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Falling Demon Rain

R. Richard

A young sorcerer is living in an area where there is drug smuggling going on.

The young sorcerer’s sorcerer uncle dies and the he goes to claim his inheritance. He then uses his uncle’s grimoire and starts adventures in magical demon worlds.

The young sorcerer fights and wins several battles, gaining riches.


The young sorcerer then needs a woman.





9851 Words





Cover Art:



Terrie Lynn Balmer


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);




I’m living and running a sort of business, down near the Mexican border. I then learn that my Uncle Allos has died and there’s a need to settle his estate.

I send a message to the lawyer involved with the will and tell the lawyer that I will drive to my uncle’s house, arriving in a few days.

The death message arrives at a good time for me. I’m doing well with my business, in fact so well that I have annoyed at least some of my competitors and they want to kill me.

I am capable of defending myself, but such a defense would almost certainly involve my killing any number of the hoodlums that my competitors employ (Killing people for free offends me.) The police are not too intelligent, but they are persistent, and the local body count has already risen to an alarming total. Thus, I wrap up my business affairs, in the area, deposit a satisfying amount of money in my offshore stock brokerage account, crank up the engine in old paint, my camper shell truck, and off I go. My departure is done, in the middle of the night, with no advance notice.

I drive, using mostly back roads, along a track that will eventually, but not directly, lead me to the town where my uncle lived. As I drive, I manage to contact certain beings, when I stop at night. You see, sorcerers rarely die, they are mostly murdered. Who murders a sorcerer, and why, is usually very complicated.

A true sorcerer is born with magical powers. The sorcerer is not born with a full set of usable magical powers. New magical powers are learned, as the sorcerer exercises the magical powers that he is born with. The main problem is that the exercise of a sorcerer’s power involves dealing with demons and certain other things, in the magical worlds.

The careful sorcerer learns the expansion of his powers, a bit at a time. Each gain of powers typically involves the risk of the sorcerer’s life. A sorcerer uses magical powers to run what might be called a business. A sorcerer deals with demons who actually live in the magical worlds. The life (sometimes lives) of a demon, is a hard life. A demon can obtain things of value, from the magical worlds. In the process of obtaining things, the demon is sometimes injured. An injured demon will then respond to a call by a sorcerer. A sorcerer can, perhaps, heal a demon or even improve the power of a demon. Unfortunately, a demon can obtain a great deal of power, by killing a sorcerer and absorbing at least some of the powers of the sorcerer.

A sorcerer can summon a demon, or demons, (although the summoning of multiple demons is very dangerous.) A demon may bring something of value to a summoning, hoping to swap the item of value for needed healing, or whatever. A demon may come to a summoning, hoping to kill a sorcerer to gain needed healing, or whatever.

A demon is a higher dimensional being. A demon may be able to access things stored in very secure three dimensional storage, such as a safe or locked room. The safe or locked room is only really secure in three dimensions, in higher dimensions there may be easy access.

(One other thing that a demon can do is to kill living three dimensional beings. Such demon killings can be ordered by a sorcerer, without any obvious connection to the sorcerer. Such a killing seems to be just a random attack by a very powerful, mysterious being. The careful sorcerer arranges to be somewhere, where the sorcerer could not have done the murder. An enemy can be eliminated, and the sorcerer has an airtight alibi.)

As in the three dimensional world, magical world information is rarely free. The best information that I can obtain, as I travel, is that Uncle Allos apparently dealt with a very powerful demon, from way up in the multidimensional magical worlds.

(I am a young, mostly untrained sorcerer. I could not live with Uncle Allos, as two sorcerers cannot live in close contact.)

I could not live with Uncle Allos, but he gave me something of very great value, at a very great price. I am nearly seven feet tall and very muscular. Uncle Allos unlocked the path to physical superiority for me. However, to gain physical superiority, I had to walk the path. To really walk the path, I had to work out very hard, on a day by day basis. I did the work and, as a result, I am very strong, very quick and I have enormous reach.

Since Uncle Allos is dead, I can live in his house and even use some of the things that he learned and entered into his grimoire.

(A grimoire is thought to be a book of magic spells. There are many such books, and they contain, at best, words that allow the reader to call demons to him or herself and accomplish things. The grimoire of Uncle Allos is written in a magical language, that I am able to read, without any training, since I am a sorcerer. If someone who is not a sorcerer attempts to read a real grimoire, that someone dies.)




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 Fantasy Short Story, Sorcerer, magic, demons, adventure, schemes, battles, romance

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