atlantic and many more hire Gary to do more in-store music video market research. Later Gary is invited to all the record industry conventions worldwide where eventually in London he is greeted by the president of SONY who set up their new big screen video projection machine to show the record industry the power of Gary’s new music videos. The story follows with Gary buying a house a million dollar in the lush hills of Marin County in the Sausalito, California living next to his friends Van Morrison, Carlos Santana, and music promoter Bill Graham.

The story continues as Gary meets and marries the Underwood Typewriter heiress and later where he divorces and falls upon the ‘love of his life’ in jet-set Mykonos, Greece where slowly he decides to leave the U.S. and move to Athens, Greece permanently as a whole new world opens up to him. From there they travel all over Greece and Europe and most of the globe visiting and staying such exotic places as Cyprus, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and much of the Far East.





79766 Words



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Gary Van Haas


W. Richard St. James


Gary Van Haas

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I HAVE ALWAYS cherished the love and comfort of a good woman. Perhaps that made me whole as a person because a man’s life without the love of another human being is spiritually empty and incomplete.

I had the most beautiful and gifted women and it was the women in my life that drove me, inspired my growth and nourished compassion for life. Living for all humans is filled with both joy and heartbreak, and like the yin and yang of Zen, is intertwined with so many stories and dramas that I have a few of my own to share.

I have been living in glorious Greece for the past thirty-four years in a sort of self-imposed exile. Not a bad for a choice of bohemian living either. Leonard Cohen made a similar decision in the early 1960s to leave New York to live on a Greek island for a number of years and from it launched a major singing career.

Over the years I have seen quite a bit of this wild, capricious world and observed pointedly what effect living in a distant country can do to foreigners. Some did well in adapting to the new culture and lifestyles, while others slowly decayed, went downhill and perished into oblivion. They either went back home or and faded away unable make the change.

As for myself, I chose the outlaw path and followed it throughout most of my life. In retrospect I found I wanted a safe space to create and find some respite in this chaotic world. Most important of all, I wanted a safe place to create in some semblance of peace and harmony, and for me, Greece was the ticket.

After travels to Europe, India and the Far East, I gradually became a self-realized person who has gone through many critical changes in lifestyle and thinking. You may ask what a self-realized being is, and I can tell you quite clearly, it is one who has realized that we are in fact spirits inhabiting bodies, guided by karmic interaction, and one who understands all life is made of light, vibrations, and matter composed of atoms, cells, and molecules, which at a quantum level, penetrates the essence of all living forms existing on this earth and beyond the stars.

My story is a personal journey from America to Europe and the exotic Far East; a fantastic personal passage full of surprises and unconventional living and at points humorous with its twists and turns.

Funny how life is, my wife Pavlina and I had been together since we met on the island of Mykonos in 1983. It was instant love at first sight and we partied hardy most of our lives, traveling in Greece and the islands, all over the world to Europe, the USA, Mexico, and to north and south Thailand and north and south of India where we visited over thirty years and at least twenty times, staying some three months at a stretch during the winters. On most of our travels we ended up staying on the spectacular white sand beaches of Goa.

Then some thirty-five years later, you turn around and look in the mirror and finally realize the party’s almost over. One day Pavlina went to see her doctors and was given a death sentence from liver cancer.




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 memoir, California, Greece, childhood trauma, marriage, movie-making, world travel,friendship

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