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John Outram

John Outram

I grew up in a typical southern Ontario city when it was considered normal for a kid to roam anywhere anytime without fear or concern for their safety. It was unusual to lock the doors of our homes in those times even though there were horrible wars across the oceans. Our town was situated on a beautiful river draining a network of lakes famous for their sparkling waters and fighting fish. There was time to enjoy life, read books, listen to the radio and be kids unlike what seems to be the way kids live today and that became prologue to a career in industry, construction, manufacturing and management as an electrical engineer. I could not stay in one organization or job much past the time I knew how to do it well and then became anxious to move on. It was difficult for my wife and family during that period but our kids acquired a dose of the itchy foot and soon flew far from the nest.

My career took me overseas many times particularly while serving on an international working group writing product and process standards and part of our national committee. So many changes have occurred during my decades in this world that there is no time to just watch them happen but it is necessary to grab the ring and go with it. Lately, I’ve had time to focus on a youthful passion to write imaginative stories of life as I have seen it or have imagined it might happen. Writing provides an opportunity to live other lives in the exploits of my characters. What might my experience have been if I’d taken a different turn at any number of times in the past? My wife has been a constant support and now puts up with long periods away from her on the keyboard. All authors must have someone in the background to keep them clean and fed. Thank you dear.

Thumbnail for Hibiscus Lane

Hibiscus Lane by John Outram... NEW!!

You are invited to visit Hibiscus Lane and share uninhibited sexual pleasure with Jason. You will discover what happens when his past overtakes his present and, as a participant, will determine which of the two available choices he chooses thus setting the course for the rest of his life.

$5.99 USD Download
Paperback Price $8.00 USD
Paperback Buy Link

Thumbnail for American Jihad

American Jihad by JOHN OUTRAM...

On a warm Friday in May a band of Islamic killers hijack the US Coast Guard ship Hammerhead to secretly land in America and begin ten days of terror in towns and cities throughout the nation. Unprepared for such industrial scale killing frightened people take to the streets threatening civil breakdown. The emergency spirals out of control as Washington races to eradicate the Jihadists....

$4.99 USD Download
Paperback Price $9.00 USD
Paperback Buy Link

Thumbnail for The Sex Slaves of Rajikistan

The Sex Slaves of Rajikistan by JOHN OUTRAM...

Rajikistan, a mythical country in the Caucuses Region of Central Asia, was once a part of the Soviet Union. Rich in gas and oil it is ruled by a despotic President, self-declared as President for Life, who controls everything in the country. His insatiable lust for sex is a psychotic weakness that creates a situation involving innocent women in a dangerous adventure.

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $4.99 USD

Thumbnail for Consequences

Consequences by JOHN OUTRAM...

Everything we do has consequences, some good, some bad. Hilton followed his instincts into a tragic situation. The immediate consequences seemed benign but nature extracts a price even if society does not. This novel is about the consequences of his actions on him and the people he loves.

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $4.99 USD
Paperback Price $8.00 USD
Paperback Buy Link

Thumbnail for Self Employed and other Short Stories

Self Employed and other Short Stories by JOHN OUTRAM...

Devastated when her husband leaves taking all their money and furnishings, Bernice pulls herself together, meets Louise, an airline employee, with a part time business. Bernice falls in love with Louise and they join together as self-employed call-in sex providers…in SELF EMPLOYED..

$4.99 USD Download
Paperback Price $7.00 USD
Paperback Buy Link

Thumbnail for Nowhere To Hide

Nowhere To Hide by John Outram...

Jason Albright is suddenly taken from his family into a virtual world where he learns that western civilization was threatened by terrorists intent on controlling the Internet, to replace democracy with theocracy from the desert sands…

$4.99 USD Download
Paperback Price $8.00 USD
Paperback Buy Link

Thumbnail for Fade To Black

Fade To Black by JOHN OUTRAM...

Successful, wealthy Canadian, Hilton Christopher has two passions in life, sailing and beautiful women, one of which leads him into the darkest and most frightening chapter of his life...

$4.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.99 USD

Thumbnail for Isis

Isis by JOHN OUTRAM...

Join in the exploits and sexploits of three men and a woman who form a bond of friendship as they arrive on Isis, an earth like planet in another galaxy… More>>

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $4.99 USD


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