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100 Meter Ghost

Ray Johnson

Christian Davis is a policeman turned attorney with incredible courtroom skills, tall and handsome, adding to his courtroom aura. Francesca De Luca, the daughter of his highest billing client, is waiting to see him. She is Italian beautiful and has a problem that seems insurmountable. Her father and mother left for a cruise on a luxury yacht and never returned. Because of her father’s profession, representing the Italians on the West Coast, she cannot go to the police. She wants Christian to find them. She counters his every argument, offering both money and herself in marriage when he is successful. Unwilling to lose her father as a client, he reluctantly agrees.


After diligent searching, he comes up with a single clue, Zihuantanejo. That clue leads him to wealthy Brentwood and the home of Carlotta Sanchez. Her parents are also missing, having left for a cruise on a luxury yacht. Carlotta is the quintessential Mexican Goddess, twenty-five, with a long raven ponytail, haunting Spanish eyes and a shape that causes men to walk into telephone poles. Like Francesca, she cannot go to law enforcement. Her father represents a powerful Mexican cartel in California. Christian agrees to take her with him to search for the missing parents, for two reasons: one, she refused to take no for an answer, and two, she has her father’s plane; complete with pilots.

Together they track the mysterious yacht from Zihuantanejo, to Barbados, the Virgin Islands and beyond. It soon becomes evident that anyone attempting to follow the enigmatic yacht meets a violent death. Together they walk the tightrope of scrutiny, without a net.





75614 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


Ray Johnson

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);




IS IT POSSIBLE for a 100-meter hyper expensive yacht to go into a fog bank with one name and exit the fog bank with another name? Can that yacht be sailing at end nautical twilight with one superstructure and at sunrise have another? Can the yacht, whose listed speed is twenty-four knots, sail faster than a modern warship? Is it possible that no one can locate the yacht’s last refueling stop? What if any of those were true? What if all of them were true?

* * * * *

THE FOLLOWING MORNING, he began with the logical, the cruise lines that service Los Angeles Harbor and San Pedro Harbor. Since he was an attorney, and missing persons were involved, the cruise lines were cooperative. His was looking for Mr. and Mrs. Enzo De Luca that sailed one month ago. From Carnival to Norwegian to Royal Caribbean and any other cruise line, no Mr. and Mrs. De Luca as passengers.

Day Two

THE FOLLOWING DAY he spent checking the yachts that were berthed in San Pedro that were large enough for a two-week cruise. Seven yachts fell into that category, five were in port and the two that were at sea had only been gone for seven days. None of the remaining five had taken the De Luca’s on a cruise and the two at sea had been in port a month ago. Another dead end.

Day Three

HE BEGAN WITH the harbor master. Once again, his status as an attorney helped. The harbor master smoothed the way for him with the berthing supervisor.

“My client’s parents disappeared approximately one month ago. The only information she has is that they were going on a two-week cruise. The cruise lines proved negative, as did the yachts that are berthed here permanently. I’m attempting to find out if any yachts berthed during that period had the capacity to stay at sea for fourteen days.”

The supervisor went to his computer. “During that timeframe, only one yacht berthed here that had that kind of range.”

“Tell me about her.”

“Her name was the Esmeralda, one hundred meters, new, Panamanian registration, crew of thirty-five, sailed from Maui. I never saw her myself, but two of my employees said she was the most beautiful yacht they had ever seen.”

“How long was she here?”

He went back to his computer, “She stayed five days.”

Christian asked, “Where did she fuel?”

“Hmm, unusual, I don’t show her fueling here.”

“What was her speed and cruising range?”

“Speed, twenty-four knots, range five thousand miles.”

Christian declared, “Unusual, if she sailed directly from Maui, she’d need to fuel, if she were going to sail for fourteen days.”

“That does seem logical, doesn’t it?”

“Berthing fees?”

“Paid by the purser. That was unusual also. Most yachts that size pay with the yacht’s credit card. The purser left a two hundred-thousand-dollar cash deposit and told me he’s pick up the balance on the day they sailed. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something strange about the purser.”

“More mystery. What nationality was the crew?”

The supervisor shook his head slowly, “I only saw the purser, but I couldn’t say what country he was from. My employee that went onboard said the same thing. The crew could have been from anywhere.”

“The Coast Guard had the same reaction?”

“I talked to the officer that went onboard. He told me the officers were cordial and very cooperative, but he wasn’t sure if the crew was the same nationality; they could have been from numerous countries.”

“Where was she berthed?”

“Pier number eighteen, berth twelve and thirteen. A yacht that size requires two berths.”

“I may talk to some of the dock personnel and see if they know anything important.”

“Take my card and tell them that I said it was alright to talk to you, since it involves missing persons.” He also gave him a pass for the dock area.

“I sincerely appreciate all your help.”

“It was my pleasure. I hope you find the missing parents.”

“I’m going to do my best.” He shook hands in leaving.

After some minor bribing, he finally located the man that had assisted the Esmerelda when she was docked. He was Mexican and his documentation papers had been forged. He was reluctant to talk to Christian, fearing he might be from INS. His voice had a definite Mexican overtone.




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 Mystery, thriller, yacht, fog, police, missing parents, cruise, Mexican cartel, attorney, death,

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