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Second Chance Kings Duties

R. Richard

A political group wants to kill Justin Imperiale. It would be simple for Justin to have them killed but he seeks a method that will teach a lesson about trying to kill the King of Averon.

With things back under control, Justin then addresses trade problems.

Yet another very pretty lady has arrived at the battlewagon that Interdicts Corin. Is the lady someone who can be useful to Justin or someone who will try to kill Justin?


Justin then is able to add two more Kingdoms to his growing list. At one of the handover ceremonies, a paranormal talent tries to control Justin. The attempt fails, but gives Justin an idea.

If Justin can flim flam a lot of people, he can get Corin declared an advanced civilization.

Justin does obtain an interplanetary spacecraft and sets out to travel to the headquarters of the Galactic Federation.

As Justin travels through the space keyhole that makes interplanetary flight practical, he realizes that he's traveling through a higher dimensional space. Justin struggles to understand exactly what a higher dimensional space is.

Justin and crew do get to the headquarters of the Galactic Federation and they do get a hearing, after some adventure. He then faces trouble from the South Continent nation of Argentum. The trouble makes no sense, unless ...





53204 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; iPhone PDF; HTML; Microsoft Reader(LIT); MobiPocket (PRC); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




I HAVE RISEN FROM impoverished old age pensioner to the King of most of the New World and growing chunks of the Old World. I have hooked my world, Corin, into an interstellar trade network. I have created better anti-gravity machines than what the advanced civilizations, that are part of the interstellar trade network, produce. I have upgraded the foreign trade of all of my kingdoms, to the advantage of the citizens. I have created written constitutions for each of my kingdoms. However, there are still a lot of people on Corin who think that I'm stupid.

A group of people who think that I'm stupid is the National Protection Party. The NPP are a political group who want to sever all connection between my Kingdom of Averon and the rest of Corin, as well as the other worlds of the galaxy. The NPP has ideas that are sound, all sound and no thought. The NPP people take over a government office complex and challenge me to a debate.

Of course, I'm too stupid to see that a debate in the office complex is a death trap for me. At least the NPP thinks that I'm too stupid. I'm not too stupid. However, attempts to kill me anger me. The NPP is too stupid.

I get the required building plans for the NPP held office complex from the city Building Department and study them very thoroughly. I find what I need.

If a person enters the NPP held office complex via the front entrance, he then walks into a main corridor. The main corridor has offices off each side of the corridor and also elevators that allow easy access to the second or third floors of the three story building.

Of course, the main corridor will be mined. However, that can work to my advantage.

After a learning experience down in Capara, I can now teleport into a precise spot inside a building.

I have the utilities people cut off all electric power to the building occupied by the NPP. I wait for dark and teleport onto the top of a decorative column in the first floor, overlooking the main corridor. I then launch a very small aircraft.

(The small aircraft is a copy of the winning design in a model air plane competition. The little balsa wood and paper contraption will fly for quite some time, using just the power stored in a wound up rubber band. The little aircraft would fly longer, but it also carries an advanced civilization device that can detect things like buried mines.)

The little aircraft flies a predetermined and preset path, down the corridor, turns and then flies back. Along the flight path, the advanced civilization device detects the mines under the main corridor. I snag the little aircraft with a net. I then teleport back out.

I then consult with a man who makes his living destroying buildings.

The man is a civil engineer of some skill and he can determine, from building plans, where to place explosive charges so that a building will collapse in on itself. He normally destroys large public buildings that have outlived their usefulness. He manages to do the building destruction in a fashion such that adjacent structures aren't harmed. He has studied the plans for the building in question and has determined, given the mining of the main corridor, where explosive charges are to be placed and what strength each of the explosive charges should have. Normally the man is concerned only with bringing down a building, without harming adjacent structures. However, this time I have also tasked him with also creating places where major structural elements will remain at least somewhat intact.

I have obtained explosive packages. Some are from advanced civilizations and some are from my own Averonian factories. I have also obtained detonators, all from my own Averonian factories.

I load myself down with the needed explosive packages and teleport into the basement of the building. I arrive in total darkness and I detect no minds in the basement area where I arrive.

(If you're a clever NPP mog, you realize that you don't need guards for the basement, since the basement is accessible only from inside the building. Unfortunately for the clever NPP mog, he doesn't realize that underestimating your adversary is a good way to wind up dead. An object lesson is coming up soon!)

I wear a helmet, with a pencil flashlight attached. I turn on the little light and the focused beam shows me where I need to place each explosive package. The light also allows me to move about the basement without tripping over things. I finish with the basement, double check the placement of the charges and teleport back out.

I again load myself down with the needed explosive packages and teleport into the second floor of the building. I have turned off the pencil flashlight and I arrive in darkness, with only a little leakage of outside light into the building. I detect a sleeping mind at each end of the second floor corridor area. (The clever NPP sentries realize that the mines in the first floor main corridor make it unnecessary for them to remain awake and alert. Of course, they're wrong, dead wrong.)

I place the explosive packages on the floor of the corridor and move silently to the nearest end of the corridor. I use my sword to relieve sleeping beauty of his head.

(I eat life force!)

I detect no alarm from the other end of the corridor and I move silently along the corridor, until I reach the second guard. I again use my sword to relieve sleeping beauty of his head.

(I eat life force!)




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