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Michael Richard

The day of the crucifixion, the Archangel Michael battled Lucifer and his army. The Archangel saw with his own eyes the crucifixion and believed he had failed. He also believed Heaven was destroyed. His faith now all but crushed, along with most of his powers, he aimlessly roams the Earth. Thousands of years later the Archangel is discovered by a secret society called Eyes of the Cross. An organization founded by the Apostle Paul and Mary Magdalene, known only as Adam and Eve to those inside their circle. Their purpose, prepare for mankind's tribulation. 


On the brink of man's total annihilation, hope emerges. Michael and Eyes of the Cross uncover startling details as to why things are happening. But the most puzzling discovery of all is that Lucifer is not a he, but a she. 

In a rekindling of faith, caused by something she herself had discovered, Lucifer searches for a way to crawl from the depths she created to stand again in her glory. In the midst of the Angels own Tribulation, the true evil entity is revealed. Lucifer has the knowledge and power to stop this evil entity but she must first be free from its powerful grip. Her only fear, crossing paths with the Archangel Michael before it is done.






93596 Words



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Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


Terrie Lynn Balmer


Michael Richard

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SADDENED AT THE CHILD'S struggle, the Angels could do nothing but look on. They were forbidden to interfere. The child had done nothing except to be born different and not as other children. The doctors considered him to be mentally retarded, though the Angels knew otherwise, he was special. He was only one of a very select few that could still see and hear them and he also remembered their language.

Most children by the time they reach his age have lost the abilities they were given, in part by their parents and society itself. Yet like all parents and societies before them, they begin programming the children until eventually every single sight and sound given them at birth has faded from memory, a memory cleansing if you will, so their reprogramming can now begin. You must be like everyone else or as doctors claim, there is something terribly wrong with you and you must be committed for further study, and many are. Some of the worst cases are sent to these institutions like the one this young boy was in. Considered to be cumbersome by their parents, they are left there in the hands of these people who claim to be studying medicine, at the expense of the innocent. Completely free to impose whatever means necessary, in the name of medical science, to help these poor unfortunate children. He was just one of many who have succumbed to these medieval practices and has no say in the matter. At least that was the case before today. A long forgotten angel will interfere on his behalf.

"Make them stop, please!" Begged the child of the Angels around him in a strange language. The words became visible floating through the air and were absorbed by the bodies of each Angel.

The Angels could only close their eyes and lower their heads in sadness over what was about to happen once again to the child. Many times had they witnessed this done to him and were unable to intervene, so they chanted. Feeling the comfort, the young child joined the chant until the electricity was sent streaking through his body. A horrific and terribly loud scream followed. Fifteen seconds of horror for the child, seven times his normal dose.

During the child's second dose, another Angel took shape as he stepped through the wall. The clothing he wore was not like the others and it became entangled in the wall as he materialized. Jerking angrily at it until it ripped from him, he left the strip behind dangling in the wall. Already angered because he was not able to bring himself and his clothing through the wall, he turned and looked at the child upon the table with many wires connected all over his body.

"Sleep." Commanded the Angel.

The child did not, he continued screaming as current flowed throughout his body. Now closing his eyes, the Angel began concentrating with all his might. He spoke more calmly.


The child slipped into a deep sleep, his pain was gone. When the child fell asleep, something he had never done before, the physiatrists and psychologist panicked. All looked up at the monitor for his heartbeat. The motion and the numbers on the monitor suggested that he is alive. The puzzling fact was the child's heart rate was that of one sleeping. While the doctors pondered over how and why this happened, the Angel that had entered the room moments ago, outstretched his arms letting out an ear-piercing scream that would have shattered a human eardrum if it could be heard. A shape quickly began to form in his hand out of what appeared to be molten steel. For several seconds his scream rocked the room.

The other angels that were chanting for the child also let out their own screams and they too, with their arms outstretched began to form something in their hands. The one that began the screams, his was now complete. It was a radiant sword, though it flickered in-and-out of its radiance. He tried passing through the table the child was laying on, but again his clothing would not allow him. Though close enough to where he wanted to be, he wielded his sword through the machine that was used to cause the child harm. Sparks and fire erupted from it causing such a power surge that every circuit breaker was fused together. The entire building suddenly fell into darkness. Seconds later the dim emergency lighting came on. Now the true appearance of his sword could be seen. Still its wavering brilliance continued, randomly displaying unfamiliar fire. It majestically flashed a glow that illuminated the world around him for many feet. Now the others that were chanting before, stood with their own swords also illuminating the darkened room. Their swords' luminous glow was continuous, though somewhat different than his. With their eyes now open and focused on the one who had entered, their swords faded from their hands as once again darkness overtook the room. He had not the power or the strength remaining within him to see or feel the others, he stood looking down on the human child. The room suddenly brightened with the brilliance of the sun, as wings burst forth from the others in the room as they made themselves known to him. He turns toward them. When he did they lowered themselves to their knees. It was the first time in a great many years any had seen him.

"Stop. Stop it now." Solemnly spoke the Angel. "I no longer lead you. My place is not there any more. I no longer have wings as you and my light grows dim. Therefore I am unable to light the way for anyone."

"But Mi.cha.el," spoke an Angel rising to his feet. "He has not removed you as the Archangel. You still hold it. We do not know what He plans for you, but He must have one."

"It has been two thousand years and He has not once spoken to me. I have to speak through the children of this world and even then He does not speak to me. I am left to wonder why He lets me go on." Said Mi.cha.el.

Then another figure entered the room revealing himself to Mi.cha.el.

"I will answer that," he replied entering the room in a brilliant light that stayed around him.

"Gabriel." Came a surprised, yet frustrated response from Mi.cha.el. "Where have you been? Why haven't you revealed yourself to me so I would not have felt so alone? It has been over two thousand years since Lucifer and I did battle over The Word, The manifest Son of God. Why did He take back the army of Angels and let Lucifer have Him? Lucifer was all but defeated and I could have finished him. But in a blink, my army was gone, removed from me. The only thing between The Word and Lucifer and all his might was me. He left me to battle Lucifer and his army alone. Though at that moment I felt more powerful than I ever have, because I thought that He believed in me that much to leave me there. But when Lucifer was cut and a strange mist covered me, I felt everything I once knew abandon me. I suddenly felt alone, so alone Gabriel that I cannot describe to you what it feels like. I felt shame, and I felt guilt for not listening when I was told to leave. I then discovered that I was unable to leave. I was stuck in this world. I was made to suffer as I was forced to watch from afar as The Word was being punished so brutally. Gabriel, they nailed Him to a cross! I watched Him die! How could The Son die, it was not supposed to happen, but I saw it with my own eyes. Since that day I have carried nothing but emptiness inside. My faith is weakened by what I saw. Was He or was He not the almighty. What has happened to Heaven, is it still there?"

Gabriel said nothing at first. He only stood looking Mi.cha.el over from head to foot. He had not gained any weight; he still looked trim and fit, at least from what Gabriel could see. Looking at his feet, Gabriel noticed the extremely worn, scuffed boots with holes beginning to show. Strapped to his waist he wore light brown leather pants with short tassels containing small ornaments, of western Indian tribes. The tassels started at his waist running down the sides of his legs stopping at his knees. Wrapped around his waist was a belt with a unique buckle. The buckle contained two identical yet intricately designed hilts for daggers that mirror the hilt upon Mi.cha.el's sword. Scanning upward to his shirt, Gabriel saw the` rips caused by the wall when Mi.cha.el entered and the effects of the table where the boy lay that held pieces of cloth that were embedded in the corner, left there when Mi.cha.el tried to pass through it. The clothes were, at one time, patterned after what most western cowboys would have worn back in the eighteen hundreds. Though now it hung loosely on him because of the tears. Moving ever upward to his head Gabriel began to examine him more closely. Clean-shaven, yet a worn look about him with tired looking eyes. Mi.cha.els' hair was close to the same length as when he last saw him, just over his shoulders. Though he was wearing a red bandanna containing the words 'Is it still there?' with question marks blanketing the rest. Gabriel began shaking his head and grinning.

"I have missed you Mi.cha.el, we all have. From the looks of you, you have had a pretty rough time. What have you been doing all these years? We were never allowed to see or know your whereabouts as it was kept hidden. We do not know where you have been or what you have done. Tell us Mi.cha.el some of the things you have seen and done while you were away."

Mi.cha.el anxious to know the outcome of Heaven inquired again.

"I asked you about Heaven. Tell me, does it still exist?"

Looking deeply into Mi.cha.el's eyes, Gabriel's own eyes sparkled with what he was about to tell him.

"Yes it exists! Heaven does indeed exist! Though somewhat differently than when you saw it last. Because of that day you spoke of, when The Word was crucified. It was changed forever by an unbelievable glory that none of us saw coming. It was deliberate for The Word to suffer the way He did. Lucifer had fallen into such a web. If you could have seen Lucifer's face when The Word was draped over the cross. He thought he had won. But The Word took it upon himself to absorb the sins of mankind. He carried it with him and he forgave the world.

"Don't you see Mi.cha.el, He made it possible for not just Israel's seed, but for all of man's seed to be forgiven. Now anyone anywhere, if they ask for that forgiveness, they shall receive it, through The Word. He made it easy for all, yet he made Lucifer's existence a living hell. To steal a soul, was no longer easy for him. And you know Lucifer; he did not take this thing that was done to him lightly.

"Embarrassed, he laid quiet for many, many years. When he came again, it was with a fury, sweeping souls as easily as before. He gave greatness away as if tossing it on the streets. Man has grasped it up, thinking nothing of it. Wealthy and powerful have many become of those who took what Lucifer did sow. Evil is upon the face of the Earth. The righteous need once again a saviour to deliver them. Only revealed to me at this moment is the reason why you were left behind. It is you Mi.cha.el. You are that saviour. Over the years you have seen the world grow, not as we see it, but as man sees it. Mi.cha.el you are believed in that much, by Him, to fulfill the charge given you. Most of your powers were taken from you, so you could witness and see through your own eyes what is happening around you. Knowing you could not change it, you would not attempt. Now Mi.cha.el, it is returned to you. All that you held in Heaven is returned with all its glory. Embrace the gift, for you will need it against Lucifer and his new ways. You will pave the way for His next coming."

"Tribulation?" Asked Mi.cha.el.

"Tribulation." Gabriel responded, confirming Mi.cha.el's suspicion. "But you must leave quickly before Lucifer arrives. He does not know what became of you and for now he must not find out. In time he will discover who you are. Keep who you are hidden from all until your powers are needed. Only when necessary shall you make yourself known. Glory be upon our Archangel Mi.cha.el. Argue not for Lucifer approaches, he must not find you among us. Go Mi.cha.el."

Mi.cha.el, without questioning and with his powers restored to him, turned and walked effortlessly through the wall. Peace was with him at last. He knew the reasons why he was left and knew what he must do. The fate of the world rests upon him. His final call to the greatest battle lay ahead.


As for Gabriel, he and the others waited for Lucifer to enter. While they waited, he placed the unaware doctors milling about in the darkness, into a deep sleep. They fell to the floor. Suddenly all angels turned staring at a single point in the wall. They felt Lucifer coming. He entered exactly where the angels stared. Stopping only steps within the wall Lucifer scanned the room. Several others entered behind him. They were his lieutenant's so to speak, all former angels of Heaven. Every one of them including a vast number of their kind not present did follow Lucifer at the time he wanted Heaven for himself. They along with Lucifer were cast down from Heaven. The place they were sent already existed long before Lucifer and his followers were cast into it. Though it was empty for the longest time. Why it was made, and its purpose, no one knew. But now it was occupied.

Was it created for that purpose, waiting for Lucifer to fulfill his role? Was it known to Him that he, Lucifer, would do what he was doing? Is all that we see and know planned for us? Why go to such extremes? Why not just make things happen instantly and be done with it? Is there going to be a fantastic event that we, man, and even the Angels cannot begin to fathom. What are His plans and what will we see when He is done? Each of us has a role in His creation. But what that is, none of us know. What we do know is that man constantly tries to block great heavenly achievements by destroying goodness. When something good appears, man races to destroy it. Man has become efficient at what he does. Be it man or woman, it matters not. A man when he sees something good, he wants it for himself. If he cannot obtain it wholly then no one will obtain it. He sets out to destroy any and all good around him. And he succeeds. When a woman sees good, she does not purposely set out to destroy it, on the contrary. She can improve on it until all exuberance of good has been wiped away. The very meaning of the good is then so distorted and unrecognizable that no one remembers what was there in the first place. All attempts to send goodness to us, we conveniently find a way to shape it to fit our lives. So we destroy what is given us, the same as Lucifer. That is why Gabriel looked so unkindly toward Lucifer, for Lucifer knew the difference and so did his followers.

"You have something to say to me Gabriel, if so, then say it!" Spoke Lucifer in a deep hateful tone.

After a short pause Gabriel said.

"Your unopposed time is at hand."

Lucifer's expression did not change as he asked.


Gabriel gave a single nod as Lucifer stood there looking at him expressionless for several moments.

"And He still does not intend to interfere?" Asked Lucifer.

"Those are His words. He will not move against you as you have done against Him. He is not like you." Gabriel answered.

"Silence messenger." Shouted Lucifer angrily. "I did not come here to listen to you and your sorrows. I came to hear what He has to say. I do not need you to speak for me, I will tell Him myself." Lucifer looked upward and began to speak.

"Oh hear me you once great one. It is I Lucifer and I am here to speak to you directly not through some messenger. I don't want any of it lost in translation. Come forth and hear my words."

Immediately an eerie silence fell upon the Earth. Lasting for only a split second, nothing was heard coming from man. It was as if man did not exist for that brief moment. Some did notice the peculiar event, but as for most, they carried on with their busy lives noticing nothing out of the ordinary. But during man's brief moment, He and Lucifer spoke. They spoke of a great many things. Becoming enraged by the distraction of the recorders recording all that was said, Lucifer began shouting at them.

"STOP THAT WRITING. Why do You still insist on writing down what is said. Who is it for?"

"If you Lucifer are, who you believe you are, then you would know. As I have always known, you are who I know you are!" Spoke Him. "Come Lucifer and join us once again. No longer would you retain what you have, you would have to give it all up to come. You would come empty-handed, but into glory would you step. Join us and teach those who follow you to love again. All have it, it just needs to be released."

"Ha," sneered Lucifer. "Why would I return and bow to You when I have just as many in my kingdom and they all bow to me. Now with more and more coming to me these days than in years past, why would I want to change? Your numbers dwindle while mine grow. Tell me, where has Your love gotten You! Besides I am what You made me to be, and that is a god. You forced me to it because You will not punish those who have wronged You. I will! Why do you think I left? You are weak and will not do harm. For I know well that You will not destroy what You have made. Oh, you did send floodwaters and afterward said you would not do it again. Then you sent fire from the heavens upon a couple of cities and then none after that when many more cities deserve worse. And you even created famines. What a most powerful god you are. For man can create famines on his own, does that make them gods as well? Oh yes, you need me to do what I am doing here, because you will not. I expose the wicked so they all stand together, even man can see them. Then you give man enough power to destroy himself because you love even the wicked so much that you cannot bring yourself to destroy them on your own. Then I take in those wicked and punish them as they should be punished. And I do it as a god. The way you should be doing it. Why did you create them in the first place when you had us? Were we not enough to give you what you wanted?"

"You were not the first Lucifer, nor were any Angels. Man came first. When Earth was created, man was placed within her womb. For many millennia man slept, waiting for the moment to rise out of the ashes and dust. Man had not the will to do what needed to be done own his own, he needed companionship. Therefore Angels were created out of the very texture of Heaven to provide that companionship. For man's future would desperately need what the Angels had to offer, and that was to not be alone in this great vastness. The comfort Angels provide, allow man to flourish in every way possible. Now you take advantage of their success Lucifer, creating such power starved men who would do anything to further their ambitions. They even remove the very breath of life from another to accomplish their goals. You gave them this Lucifer; you did show them how it is to be done. Therefore the sins of man are found in you. You are the birth and death of sin. Come not to Me again Lucifer until you have emptied your heart and filled that void with what I have given you. Do remember what was told you, that man came before you and you shall serve man."

Lucifer cringed at the thought as he bellowed.

"NOOOOO. This place shall be damned forever. Never shall I serve even one of them. I will have them destroy this Earth and all on it. You can have the scraps from the table, the rest are mine."

"You have learned nothing Lucifer. Man, even through all his hate, finds a way to love. And it will be mans' love that stops you, not I. My will is for that which is found only upon the face of the Earth to come against you. I shall not send any from Heaven. This by no means is a battle between us; it is a battle between you and man. You say you are a god. Then show man and your followers that you are that. Show your strength and your evil, but in the end you shall find it is not enough. It takes a courageous and righteous soul to win the battle, something you do not posses. Beware of one such soul that roams the Earth. I tell you this because I want you at your strongest when you both meet."

The silence that was upon the Earth was now lifted and He was gone.




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