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Freedom Day

R. Richard

Jim is leaving the company, for a better job.

His bosses want to play the same politics that always worked before.

The old politics don’t work anymore, because Jim is leaving the company.

A major flap ensues and it turns out that other jobs are at risk. A lot of egos collide.


Jim plays the good guy, but he has to walk a very careful path, then again, he’s used to that.





8230 Words





Cover Art:

R. Richard


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

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IT’S A MONDAY, the first day of the working week. I stroll into my office area, leaving my letter of resignation with the Department Secretary. I then stroll down to Personnel and leave a copy of my letter of resignation with the lady at the desk. (My letter of resignation is the most mealy mouthed pack of lies that you can even imagine. However, it’s designed to cause as little trouble for me as I can manage.)

I then stroll back to my desk and start to do some work, documenting my latest programming effort.

Warren sort of sidles up to my desk and says, “Well, Jim, you’re leaving.”

Warren is supposed to write customer documentation for our programming efforts, however, he does little, if any, work on customer documentation. Mostly Warren writes the newsletter for the company bowling team. Since Warren does little work, he’s on top of everything that happens in the company. I ask Warren, “Who told you that?”

“Then you’re not leaving?”

“Warren, I’m writing up the results of my testing on my latest software module. I have no time to chat with you. It’s against company policy to spread rumors, so you just might go back to writing documentation. I believe that’s your work assignment.”

Warren then leaves. Normally, I wouldn’t have been so short with Warren, since he can inflict quite a bit of political pain on those he dislikes, but I’m leaving the company and he has no real leverage with me.

Marnie struts up to my desk and says, “Jim, the girls in personnel say that you’re leaving.”

“Well, I did turn in my two weeks’ notice this morning, yes.”

“So, you’re going to get out from under Rob.”

“My leaving has very little to do with anyone inside this company. My new job provides a better technical challenge and also gives me a better opportunity to become a project manager.”

“Well, a lot of people want out from under Rob.”

I know that, but I’m not about to admit it to anyone,) “I couldn’t say. My new job does give me an opportunity to work with the latest computer technology and they do promote from within.” (Marnie screwed Rob, to get a job. Then Rob dumped her into a nasty situation in Customer Sales and he then hired Yolanda, his new flame.)

Marnie asks me, “Are they doing a lot of hiring at your new place?”

“I have no idea. They needed a guy who does what I do and they offered me a job. The opportunity and the salary were right for me, so I took the offer.”

“Where did you hear about the job?” (If you were out looking, I can use that against you.)

“I know some programmers. Sometimes we get together, at night, and hoist a few beers. One of them, I can’t remember who, mentioned something about a job that sounded interesting. Mostly out of curiosity, I submitted a resume, they called me in, I interviewed and they offered me a good job at good pay.”

“Well, if they’re looking for a customer service rep, let me know.”

“Okay, will do.”

Marnie then walks off.

Ed sidles over, “Jim, I heard you tell Marnie that you’re leaving. If they need programmers, please let me know, I gotta get out of working for Rob.”

Another walk through the mine field. Rob is a flaming ass hole, but if he finds out that someone disrespected him, he can make life very difficult for that someone.) “I have no idea what your problem is with Rob, but there may be a guy with a similar management style at my new place, I don’t know.”

“Then, you don’t mind working for Rob?”

“It’s a job. I’d rather be starring in a romance movie, with Fifi Le Jugs, but central casting must have lost my phone number and they don’t return my calls.”

“You heard about the job from one a your buddies?”

“Yeah, we were drinking beer and the job was mentioned. I wasn’t really looking for a job.” (Only when I was awake.)

“I gotta get out of working for Rob.”




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 Job, politics, egos, plots, risk, customers, drama

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