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Island of Death

R. Richard

Five people find themselves kidnapped to an island, to serve as prey in a death hunt.

Raven is a female MMA fighter.

Nushawn Deveraux is an NBA power forward.

Ziji Chou is a Kung Fu blackbelt.

Oscar Guererro is a pro body builde.r

Joan Riley is an ex middle East army veteran.


Gene Davies is supposedly an NFL football player. He’s a hunter of those who owe money. Messing with Gene is a big mistake.





11839 Words





Cover Art:

R. Richard


Terrie Lynn Balmer


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);




I GET TO THE bench press. Not too many more sets and I'm finished for the night. I can see into the ladies’ aerobic workout and I pause briefly. Jump, kick and spin might get it done for some girls, but when you fight Mixed Martial Arts, you gotta have strength, not just agility. I lie on the bench and do my first bench press set. Tonight, I have nobody to spot for me, so I use lighter weight and do more reps. I blast the bar up as fast as I can and then take a slow four count on the way back down. I finish the first set and then rest for exactly two minutes. While I rest, I spot some clown eyeing me. I look back, right through him. He then turns and walks away. Good, one less distraction tonight. I get back on the bench and do my second set. As I finish the second set, I once again consider using the machine, instead of free weights. The machine is okay, but the free weights require me to position and balance the bar just so and also let me set my grip for maximum benefit. If that bitch Tigress had shown tonight, I could be doing a max strength workout. Oh well. I do each bench press set, with a lotta reps and then just enough rest between sets. I finish with the bench press and then walk over to where I can get a set of dumbbells for upright dumbbell rows. I walk past the big mirrors and I can see why the guy eyed me. Okay, I'm a big girl, but I gotta pretty face and long, black hair. I'm five feet ten inches tall and I got a slim athletic body, with a nice set of tits. Best of all, it’s no trouble at all to keep my body in shape. Just five two-hour workouts in the ring and six two-hour workouts in the gym each week and I stay in perfect shape. Now, if I could just get the same effect from a bottle or a hypodermic … Yeah, in my dreams. I get the dumbbells and do my sets. I face into the mirror and practice doing the sets while I show no strain at all in my face. If the bitch I fight thinks that I can't be beat, I can't be beat. I finally finish the scheduled sets and then sort of stagger into the ladies dressing room.

I jump into the shower and let the warm water wash away the end of workout fatigue. I dry myself off and get dressed for the trip home.

I walk out of the ladies dressing room and past the front desk. I see Maria has the duty. She says, “See ya tomorrow, Raven.” I just smile at her and say, “A girl in my business gotta keep in shape.” I then walk out of the gym and I remember that I had to park in the stupid side lot, as others had already grabbed off the front lot spaces. Oh well, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

I stay on the walk until I reach the stairs at the edge of the gym building. I take it easy and make sure of my footing as I descend into the side parking lot. I don't need to trip and collect some bruises. After the bright lights in the gym, I'm nearly blind in the dark.

As I get to the side parking lot, I see a dark shape on my left. I turn to give horn dog what ain’t gonna do him any good at all. I then feel the sharp pain of something in my back and everything goes black.




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