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Michael Richard

Into the peace and serenity of Heaven, mankind had ascended.  Every single kingdom had been filled.  All now enjoyed the blissful quietness of their surroundings.  But even serenity has a way of crashing down, with a little help.  There came unto all in Heaven a long lost child, Lilith.  Generations after generations of those who had made it to Heaven witnessed her coming.  Lilith's generational appearance tested the resistance of mankind.  In every instance, since the first generation arrived in Heaven, mankind would flee to the past.  What they had gained, they would so easily severe and run from it.  Like little sheep hiding from a wolf that had entered the flock, mankind would, without hesitation, leave Heaven to hide.  The strengths and powers they possessed could have easily sent the long lost child away, instead, they would choose to run from it, in fear. 


Only, in this generation, all that was about to change.  Just as the archangels Gabriel, Mi.cha.el and Lucifer lower their heads, already thinking what the outcome would be again, there came a cry from among the kingdoms.  Never before had there been a cry for anything, mankind had just fled backward, into time.  That spark, the cry from a single kingdom, allowed the Archangels to act, whereas before, they were forbidden to interfere.  Their actions, along with the actions of mankind, would clear Heaven of everyone.  God Himself, even left Heaven, this time.  In His leaving, all gates slammed shut and fused together, leaving but one open. 

Back on Earth, the archangels soon discover the passage of a 1000 years had gone by without them knowing.  The passing was that of the 1000-year reign of pure peace.  The archangels witnessed it, but didn't recognize what they saw.  All that was written had not been fulfilled, the archangels worst fears.  What was to come would be the greatest army ever amassed on the field of battle.  The army would not be that of mankind, but the army of the long lost child called Lilith, they were her children.  The number matched that, equally, of every single person that had ever been born since existence began, that's how great an army they faced, alone.  Mankind would not lift a finger to help them.  Three, against an equally, and most powerful foe.  Not only would each archangel have to face this massive army, they will also have to face what he or she has feared most, themselves and their own past. 






35532 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Michael Richard

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AS STREAKS OF LIGHT, everyone, man, woman, and child had transcended to Heaven, from the Earth. Each went their own way to a destination designed specifically for them. What every soul perceived Heaven to be, was exactly what each received. It was a kingdom of pure serenity, a total undeniable fulfillment of each heart's desire. Instantly, they recognized their own hearts in the place they were in. With all heartache removed, the new super-beings stepped from their old existence into the new.


In one of the kingdoms, there, upon their own beach sanctuary, sat two beings. A man and woman named Adam and Eve, who headed up Eyes of the Cross on Earth. Both, sat gazing upon the most magnificence of sunsets created from their own thoughts. They were absorbing the sheer beauty of it, while at the same time, adding new features to what they were seeing. Their peace and serenity would be, short lived. Something else began appearing in the skies above. It was a dark cloud that came rolling in quickly. With the cloud, came terrible rumblings, with severe quaking of their surroundings.

"Are you causing that?" Asked Eve.

"No," replied Adam, "I am trying to make it go away."

"So am I. Then why isn't it leaving? It is continuing to come closer."

Effortlessly, both floated up, to what could only be perceived as their feet. Eve held up both of her limbs, aiming for the oncoming cloud and commanded in a strong voice.

"I command, in the name of all that is good, STOP!"

The dark cloud instantly stopped! Now motionless, it hung in the skies above. All fell deathly quiet. Slowly, Eve lowered her limbs. "If you or I did not call upon it, then what is it?"

"I don't know. I can feel nothing from it."

"Then let's ask it what it is and what it wants here."

"That may not be such a good idea. Look at it closely. I have seen its likes before, but cannot recall what it was."

Uneasiness suddenly swept over both of them.

"What is happening?" Questioned Adam. "I am feeling strangely. I am trying to think and cannot. My past, it is gone. I cannot recall any of it. If I can't recall my past then…"

As Adam lowered his head in disgust at himself because he couldn't remember any of it, Eve, too, tried her best to recall the past. "Was there a past? If there was, why can't we bring it to light?"

"It's like a door that has been closed behind us. Was it something so very terrible, or was it, so very good, that we should not look there?"

All over Heaven, the very same sight was being witnessed simultaneously. Each being, in their respective piece of the new kingdom gazed upon the very same cloud, perplexed. With the strange cloud, came the unanswerable questions, what is it and why is it here? In a place with nothing but answers, suddenly, there were questions none could answer. That answer must be behind them somewhere was all they knew. In their compulsive desire to know what it was and why it had come, the search for the doorway to the past began.

Watching things unravel from afar, the Archangels lowered their heads.

It is about to happen again. The unlocking of the past, mankind has been unable to stop themselves. Some things are better left alone and unknown. The answers have always been right in front of them, so easily seen, but the answers were unacceptable when they saw them. Believing there had to be more to the answer than what they were given, it could not be that easily solved. It was, and had been, made that easy. But mankind, in their arrogance, had made it harder to discover the truth. Within each lay the truth, to expose it, would tell them all what they were seeing and it would go away forever.

Each time mankind reached this very plateau, this plane of existence they would reopen the wounds of the past and plummet back into that existence. This time seemed no different. Now searching for past's door, it appeared inevitable that the repeat of their torment would soon come to pass. A redundant, every 40 years, a recorded generation, would do the same thing after coming this far. To reach the kingdom and all its glory in a burst of faith forward, only to fall back into the past. Countless generations have come this far before, yet none have remained.

But this time, things were quite different. There weren't just a few in Heaven it was completely filled. There wasn't a single kingdom that wasn't occupied. Never before had mankind come together, and in one voice, speak to Heaven. This newest generation, at the very brink of an everlasting peace, again, rested their hands upon past's door.

"NOOOoooo!" came a stern shout, which was heard throughout all of Heaven.

The word caused the three Archangels to sharply lift their heads. Never had a single word carried such meaning as at that very moment. It had never been spoken before. In times past, the newly arrived beings would always go quietly, never uttering a word. Not this time. This time something unusual happened, one cried out for help. The first Archangel to dart off in the direction of the cry was Mi.cha.el.

Angel's were forbidden to enter any soul's kingdom. Unless asked or called upon, an angel remained in Heaven, away from the new kingdoms. But now a call had come, an urgent call.

Mi.cha.el's body magnificently brightened to such intensity, not even the newly arrived beings could have looked upon him. With only the remnants of his ghostly shell still standing beside Gabriel and Lucifer, Mi.cha.el was gone. He had left them both standing there. His body was visible, stretched out for miles across Heaven. He was moving at a speed where light was unable to shine on him. It had fallen far behind. His newly acquired light was actually that of compassion caused by the cry, from the voice of one he knew well, Adam. Even while Mi.cha.el's ghost was still beside them, Gabriel and Lucifer too, faded from sight. Both had also whisked away in the same direction as the cry.

The dark cloud, in hearing the cry, once again, came to life. From the midst of the cloud shot a fireball into the beautiful scene of the ocean in front of Adam and Eve. A huge tidal wave rose up from its depths. However, this wave did not look like a normal ocean wave. It was on fire. The heat, even though Adam and Eve floating along the shoreline could feel it, it had no power to burn them. It was only meant to frighten them. To make them panic and do what they did best, run for the door to the past. They didn't. In fact, Adam and Eve did not budge backward. Instead, both calmly raised their arms together. Calling upon their own power against the wave, its massive momentum was halted. Though still churning and trying to crest, the huge wall of water remained where it was. Unexpectedly, the entire cap of the wave became a generator of electricity. From it sprang-forth powerful lightning charges that buried itself into each of their chests with a continuous charge. Trembling from the powerful electricity racing through their bodies, the two were trying to hold fast to their beliefs, that the lightning could not harm them.

Fighting the powerful surges of electricity and the ever-increasing pain it was beginning to cause, Adam and Eve remained firmly planted in the sands. Both watched the wave, for whatever else it planned on sending their way. But it didn't send anything else. Instead, in the center of the wave, a door had mysteriously opened. A stairway soon began appearing, one step at a time. From the doorway, down the wave, across the open waters, all the way to Adam and Eve's feet, the stairs came into view.

Eyes began opening within the wave itself. A few at first, then all over it, the waved was alive with eyeballs peering down on the two holding back the wave and absorbing the lightning. A figure soon stepped into view and stood in the doorway of the wave. As if carefully looking around for something, the figure stepped out onto the steps, alone. Slowly, one step at a time, the figure descended down the wave. The two on the beach soon saw the figure clearly. It was a human-looking woman, a very aw-struck beautiful woman, carrying herself regally like a queen stepping down from her throne. The woman, still out over the ocean waters, stopped near the bottom of the incline of the wave.

"Where are you? I know you are here! Show yourself."

Gabriel did show himself. Rising up from the sands of the beach, facing Adam and Eve who were still holding back the wave and absorbing the lightning.

"Be removed from them," spoke Gabriel, looking on Adam and Eve.

The lightning instantly stopped hitting the two and was sucked back into the wave.

"Relax! She cannot harm you."

Slowly, yet cautiously, the two lowered their hands and watched Gabriel as he turned around to face the woman. Instantly, his wings sprang to life, spreading out over the sands. Only, in the face of evil, or of his own perception of evil, would that ever happen. Who he was now seeing, he considered the evilest of all. She was also thought to be the most dreaded of them all; she was Lilith, the mother of evil.

Lilith was created at the same moment in time, as was the first Adam. She was perfect in every way, yet, unyielding to the power of God. She refused to follow, let alone show obedience to anything except her own self-image. She distanced herself from Adam whom she saw as inferior and that he, Adam, should bow himself to her always. She did not see them as equal, she saw herself as more than he; in her thinking, she was God. Her disobedience to God caused the beginning of the rift in Heaven and Earth. She believed she owned Earth. Earth was hers only, no one else could lay claim to it, not even Adam. God turned his back to her, in so doing, He banished her from what she loved most, Earth. Placed in the most secluded reaches of Heaven, a secret place, she was allowed to roam freely there. On this, the day of the generations, every 40 years, she was allowed to come to all of Heaven for a short while, something the Archangels never understood.

God's Archangels, once again reunited in their glory, would face her alone. Their combined strength was a match for her, though in the past they had been separated and were evaded. Standing as one, the mighty Archangels drew strength from one another. Therefore she, Lilith, the unspoken, forbidden name in Heaven, would find them to be quite an opposition.

Why Lilith was given this amazing power to wield in the first place was unknown. The point is, she was given greatness to share and didn't. She became more than she was, the powerful gift overwhelmed her. The full force of power was now, only given to those spirits who returned to Heaven, never again to be given to man on Earth. Yes, mankind did and could possess a minute fraction of their possibilities, though not the true potential of their might, as they would Heaven. It was just too great a force to control.

Lilith was created perfect, to go hand-in-hand with Adam. From the same soil as Adam, she was created, not from his rib, as was Eve. The dust of the Earth was divided. Until it settled, there could never be peace upon it. What would happen if the dust settled? Only God knew. The Earth still remained. The empty, desolate world, once busy with the hustle and bustle of people, where evil once roamed rampant, lay silently in space. Free of evil, one may say it was now a Heavenly creation as was in the beginning. A world without form and void, though now, light was on the face of the deep. Why light continued to shine upon the Earth or showed concern over its fate, none in Heaven seemed to notice. The seemly minuscule piece that remained embedded in their souls, that lay dormant, waiting for a particular moment to awaken. The moment had come, once again.

"Hello Gabriel," softly spoke Lilith, "how is your Heaven these days? Is it still in disarray? I assume it is, by you not speaking. Just move to the side and let me send them back and I'll be on my way."

"No, not this time," replied Gabriel. "They are all here. Not one remains behind. All have come unto their own."

"Ha," smirked Lilith, "You said that last time. If I remember right, you also said the same thing the time before that. How many times do they come unto their own before you get tired of telling me that?"

"This time things are far different than they have ever been before."

"How so?"

"They have crushed your children. Every single one that was here is gone. So there is nothing for you now. So I believe it should be you who should leave."

Lilith's eye began to quiver and her beauty began to change to an unfamiliar appearance. Her eyes quickly darted past Gabriel straight at the two directly behind him.


No response came from Adam and Eve, so Lilith cried out loudly.


Eve floated up and zipped around in front of Gabriel. In the angelic tongue she cried.

"We sent them away forever more. Evil has no place among us. Please leave us alone and let us enjoy this graceful gift we have received."

"GIFT?" cried Lilith, "you hurt my children and you say you received a gift for it! What kind of God would find pleasure in taking one's children? I had to give up one out of every one hundred of my children, that they must die to satisfy your God. Now I hear He went beyond that number."

"No," interrupted Eve, "it was of our choosing that we no longer wanted evil around and now it is time for you to leave. We feel your displeasure in good and that tells us you do not belong here."

Lilith was infuriated at the floating figure speaking to her. The cloud behind her began to rumble louder and louder. Though it suddenly stopped at the emergence of yet another Archangel, who rose up out of the water just off to her side.

"Mi.cha.el," said Lilith, slightly shocked by his sudden emergence. Her momentarily hatred took a backseat to his appearance. "I thought you had been consumed by my children."

"Hardly," spoke Mi.cha.el soberly, reaffirming whom she was seeing. In each of his hands was a sword. The fires, which blazed from his swords, caused a humming sound. Never had the warrior Archangel's swords burned as brightly as they did at this moment. The light was so intense that the eyes peering through the wave vanished from sight, unable to bear its brightness. As for Lilith, she never flinched, even though Mi.cha.el stood right beside her.

Now, rising up from the waters, directly in her path, was someone who did surprise her. Lilith's eyes widened with instant delight as the third archangel rose up.

"Lucifer, my darling," exclaimed Lilith, excited.

Lucifer did not respond, she just stared at her.

"Lucifer, it is I, Lilith."

"I know who you are," stated Lucifer, in a rather hateful tone.

Twisting her head every which way, Lilith stared deeply at Lucifer.

"How did this happen? You were with us and you know us well."

"That's right, I do know you well, and I will use it against you."

Smiling, an undeterred Lilith looked at the ground. She then went on to add, "That will be a terrible shame Lucifer. Too bad you won't be around long to use what you know."

"It will be long enough. I have died many deaths, what's one more." Lucifer's wings swiftly sprang outward and she become invisible, transforming into her glory.

"It doesn't need to end this way," stated Lilith, "just give me, oh, 200 millions souls as payment for my children and send the others back and I'll leave."

Those words started a panic in Heaven as souls began frantically searching for their doors to the past. One was opened and Lilith began to smile triumphantly. She felt the breeze of the past. Soon afterward, another was opened, followed by another and another. Literally thousands were being opened simultaneously, then millions. Souls once again forgot all about Heaven and wanted to flee from what was in front of them. The powers they had, they forgot about, in their panic stricken fleeing. The winds reversed and now became a vacuum, sucking things from Heaven with a deafening sound.

As for the two souls, Adam and Eve, standing on their own beach, their humanly bodies began to appear and disappear as each could feel the drag of the vacuum pulling them towards their own door to the past. Both fought the tug as hard as they could, but knew eventually what would happen to them. They were going back for some unknown reason, and they didn't want to go. They look at one another in complete sadness.

"We did it once, we can do it again," shouted Adam over the deafening howl of the wind. "She is the cause, so she has to go back with us if we are to ever come again. She must be destroyed at all cost."

Both, Adam and Eve, turned toward Lilith. Now, raising themselves above the grounds of Heaven, both hovered for a moment, then at the same moment darted out and swooped in on her. Before Lilith knew it and was able to react, both were upon her. The two jerked her up, kicking and screaming, and immediately rocketed to and slammed into their own door to the past. For an instant, they saw Earth, then, only a bright flash.




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