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The Nude Adventures of Plain Jane

R. Richard

“If Teresa was a county fair winning cake baker, she would want you to know about that.” (I’m still in interview mode.) “Teresa knows that she doesn’t look as hot as some of the other ladies. She may be better at handling people, but that’s hard to measure. That leaves us with screwing.”

“The only way that Teresa can let you know that she’s the best screw in town, is to screw other guys.”






52542 Words





Cover Art:

T. Richard


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

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PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI);




I went to high school, at the local high school, and managed to actually learn some useful things, despite the determined efforts of my teachers to force useless crap on me. I then went to college and again managed to actually learn some useful things, despite the determined efforts of my teachers to force useless crap on me. Also, while I was in college, I met Plain Jane.

Plain Jane wasn’t ugly; she just didn’t look like much at all. She had sort of an anonymous face and a too slim body, without many curves. Plain Jane realized, early on, that she would have to earn her way in life, and not get by on just looks. To finance her education, Plain Jane worked as an instructor at a local health club.

I came into contact with Plain Jane because she needed to pass a business class that she had no interest in and no talent for.

Since neither Plain Jane nor I had any spare money, Plain Jane offered me a deal. Plain Jane offered to, “Fuck your brains out if you’ll get me through the class that I talked to you about.”

Since I had no spare money, I was in the midst of a severe pussy shortage. I had quite a bit of original information from a guy who had to drop out of the class, just before the final. Since it wasn’t a lot of work or time, I agreed to the bargain and I got Plain Jane the passing grade that she needed in the class, via a take home final test.

Plain Jane then paid me what she promised. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best fuck imaginable, Plain Jain furnished me with a fuck that had to rate as at least a twelve on the same scale. Plain Jane was quite strong for a woman and she knew how to use her woman’s strength to move under me. She could move in rhythm with me, adding just the right amount of counter movement. All of her movement and strength was used to add to the total sexual experience and produce the best fuck I had ever had and that by a very wide margin.

After I climaxed, finished pumping my cum, dismounted and laid alongside Plain Jane, I told her of my evaluation of what we had just done. “Damn, you were good. You were easily the best that I have ever had. You worked with me and added to the experience. You weren’t a little girl getting screwed; you were a woman, making love to a man.”

Plain Jane then told me, “I may not be a beauty queen, but I work out hard on a day by day basis, I’m in terrific physical shape and I know how to use it. I told you that I would pay off and I made damn sure that I did.” (Okay, Big Boy, you’re really strong and I could feel you possess me. That didn’t happen with the wimp boys that I had before. You also have a rather large cock and I could definitely feel that inside me. I’m a girl and I like to come, when I screw. You got what it takes to make me do that.)

“Okay, I know that ‘Plain Jane’ isn’t your real name, just what they call you. What’s your real name?”

“Well, the girls started to call me ‘Plain Jane,’ back in high school and that’s what they mostly call me. However, my real name is Teresa. They call you Ted?”

“Strangely enough, my real name is Ted, just Ted, not Theodore.”

“Ted and Teresa, it kind of goes together.” (Yeah, together, like maybe long term, possibly very long term.) “Well, Ted, you’re a business major?”

“Yeah, I study things that might just make me some money, out in the real world. I’m poor now, but I don’t want that to last for a long time.”

“Yeah, I don’t like being poor either.” (Maybe a poor, but ambitious boy, just might be the kind that I'll Teresa wants for the long term.)

“Well Teresa, what are you studying?”

“Well, I want to study something that will enable me to use my people handling skills to earn a good living. I’m poor now, as well. However, I definitely don’t want that to last for a long time.”

“That’s kind of unusual. Most of the few girls that I meet seem to want to study things that really seem to lead nowhere.”

“Ted, I really can’t depend on somebody taking care of me, I’m just Plain Jane.” (Well. I do screw like a bandit and that just might get me into a really good situation, with the right guy.)

“They tell me that you work at a health club, downtown.”

“Yeah, I work down there and it does earn me a little money, however, not much more than just enough to allow me to get by.”

“Yeah, I work out in the gym, here at college. I like to keep in shape.”

“Ted, I can tell you that you’re pretty strong. You must work out pretty hard.”

“Yeah, I figure that you only get out of things what you put into things, so I try to improve myself.”

“The idea of improving yourself is a bit unusual for a guy. Most of the guys, here in school, seem to want things to just be given to them. Then they want to brag to the other guys about what they got.”

“I don’t talk a lot with the other guys. We don’t seem to have a lot of shared interests. I definitely won’t tell them anything about Plain Jane. The guys don’t have the qualifications to really get to know a girl like you.”

“Well, I don’t like to give myself to just any guy. I want a guy who’s trying to build a future. I would have liked to maybe tease you a bit, oh with fancy lingerie, before we did what we did, but I just don’t have the money for that. So, all I can offer you is just nude.”

“Well, you were pretty exciting, just nude. However, now that I know what your nude body can do, I would say that you’re definitely more than just plain nude, I mean way more.”

“You’re just saying that, because you want to screw me again.”

“I definitely want to screw you again, but you’re way more than just another college pussy.”

“Well, I see you, studying in the library, all the time. Who knows, you might just get lucky again and we both end up a bit relaxed at the end of a night of studying. Who knows?”

“I would like to take you someplace nice, but I have no spare money at all.” Teresa laughs, “Well, even if you had the money, I don’t have the clothes to go anywhere really nice.”

Okay, I talk with Teresa for a while and then I reluctantly walk home and, you guessed it, study for my next classes.




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