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Exile Advantage

R. Richard

Jack Doon is working for a computer operation in Colorado. He gets called in, by his management and told, “You will need to relocate to San Diego.”

The circumstances are such that the relocation is a layoff, with no severance pay. He will work for the Navy.

Jack drives his car to San Diego and connects with his sister there.


There is a nude beach and a mystery girl in San Diego.





12562 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison



R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);




I AM WORKING for a computer operation in Colorado. I get called in, by my Department Manager.

My Department Manager says, “Jack Doon, you have done a good job for us. However, the company contract situation is not good. If you are to continue to work for the company. You will need to relocate to San Diego.”

I ask, “Relocate to San Diego, under what set of circumstances?”

My Department Manager says, “You will work for a Navy installation, out on Point Loma. You will work directly for the Navy, on loan from this company. The terms will be a guaranteed one-year contract. The pay rate will be a typical temp rate of 150% of your current salary. You will receive moving expenses of one month’s salary.”

(Jerry, my Department Manager wants to fuck my wife, Linda. Linda wants a man with an established position and a high salary. Linda looks like a glamour movie poster and has about as much response in bed, as a glamour movie poster. Jerry is a fat slob, who would never be able to get a woman who looks like Linda, save by exiling me on what looks like a temp job assignment. I will have to talk with Linda, although I suspect that I already know what she will have to say.)

I tell Jerry, “My future with this company looks a bit shaky. Tanya, my Project Manager has just hired a new Master’s Degree holder with a degree in Romance Languages. Tanya has told me that there might not be a spot for me in the contract renewal. It does appear that, if I am to continue to work for the company, I will need to relocate to San Diego.”

Jerry and I then go through the contract with the Navy, under which I will work. I will sign out of my government security clearance, with the company, and enter into a new government security clearance, with the Navy. Instead of a supposed long-term employment with the company, I will work under a one-year temp contract with the Navy. (I suspect that the company is in really bad financial shape and my supposed long-term employment with the company could end in the near future. A one-year temp contract with the Navy, could end at the end of any working day. However, I have confidence in my skill as a real-time programmer. I am not a politician and I have no confidence in my ability to hold a job by just smiling at people. I am, in effect, being laid off by the company with no severance pay. However, I see the risk as minimal.)

I am to get temp pay at 150% of my current wage. I am to get a month’s pay in relocation money. (If I had to just move to San Diego, I might well spend more than a month’s pay in relocation expenses. However, my sister lives in San Diego and she will know the local ropes. The temp pay and the relocation money tell me that the Navy really needs my skill set. If I get dehired, by the Navy, at the end of the first day, I still get all the relocation money.)

It then turns out that the Navy, and not the company, will pay my relocation money. (I am not being loaned to the Navy, I am being press-ganged. However, the Navy will pay me, under my contract, the company, may not pay me anymore.)

It then turns out that the company will not buy back my company stock shares, furnished to me as my retirement plan contribution. (My company retirement plan contribution shares are in the form of lettered stock. The company lettered stock may not be sold, prior to a future date. That is, the company lettered stock may not be sold by a USA broker, prior to a future date. My company-lettered stock shares, in my retirement plan, are being held in my offshore stockbroker account. An offshore broker is not bound by USA rules. I have been short-selling my company-lettered stock, in my retirement plan, as fast as I get the company shares. I have also been short-selling more company stock, as fast as I get more money. With the persistent decline in the price of the company shares, I have been booking profits right along. No, they never told me about an offshore stock broker account, back in school. Instead, was taught, ‘To be or not to be.’ I never learned ‘To be or not to be.’ Instead, I decided to be. To be is where the money is.)




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 Adult Short Story, sister, mystery girl, nude beach, nude strolls, sex, romance

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