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Rainy Days

R. Richard

Jason Byr’s phone goes off at 6AM Friday morning. His Project Manager has just called in sick, so Jason will have to support a customer computer communication test by himself.

It’s raining hard with the expectation that it will only get worse.

Jason and a few hardy souls have come in to work.


Wesley makes trouble once. Billy the Project Manager is not home and is in trouble.

Viana is in and has no place to sleep, except the tester bunk room.





10547 Words





Cover Art:

T.L. Davison


W. Richard St. James


R. Richard

ISBN Number:


Available Formats:

PDF; Microsoft Reader(LIT); Palm (PDB); Nook, Iphone, Ipad, Android (EPUB); Older Kindle (MOBI); Newer Kindle (AZW3);




I CAN PREDICT the future. Well, not all the time. However, there is to be a big gathering out at the lake. Billy has just stolen Monica from me and he is not about to get stuck with a weekend test session, when he can develop a case of the intentional flu, take Monica to the lake, and leave me stuck with the duty.

My phone goes off at 6AM Friday morning. My department manager tells me, “Jason, Billy just called in sick. Jason, you need to come in and support a critical customer test session. (I have planned for what I knew would happen. I got to bed early, and I have enough sleep.) I tell my Department Manager, “I’m up and on my way in, when I have questions, I’ll have the receptionist call Billy and get the key information that I need to support the test session.”

(My department manager knows that Billy is faking.) “Yeah, well try to hold that to a minimum, what with Billy sick and all.”

I’m up shaved and cleaned. The wind has shifted to out of the south and the early weather forecast is for heavy rain, through the day. The wind is increasing and I suspect that the storm from up north will be a really major event. I make a quick call to the auto repo people and let them know where they can find where Billy is using the car that he has been hiding out.

I put on the rainy-day gear that I had laid out and off I go in my faithful truck.

I make a stop at the chicken place, on my way into work. The gutters are already running with water and it looks like the start of a really major storm. I use my umbrella and I get into the store a bit damp, but not soaked. I buy a big bucket of chicken and enough sides to see me through the weekend. As I go back to my truck, with the goods, the rain has already begun to pick up.

I drive through soaking wet streets, splashing through some big puddles. I get to work and park my truck back in the highest corner of the parking lot. I use my umbrella and I get into the main lobby wet, but not soaked through.

The receptionist is not in, instead the night guard is manning the front desk.

I mention the fact.

The night guard laughs, “Corrine called in. She said that, if she hadda come in she gonna have to swim. Unless the company is prepared to pay a bikini bonus, she ain’t coming in.”

I stroke my beard (I’m clean shaved). “You know, the idea of the front desk receptionists wearing bikinis is one with some merit.”

The night guard again laughs, “You ever done heard of sexual harassment?”

I assume my most innocent posture and say, “It was just an idea.”

I sign in with the guard and he buzzes me into the work area.

There is only one person in the front work area. Benjy The Beard lives out in the boondocks and drives an enormous four-wheel drive pick-up.

Benjy waves and says, “A little rain ain’t gonna keep ol’ Benjy home.”

I wave back and say, “The heavy rain will likely keep some others home.”




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 mainstream short story, computers, politics, opportunity, sex, learning, victory

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