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Michael Richard

The unthinkable happened. Just as prophesy had predicted, evil escaped its prison. With its full might, evil cast it against the walls of new Eden. The force shattered the sanctuaries impenetrable walls. Once again those seeking shelter were exposed to the mercy of darkness! A few managed to survive the initial wave of evil, though they themselves were slowly succumbing to its powerful effects. Unsure of their own thoughts or even what they see, will they make the right choices or will they do exactly as the entity wants them to? The clock is ticking and the countdown has begun. From the midst of the darkness steps an unknowing catalyst of untold power. With the perfect balance of good and evil inside them 'Dissension' which way will the scales be tipped? A wrong decision, the slightest mistake and it could be their last, everyone's last!






55173 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Michael Richard

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THE WORLD WAS DIVIDED. Though no longer was it split because of religion. What the world witnessed from within the United Nations Building changed all that. It was divided because the Garden of Eden covered approximately half the earth. The other half was desperate to get in. All along the walls to Eden, had gathered the rest of humanity. Massive numbers lined the walls all praying and trying anything within their power, to get inside. One here, one there, would eventually disappear, ending up inside. Many have left behind love ones they were unable to bring forth. Some wanted to go back to get the ones left on the other side, but found they were unable to do so. From both sides of the great wall, came screams of family members, separated. Dissension had entered the Garden of Eden.

Streets were littered with money. Currency of every nation blew in the four winds. Those who were very poor took of it, stuffing their pockets. The very rich continued to dump it out, in the hopes, their deeds, would buy a way into Eden.

As it was written, ‘the poor shall inherit the earth!’ Those who had nothing, instantly, had everything they could have wanted. On the other hand, those who had everything suddenly found themselves having nothing. Where had all that money been? If it had been used, none would have hungered. A child would not have cried in the middle of the night because it had nothing to eat. The child’s parents would not have suffered bringing it into the world, into this nothingness. Yet the parents were still blessed to have that child, as it was their right to bear one. To know what kindness it could bring to them. But to watch it wither away was a nightmare, a dreadful sight. But now they had it all, riches beyond belief.

The once filthy rich, prayed at the walls. Going without eating or drinking, many would pass-out from starvation and thirst. Having compassion for them even though very few cared for the poor, the poor helped them. Feeding and giving them drink, even though those helping them could now easily buy and sell their souls. These people already knew the value of a single life and all the money in the world was not worth one of them dying.

Among those helping, were Adam and Eve, from the organization, Eyes of the Cross. Code named Adam and Eve; they are joint leaders of the secret society. Evil had come against them and their vast array of weapons, and lost. Now their services were being used around the world to help the unfortunate, enter Eden. With the rest of the organization spread throughout the world, slowly, they were getting them in.

The members of the organization had become prophets of sort, around the globe. All unanimously decided to assist the less fortunate. They themselves would sacrifice, and stay on the outside until all had come in: Their purpose, to preach and teach those on the outside. To give them hope when nothing seemed to be working in their favour. Among a great many discoveries by the organization, one of the greatest was their ability to enter and exit Eden. A closely guarded secret none would disclose. To enter, one must completely let go of any and all things, which bound them to this earth. It must be done freely, without remorse.

Eyes of the Cross had their work cut out for them. All knew time was of the essence. The second coming of the evil entity could happen at any moment. The same evil entity Eyes of the Cross came against inside the United Nations Building and defeated. The world watched the entity’s demise as it was being televised. The world also saw the hand of God bind His nemesis.

The organization knew this was only temporary and that the outsiders, those beyond the safety of Eden, would be at its mercy when it came. Though mercy was something the entity would not give, it would deal harshly with any it caught. In an exodus of epic proportion, much different from that of Moses time, this was worldwide.

A year had since passed, following the defeat of the evil entity. The world had known peace as never before. All things were orderly and caring. Compassion ruled the day. Needing the rest, Adam took a little time for himself. He watched as several hundred-dollar bills, blow by. One of the bills flew up and wrapped around a bush in front of him, the wind pinned it there. Adam plucked the bill from the bush and looked at it. ‘What did this one bill cause during its existence? What was it used for?’ He wondered, concentrating on the bill so hard, he never noticed the blood pouring from his hands. Eve, standing a short distance away, saw it and knew the meaning of it. She closed her eyes and felt its presence growing. Her eyes sprang open.

“No God, not now! We cannot get them all in before he comes.”

Eve raced for Adam, grabbing his hands. The moment she did, Adam felt it. He then saw the blood coming from his hands. Adam stared at Eve in great concern.

“The blood of the innocent shall mark his coming,” stated Adam, regrettably.

“It must be the sign we have dreaded, it has to be. What are we to do? We cannot just leave all these people out here, it will destroy them!”

“I don’t know Eve, I just don’t know. I would have hoped we could have gotten everyone in by now.”

“We should return to the House of God and warn Mi.cha.el and Lucifer, the evil entity is coming. The Throne is in danger and must be protected at all cost.”

“I agree Eve, we must protect God’s Throne. If we lose it to evil, we lose everything. We will all perish.”

Both Adam and Eve turned in the same direction took a single step and faded into thin air. Through the walls of Eden they went. Seconds later, they stepped out exactly where they wanted to be, at the entrance of an open gate. From there, they gazed upon the House of God.

“It is amazing this place simply came down out of the heavens. I wouldn’t have figured it to look this way, what about you Eve.”

“Me neither. I figured it to be lavish. Nothing would be spared in its making. I was wrong. I was far from the truth. My imagination had built it into the most magnificent house ever constructed. Why do we do that Adam? Why do we make things out to be what they are not?”

“I am surprised our way of thinking, our concept of the way we think things should be, hasn’t gotten us into more trouble than it already has! I can only thank God it hasn’t. Let’s go inside.”




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