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Elvis Noble

A man burned out working in New York, New York as a C.S.I. sets out to the modest town of Pineville to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. He decides to pull over and take a rest at an old, abandoned farm just outside of Pineville.

Feeling the bitter chilly wind, he gets out of his car then walks to the barn. An old dusty army jacket seemed inviting to him that lay over the fence. He puts it on then decides to investigate further. In the distance, an old graveyard tickled his curiosity. Colton decides to find out who the grave belongs to. As he walks toward the grave, the ground breathes as if it were a living entity. He shakes the dust off the headstone then notices a name engraved upon it. Marge Lizzy Borden, daughter of Elizabeth Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts. Could she be the daughter of the notorious axe murderer Lizzy Borden? Colton asks himself. As he is standing there, dust flies in the air. A much-decomposed figure rises from its resting place. By appearance, it looks like a woman. The grotesque figure charges Colton.


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Pineville, New York, has a modest population of four thousand people. By appearance, was a welcomed visiting place for a man that was used to all the evils of the big apple. It was a relief for him not to hear gunshots and people screaming. The town had three motels, which made it easy to find a room for the entire vacation. When he left the abandoned house, Colton removed with the following items: a gold mirror, a straight edge-shaving razor and a picture. By removing the items from the house, did Colton open Pandora’s Box? Did he reopen a case quietly put aside years ago with the Pineville Police Department?

During his travels, he runs into Sheri Osmire, a native of Pineville, New York. Being a psychic for the F.B.I, she decides to help Colton reopen a case that the sheriff shelved until someone could put all the pieces together of the puzzle. Sheri and Colton face situations that would give a normal person a heart attack. Marge and her mother’s quest was to find a way to obtain a body of flesh and blood again. They also thirsted for the power of being immortal. Do they accomplish it? Sheri and Colton make every attempt to stop them from accomplishing their mission. It was not only a fight against them. It was a fight for the existence of humanity. During their travels in time, they summon the help of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. Merlin, who is the head warlock in the council of witches, helps them and King Arthur to battle Marge and her crew until the bitter nail-biting end. Meanwhile, Dracula summons an old friend who is the captain of the Flying Dutchmen that sails in and out of Davey Jones Locker. He helps them to become hybrid vampires. They are vampires that can walk among the living during the day or night to continue their eternal thirst for blood.

After eliminating Marge and her followers for the last time with no chance of coming back, Colton walked out into the yard. He finds that his surroundings change. Weirdly, he finds himself falling on his backside when the ground breathes as if it were a living unity. A grotesque skeleton comes out of the grave then charges Colton. He faints due to the mere sight of the deathly, ghostly figure. Did the legacy of Marge Borden really end? You will have to read Revenge to find out.

The main theme of carrying on the spine tingling, nail biting, Revenge Saga is the thrill of the chase between Colton and his crew against Marge and her followers. This work resurrects a story filled with suspense, lust, drama, and horror all combined. It takes the legend of Lizzie and Marge Borden into a battle that breaks all the rules of time, space, and humanity. It lives up to its name of being a C.S.I story with a huge X file twist.





143712 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


Elvis Noble

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);

Paperback Price:

$12.99 Paperback Buy Link




IT WAS A COLD spring night on the outskirts of Pineville, New York. The trees blew back and forth from the strain of a brisk wind. The cracking of wood and branches rang out in the darkness of the night. Colton drove for twenty minutes then found an old house and barn on an old, abandoned farm. He pulled over onto the property. With a cold wind rushing down his neck, he looked left and right to make sure nobody saw him. Hmm, I wonder what mysteries exist in this place, Colton pondered as he rubbed his chin. Using his eyes, he scanned the property to see what could be found.

It was time to find out more about the farm before finding a warm place to sleep. Grabbing his flashlight, Colton exited his car. He walked to the barn and then opened the door. A loud CREAK! came as dust flew from all sides of it. He walked inside hoping to find something. Shit! This place smells and looks like a tomb, Colton thought as he plugged his nose from the stench. He found an old army jacket lying in a bale of hay. The cold air gave him goose bumps on every inch of his body as he slipped the jacket on.

He decided to walk out of the barn then noticed an old graveyard used by the owners of the farm. While walking further, something very creepy happened. The ground breathed as if it was a living entity. It rippled and thrust upward causing Colton to fall on his butt.

Ten feet from the graveyard night suddenly turned into day. Colton’s heart pumped wildly as he walked toward the entrance of the graveyard. His breathing became lessened as he opened the gate and entered the graveyard. By first appearance, the headstones looked well maintained, which told him that someone was looking after the graveyard on a regular basis. With nervous hands, he wiped the dust off one of the headstones. Colton’s mouth dropped as he read the engraved name on the headstone, Marge Lizzie Borden. Damn, could this be a distant relative of the infamous and notorious ax murderer Lizzie Borden? After gathering himself, he stepped back from the headstone. The ground around it moved, which made Colton almost pee his pants. Dirt flew as a body rose out of its grave. The breaking of rocks and old dirt gave off a loud SCREECH!

By appearance, the corpse looked female. The smell of her made Colton’s stomach churn with a big desire to throw up. The corpse made eye contact with him then charged him. In haste, he ran out of the graveyard then shined his flashlight toward the graveyard. The dirt around the headstone looked like it had never moved. There was no one to put the fear of God in him. That sure was a mind screw of an experience. Hmm, what just happened? Colton thought as he walked toward the house then found himself at the front door.

He shook the dust off his pants then opened the door by accessing a latch through a broken window. The house smelled of dust and mildew. It was so quiet anyone could hear a pin drop. As he walked into the living room, a cold breeze entered the room. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. The cold breeze meant a spirit was close by. He noticed an old desk. As he approached the desk, he noticed that the drawer stood half-open. Colton opened the drawer and found an old news clipping dated August 2, 1892, which was two days before the gruesome murders of Andrew and Abby Borden. Colton also found a picture confirming that the owners of the farm were somehow related to Lizzie Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts. Seeing this made Colton decide to look around further.

He walked toward the bedroom door then froze in complete and utter fear. Lying on the bed was an old man. His expressions showed Colton that he seemed to be pleading for his life. Standing above him stood a longhaired blond woman with an ax in her hand. She fondled herself then smiled at the old man. She then raised the ax high in the air then struck him in the chest. Blood shot high in the air then toward her body. This strange woman smeared the blood all over her nipples, which made them erect. Feeling the adrenaline of a kill, she chopped this helpless old man repeatedly. His body shook in a seizure as he took his last breath. With blood dripping from the ax, she noticed Colton standing there. She raised the ax high in the air then charged him. As she made it to the doorway, a yellow light appeared and blocked her way. Colton looked above the door then noticed some lambs blood smeared there. In a freakish moment, all of what he saw vanished before his eyes.

Colton then walked back into the bedroom and noticed a mirror and a razor made of solid gold. He studied them for a second and then shook his head. The murders happened in Fall River, Massachusetts and not Pineville, New York. How could this be? Colton thought as he peered out the window of the bedroom. Weirdly, a sign appeared across the river that ran in front of the building. It said, “Espirito Santo Catholic Parish established August of 1798.”

Peering at his watch, he noticed the date to be August 4, 1892, which was the same the Borden Murders occurred. In haste, Colton collected the items he found then ran out of the house as if the devil was chasing him. Upon exiting the house, he noticed that there was no river or parish. He then looked at the date on his watch and it said, August 4, 2008. Colton scratched his head in a state of total confusion.

After getting back in his car, he lit a smoke to calm his already frayed nerves. With shaky hands, Colton turned the car over then drove into Pineville to find a room to rent.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived in town. Pineville had a modest population of four thousand people. The town had three hotels, which made it easy to find a room. Many of the buildings of this modest town looked like historical landmarks. It showed the town wanted to preserve some of its history.

Colton drove for about ten minutes until he decided to rent a room for a couple of weeks at the Pineville Inn. Once he got the key to his room, Colton swiftly brought his gear into the room. He quickly sat on the bed then tried to digest the bizarre things that he witnessed on this adventure. It’s time that I figured out how the Borden Legacy ties into the small quaint town of Pineville. Colton pulled out an ice-cold Pepsi, which delighted his parched throat. As the cold drink hit his dry throat, it quickly soothed it. It was two in the morning and time to get some sleep. He took a quick shower, got into bed and then swiftly fell into a deep sleep.

Weirdly, Colton found himself back in the bathroom of the Borden Ranch. He could hear water running in the shower. Colton pinched himself to make sure this was for real. He saw a blond demure woman standing in the shower. Why in the hell am I here? Colton asked himself.

The strange woman noticed him walking in. She quickly shut the water off. Colton could see his breath in the steamy room. This told him that the strange woman was a spirit. This put up a bunch of big red flags in his mind. Cautiously, he stood at the sink then silently watched the woman make her way toward him. She seductively walked toward him. A freakish second later, she turned into the same corpse he witnessed at the gravesite. Her skin smelled horrific as it peeled from her body with each step. When she got within an inch of Colton’s face, he woke up in a cold sweat back in his room at the Pineville Inn.

He shook off what he saw by jumping into the shower. The hot water woke him up. Colton could not ignore the hunger pains in his stomach. It was time for him to go to the local diner and get some breakfast and coffee. He walked into Mary’s Diner. The restaurant itself appeared like something you would find out of the fifties. One of the servers quickly found him a table with a newspaper from the Daily Pineville Herald. Being a C.S.I, Colton naturally turned to the crime reports to see what he could find. There were several unsolved murders in this small town. Colton took a swig of his coffee then rubbed his chin in concern for the citizens in Pineville.

Suddenly, he smelled cigar smoke and cheap aftershave near him. He popped his eyes up above his paper. A man wearing a law enforcement uniform came up to him. He attempted to have a conversation with Colton. The officer appeared to be in his late fifties with a short well shaven mustache and balding gray hair. Colton noticed that he could at least be six foot two and around two hundred and ninety pounds. He studied this man and had a spider sense that the sheriff would be recruiting his help.

“Are you from around these parts?”

“No, I’m not sir. I’m a C.S.I. out of New York City trying to enjoy some well-deserved vacation.”

“Well, that sounds good to me. Say, I’d noticed that you were reading the crime report from the Daily Pineville Herald.”

“Yeah, I’m an avid reader and like to keep up on all the news in the area where my vacation is taking place.”

“That makes sense to me. If you need any help or assistance, I’ll be at my office across the street from here.”

“Well, I do have a quick question. Where is your local library?”

“That’s a question that I could answer. Once you go out the door, you take a left then walk down about three blocks. It doesn’t open until ten thirty am. Oh, my name is Sheriff Tom Wilson.”

“Thanks for the information, sir. I’m very glad to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine. You have a good day now ya hear.”

Colton did not want to reveal to him what he found at the Borden Ranch. After all the information has been collected, it would be a good time to approach him and ask for assistance in this matter. After finishing his meal and paying for it, he then walked out the door of the diner. Colton lit a smoke then walked toward the library. He looked at his pocket watch and noticed the library would not open for another twenty minutes.

After arriving at the entrance of the library, he sat on a bench to wait for it to open. How did this eerie family get involved with the citizens of this small town? Colton thought to himself as the doors of the library opened. He butted his smoke then went inside. The first place that Colton wanted to look at was the obituaries. In addition, it would be a good idea to look at a copy of the deed to the ranch. By viewing this information, he could possibly determine how it related to Lizzie Borden.

To his luck, the library had microfilm with old obituaries since the eighteen hundreds. It would be in the range of time Colton was looking for. Within ten minutes, he found the obituary that listed Marge Lizzie Borden. It turned out that Marge Lizzie Borden was the daughter of Lizzie Borden out of Fall River, Massachusetts. Colton found a microfilm that had a copy of her birth certificate. It turned out that the birth certificate listed Andrew as the father of Marge Lizzie Borden.

This told him that her father molested Lizzie Borden and she bore a child. This may have been the motive to kill her parents. Since the family was somewhat well off, they arranged to have the child moved and raised in Pineville, New York. By looking at the deed to the ranch, it turned out that Lizzie Borden had a brother who lived and died in the town of Pineville. It was time to decipher the vision of Lizzie killing her father and the corpse that came out of the gravesite.

His gut told him to go back to his room and see what was going on. Colton printed all the information then left the library. Within ten minutes, he was back in his room. Colton’s spider sense told him to go through the items found at the Borden Ranch.

To his surprise, all the items were missing except for the picture. Colton figured while eating breakfast or being at the library, one of the housekeepers probably took the items. If he asked about them, they would probably deny everything. The mirror, which was the most fascinating item to him, deserved some more investigation. With his laptop nearby, he decided to surf the web and study the mirror and the razor. After about ten minutes, Colton found out that the mirror belonged to Lizzie Borden herself. It was a gift from her father on one of her birthdays. The shaving razor appeared to belong to Lizzie’s father. Could the mirror be a way for Lizzie Borden to enter this dimension from the spirit world? Could she be passing on a curse to the owner of the mirror? Colton thought as he rubbed his chin in deep thought.

The razor could symbolize death or the cutting of something. Thinking about it, someone taking these items might have been a blessing in disguise. He decided to take a shower and let some of this information digest in his mind. Would this be a working vacation? Could some of the unsolved murders of this town be a window of opportunity for me to learn more? He thought as he took his clothes off then jumped in the shower. The water felt very good to him as he cleaned his body of all the dust from the Borden Ranch.

While showering, he thought of all the possibilities of what could happen with this curse. During his college days, research showed that spirits do have a way of coming into our existence. From experience, Colton found that every time a vacation was on the horizon a mystery would always find its way into his path. After the hot water ran out, he jumped out of the shower, dried off and sat on his bed.




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