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Porno Stud

R. Richard

Jake’s car has just developed a $600 transmission problem. Jake and his wife don’t happen to have a spare $600 just lying around.

Jake is contemplating a bank robbery.

Millie manages to hook Jake up with a porno video outfit that needs a stud, right now.

Jake passes the required blood test does the porno video scene and gets the car fixed! Jake’s wife then wants to try porno.






9066 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison



R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);




My wife and I are just starting out. Money is really tight. I drop our car off at a repair shop that I use. I then walk, maybe a mile, to work. Mid-morning, I get the bad news. The transmission is in need of a $600 repair. My wife and I don’t happen to have a spare $600 just lying around. We have to have the car.

Millie comes by my desk and asks, “Bad news, Jake?”

I tell her, “Six hundred dollars’ worth of bad news. The transmission in my car needs repair. Maybe I can hold up a bank, to get the money!”

“Whoa! Before you do something rash, there just might be a better way. You work out, at noon. You look really good, gotta six pack, not much fat.”

“I wrestled at a hundred ninety pounds, back in college. I still like to keep in shape. I work out every day, here in the company gym. It keeps me in shape and I can also brown bag in my lunch, instead of the usual expensive restaurant meal.”

“Let me make a call.” Millie makes the call and talks to someone. She then hands the phone to me.

A voice on the other end of the phone says, “I’m desperate for a guy to do a sex scene, to finish a porno film. If you can pass the blood test, I’ll write you a check for six hundred dollars, for just one sex scene.”

It hits me like a hammer. A voice inside my head says, “Don’t do it Jake, think of your career.” Another voice says, “You gotta get the car fixed.” I gotta get the car fixed. I agree to do the porno sex scene.

I call and tell my wife about the car trouble and that she’ll have to take the bus home. I also tell her that I may be able to earn some money toward fixing the car, but I can’t talk, I have a meeting.

I call Eddie, at the garage, and tell him, “I can get the six hundred bucks, after work, and then come by maybe seven PM.

“I’ll be here. I got a lotta sick cars need work.”

The porno guy comes by and takes me to some sort of testing lab. They take a blood sample and then the guy takes me back to work. Later that day, the guy calls me back and tells me that I have passed the test and he’ll pick me up, after work. The porno guy drives up and picks me up, right after I get off work.

The guy asks me, “First time?”

“Yeah, I gotta earn some money for a car repair. What am I supposed to do?”

“You’re in a room. A nude girl runs into the room, running away. You grab the girl, throw her on a bed and then mount her, missionary style. You fuck her, until you’re ready to come. Just before you come, you pull out and come over her stomach, hand job. Simple.”

“I don’t say anything?”

“No, after you fuck the girl, you just get up and walk away, in the direction that the director tells you. The star girl is supposedly there and she and her huge black stud make some demeaning remarks to the girl, but that’s not your concern.”

“I have never done it, with lights, camera, people watching and all.”

“Look, you walk into a house. You find a place to put your clothes. You strip to naked. We got a script girl. She marches your ass into a room. She tells you where the naked girl comes from. You wait for the girl, grab her, throw her on the bed, fuck her and then leave, in the direction that the script girl told you. You then go and get dressed, the script girl gives you your check and away you go.”

“The girl just runs through the house, in the nude?”

“The girl gets fucked. She then has to clean the cum off of her and out of her pussy. She then needs maybe a make-up touch up and then she gets fucked again. When is there time for her to get dressed, in between fucks?”

‘You mean that there are people wandering around the place, in the nude?”

“A girl is gonna get fucked, maybe by a guy that she has never seen before, all in front of a shooting crew, bright lights and all and she’s worrying that some guy might see her pussy?”

“After I fuck the girl, there’s no worry about when I get dressed?”

“How often can you fuck to climax?”

“Unlike the guys in the boy’s locker room, not every fifteen minutes.”

“I had a crew of studs, muscles, six pack. One of them went to a foreign country, to make a little extra porno dough. He just got back and flunked his lab work, stupid bastard. I gotta have a replacement stud, with muscles and a six-pack. That’s why you got the role.”

We get to a house, at the end of a dead-end street. The porno guy parks along the curb. We walk to the house and get past the goon at the front door. The porno guy leads me to a girl, dressed in jeans and a blouse. The porno guy tells the girl, “This is the replacement stud. Here’s his lab sheet.”

The girl looks at the sheet and then back at me. She says, “Well?”

I ask, “Well?”

The girl smirks at me, “Your first time.” She gestures to an unoccupied corner of the living room and says, “Over there and get your clothes off, we got a schedule to meet.”

I go over to the corner and take my clothes off. I’m maybe a little self-conscious (maybe a lot.) I then stand there, bare ass naked, wondering what to do next. Suddenly I’m confronted by two hot-looking babes and a large, muscular black guy.

The black guy tells me, “I’m not really named Harvey Heavyhung, but that’s my porno name. I’m twelve units short of a degree in Political Science. The ladies are FiFi and Nanci.”

“I don’t have a porno name, call me Jim. I’m several gears short of a working automatic transmission, in my car. I am pleased to meet all of you.”

Fifi laughs, “I’m what they call the star of this video production. The plot is that Harvey and I lure college sorority girls into a gangbang. We videotape ‘em, in action, and then we’ll force ‘em to star in porno videos.”




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