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Banner  R. RICHARD

R. Richard

"I am the co-author, with Sunset Thomas, of Anatomy of An Adult Film. I have 15 novels and over 200 short stories currently published."

"I spent my early years in the part of Los Angeles known as the South Central. I was known as Whi’ Boy, which was sufficient to identify me in that place. I am a skilled Kung-Fu player, using a system I learned from a Korean I knew only as ‘Pak.’ It would be easier to tell you the places where Pak was not wanted by the police than the places where he was wanted by the police. Pak’s Kung-Fu system, augmented by some bits and pieces from some Chinese practitioners, is quick and effective, or I would not be alive today."


"My early education was mostly obtained by stealing books from the public library. [I always returned them and the Librarian even began to provide me with reading lists.] I did go to high schools, but I never really learned anything there. I eventually graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles, UCLA, with a degree in mathematics."

I work as a Systems Analyst and also make a part of my living as a professional gambler [legal in Nevada]. I write science fiction and erotica. 


Thumbnail for Teddy Bear Man

Teddy Bear Man by R. Richard... NEW!!

After an engineer is laid off without warning, the only job she can get is investigation of a spacecraft that contains a very young alien girl..but very little other scientific information.. They start a marvellous adventure after he buys her a teddy bear..

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

Thumbnail for Nobleman: The Return

Nobleman: The Return by R. Richard... NEW!!

Jav t'Regor, the Duke of Narissa suddenly returns to the Kingdom of Varisso, after some five centuries in a magic exile. How will Jav cope with a world five centuries in his future? Come along for a wild ride!

$5.99 USD Download
Sale Price $3.00 USD

Thumbnail for Revenge Process

Revenge Process by R. Richard... NEW!!

Social non-entity Jason marries the beautiful, hot Linda. Due to Jason’s government security clearance, they must maintain a separate financial existence. When Linda decides to earn some extra income by prostituting herself, Jason files for divorce….

$2.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.50 USD

Thumbnail for Revenge of The Outcast

Revenge of The Outcast by R. Richard... NEW!!

When Jim refuses a career ending assignment, he loses his job. However, though an outcast, he soon finds another that puts him in the position to seek revenge on the former company that made him an outcast…

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

Thumbnail for Repo Man: Truck Repo

Repo Man: Truck Repo by R. Richard... NEW!!

What repo man does for a living is repossess vehicles. Usually he repos vehicles where the owner has repeatedly failed to meet a financial commitment……

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

Thumbnail for Repo Man: Saucer Theft

Repo Man: Saucer Theft by R. Richard... NEW!!

Repo man is back! He normally repossesses vehicles where the owner has repeatedly failed to meet a financial commitment due the primary lien holder.

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

Thumbnail for Hacker

Hacker by R. Richard... NEW!!

A computer consultant has been using information from a company database to trade company stock. Maybe what he's doing is illegal insider trading, maybe not….

$4.99 USD Download
Sale Price $2.50 USD

Thumbnail for Commando 7: Unknown Alien Language

Commando 7: Unknown Alien Language by R. Richard... NEW!!

A patrol ship of the Grand Alliance, on a routine patrol of the outer edges of Grand Alliance controlled space, finds a giant spacecraft that hadn't been observed during the last patrol of the area. What had been previously observed was a large piece of space rock, nestled among other space rocks. Apparently, whatever had caused the giant ship to look like a space rock had ceased to function and the ship is now plainly visible to the patrol ship. The patrol ship crew does a very brief investigation of the just found ship and finds that the ship is an alien ship and that all the documentation inside the ship is in an unknown language….

$3.99 USD Download
Sale Price $2.00 USD

Thumbnail for Computer Thief

Computer Thief by R. Richard... NEW!!

Jim Hill is stuck in a job that he hates, but he needs the paycheck, until he figures out how to steal $5 Million from the government. He thinks he’s home free, but someone is on to what he has done…

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

Thumbnail for The Valentine Beach

The Valentine Beach by R. Richard... NEW!!

Curt and Cindy are a hard working couple who decide to take a Valentine vacation in Mexico, and discover that it’s to be a topless beach week for the ladies….

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

Thumbnail for Ring of Power

Ring of Power by R. Richard... NEW!!

A world class kayaker is hired to explore hard to get to south seas islands, where, one of the islands he finds a temple and a mysterious ring….

$2.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.50 USD

Thumbnail for Not Quite Alone At Christmas

Not Quite Alone At Christmas by R. Richard... NEW!!

Jason is really good with computers, with ladies, not so much. After his girl, Clarina dumps him, he’s invited to join a group where he meets Janice…..

$1.99 USD Download
Sale Price $1.00 USD

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